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EYE-BALL Opinion – How do you awake up a slumbering nation – Politicians – the most empty of vessels –

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– How do you awake a slumbering nation –
– Politicians – the most empty of vessels  –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 30th Oct 2012 |
Every day brings another blood-red dawn – a sunrise poisoned with intent and agenda’s that measure themselves with ripped assholes.   Most are unaware of the encroaching doom – they go about their lives with bowed heads, eyes blinkered or closed, ears muted for sound and un-hearing of all the warning signs – Australia like the rest of the western world has become immuned to the apathy descending like a toxic cloud all across the land.

Since June 2010 – there has been increasing madness akin to an insanity devoid of public accountability and responsibilities, hovering, infecting, corridors of power echoing the whispers, the shadows of lurking faceless men shimmering in the background, known powerbrokers intent on intimidation, corralling the numbers  – the halls where our Leaders strut are far different to what they were a few short years ago.

The PM walks with her head held high, bravado abound, buckets of bluff and bluster at the ready, all available to back up insecurities, she adopts a safety in numbers approach with an entourage to sway would be denier’s – it is all theatre, a real live transparent Shakespearian tragedy dragging us all toward an abyss of unknown peril and dreaded dreams.

The Nation’s Political integrity, its morals, and its genuine intent have been overtaken by an inbred bastardry of elected officials, hiding behind a Party facade, posturing itself as being in the best interests of all Australians, but in truth – the Party is a hijacked runaway consortium of radical believers who think their ideals are the ideals that best suit all.

Gillard’s politics are not Australian politics – her agenda is not Australia’s agenda, yet with a vote either way dictating how long she is allowed to humiliate and humble this Nation against a future once thought as entrenched prosperity, Gillard is a ‘Pied-Piper’ leading witless MP’s toward an equinox of self-destruction for us all.

Gillard is a puppet to her past, guided by her history,  not a Leader chosen as is the Australian way, but a Leader chosen by the consortium of faceless men she was happy to lie with – powerbrokers to help her redeem herself and her life’s worth, and assassins to do her bidding.

It is the worst period of Australian politics – and it remains an ongoing shameful period where Australia floats in an abyss of directionless wanton spending, of clutch policies drawn up as a plastic sheet to hide the inadequacies of ordinary people chosen for the highest office in the land.   These so-called Ministers and caucus members fall far short on ability, intelligence, and have the moral sustenance that prefers to support a fraud in Leadership credentials to its ultimate conclusion.  This despite the destruction and havoc it imposes on the Australian people.

When will elected Leaders do their sworn charter to serve the Australian people?

This Government is based upon a fraud – a fraud Australia acknowledges yet is apathetic to a fault in questioning its purpose and validity.  The Australian population await their fate thinking they have no voice, no choice, and as if they have nothing else they can do but to endure.

Where did this PM come from – what was her background – what forged her into this steely determined feminista intent on her self-serving agenda’s, and hellbent commitment to dividing Australia along sexist and misogynistic lines?

One has to go back to Ms Gillard’s time as a partnered lawyer with Slater & Gordon to draw the larger picture.  A Law firm known as a foundry for cloning Labour supporters deeply entrenched with Unions and their shady powerbrokers.   These Union powerbrokers with Lawyers in their back pockets to use as they saw fit, to draw up documents to support fraud, to speak to union members to convince them of the legality of purpose to defraud, to acquiescence those who were intent on the containment of power, the abuse of union members funds, and use intimidation for pleasure and to suit the needs of the anointed few.

Gillard became caught up in this power vacuum voluntarily,  she had tasted the fruits of a corrupted life and its adrenalin charge.   She was the ‘Bonnie’ to the Union’s brightest ‘Clyde’ – she moled herself, became pregnant by some accounts,  lived off the proceeds of frauds is a charge she cannot deny, and yet with a salted and tarnished past like this – she has become our Prime Minister.

When her association and contribution to the fraud became exposed – the realness of her crime emerged and to limit the damage was quickly covered-up by the Union involved, and her employers for fear that the ‘gravy-ride’ for all would become exposed.

This resulted in Gillard being sacked as a partner of Slater & Gordon and she never practised Law again.  She allowed her then Victorian solicitor registration to lapse and it has been reported since that it was never renewed.

She then spent some six months in a wilderness of rejection, hurt, mistrust, all the while fuming as her legal career vanished, of her Labour Party dreams being quashed, of a State Parliament enquiry, of a Union investigation into a fraud that could never have happened without her help,  learning how to deal with the fraudulent intent locked up within the client she once loved and represented, of nightmares where innuendo and slur haunted her, and finally … in despair – she is picked up from obscurity by a friend, (former Vic Premier Joan Kirner) – she begins her journey to resurrect her reputation as an employee of the then John Brumby State Labour Government.

If one was to draw some conclusions for the current behavioural habits of the PM, it might have been during these deep dark periods where her resolve festered – where a thought pattern emerged to pay back, to prove wrong, to over-achieve and show those who spurned her, to prove to those who dare doubt her integrity, she forged ahead with a deep over-riding resilience to steered herself out of her self made quandary.

Gillards own darkness was at its worst during that 1994-6 period, her resolve mounted as rejection upon rejection set in, all the while  enduring the forced need to ‘suck it up’ – it became her resolve to forge a future where she could prove to all those she saw as responsible for her demise – namely men who had control over her life, that she was made of sterner stuff, and not someone who let adversity dictate future direction.

It could be said that it was the making of her in many ways in political terms – to that resolve she dedicated her life to a single-minded resolve that everything else became secondary, motherhood was shunned, marriage, her life became totally committed to a political career.  Never did Gillard ever blame herself for her past mistakes – her choice in men was never seen from her perspective as the reason she fell between the cracks and became associated with Union fraud.   If anything is true – she was an accomplice to the AWU fraud and that is still a crime yet to be prosecuted.

Some 15 years later, she has achieved her ambition and the cost was never a consideration in its ascent – as it still is … she does not pause to count the cost to the Party, to the Nation, or to women’s issues she has crushed and set-back decades.  She is a misandryist and the worst kind – she not only wants to crush men, she is a dominatrix and she wants to humiliate men as she tried to do during her ‘misogynist’ speech delivered in Parliament a few weeks ago.

Her daily performances in front of the cameras hide much still to be revealed, in the House and in media interviews, her change-up of denial, her non-answers to questions in the house and elsewhere, her reference to previous lies told to protect her past, the counter thrust to deflect attentions, and of course her screeching tone delivered during Question time where school yard behaviour embarrasses the highest arena in the land.

Where does a population draw inspiration, where do they look for comfort in knowledge that those elected have any responsibility to the charter to which they have all sworn an oath?

An oath taken far too lightly by far too many – a democracy diminished and hijacked to serve an interpretation diminishing in its honour and service to a Nation build upon democracy.

The darkness surrounding us, the toxicity of policy and deception in its intent,  all of it has rendered us all with a fog of blindness that has no path to follow.  No light to lead the way – but Gillard believes in her Leadership ownership and intends to Lead this Nation at any cost.

Our PM is an enemy to the Australian people – it is time Australian’s awoke and began to clear itself from this toxic fog – to once and for all deal with the cesspool that breeds the belief that those with Union backgrounds and loyal service have a right of passage to higher office.

Our PM stole from all Australian’s what was not hers to take – and ever since this Nation has been meandering a course headed for disaster – a yielding to the traditions and lifestyles forged by past generations through hard work, toil, sacrifice, and the wisdom of past Leaders who knew what was good for the Nation.

This ordinary person who sits as our PM has not inspired, has not created any  vision anyone can grasp or believe in.   Bad Leadership impacts on a Nation’s morale, its future in every way, but most of all it takes from the people the belief in their ability to survive and offer their children a better future.

Gillard represents all that is bad in a corrupt world of Union leadership embedded into a decision process that wrecks the process of democracy .

This Leader claims to represent true Aussie values – working class values, battler values – yet that is not what I see … hopefully I am not alone for I fear for the future of my children and their children.   Give us a Leader who can inspire, a Leader with a vision that can be shared, and draws a Nation to work together to achieve a common goal – this will never be Julia Gillard.

I shout to all who would hear – ‘ArgHHHHHH!!!! – I am not going to take it anymore’.

When our Government proves day in and day out that it is morally bankrupt, why do the populace sit by with idleness, and an acceptance to accept its mediocrity …?

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. October 31, 2012 at 10:37 pm

    Anybody who saw Question time today can only agree that the PM held Parliamnet in contempt when she refused to answer ‘questions on the record’

    Not only did she show disrespect she attacked the Opposition Deputy Leader as have being put up by the Opposition Leader to ask the question. And – yes she used the ‘misogynist’ word again in her response.

    The Speaker is losing control of the House and that is no reflection on her ability to do the job – the House is angry – and the Government are supposed to set the tone and all leads eminate from the dishonesty and contempt the PM holds for all those opposite.

    She should look to herself – she slept with Bruce Wilson, she assisted in the fraud, she has lied to cove rup her part and because peopel are now uncovering the truth she is indignant.

    She needs to self assess – she is not honest, she lies to the electorate or put another way she makes promise’s she can’t keep … she is a rotton apple and teh worst of the bunch and the longer the ALP causus suports her – the more they sign on for a world full of pain come th enext election.

    Will someone on the Government side please ‘man’ up an do the right thing.

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