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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl on – The Most Irrelevant of all Irrelevancy – Independants -Slipper, Thompson, Windsor, Oakeshott, Katter, & Wilkie – hanging onto employment rather than face the electorate –

October 29, 2012
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– The Most irrelevant of all Irrelevancy –
IndependentsSlipper, Thompson, Windsor, Oakeshott, Katter & Wilkie – hanging on to office rather than face the electorate –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 29th Oct 2012 |
The historical minority Federal Government has lasted two + years and all in defiance of opinion that it would not work.

Yet – with some 400+ pieces of Legislation passed by this Parliament that Mr Albanese and other Ministers continually remind us of  – the Independent’s Winsor and Oakeshott, Members for ‘New England’ and ‘Lyons’ – have steadfastly stood side by side in their defiant support of the Government throughout the parliamentary term.

The dislike both these Independent Members have for the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott gives cause and effect resulting in their reckless support for a Prime Minister with a credibility matching that of another Union fraudster in Craig Thompson.

When both these MP’s stood together and held Australia to ransom for weeks before they chose which political party would Govern – they offered the electorate bravado and intellect that had us all believing in the positives of a minority Government.

Mr Oakeshott and Mr Windsor’s support remains the only reason the Government are able to hold on to Government.

One of the other true Independents, Mr Wilkie, Member for Denison,  handed his vote to the Government and was firstly dependent on his request for Poker Machine reform, and now that Mr Slipper switched sides to be Speaker, and now another Independent on the crossbenches,  Wilkie’s support for the Government only extends to supply issues.

Mr Wilkie now sits like a ‘shag on a rock’ – without leverage and having been screwed over by Ms Gillard in reference to the poker machine legislation promise.   Mr Wilkie laments and awaits his remaining time in office with no ‘stick’ or relevance with which to beat the Government.

For all the good he postures as a MP and representing the electorate of Denison,  he now turns up to Parliament with a vote that does neither side any real good.

The other true Independent, Mr Katter, Member for Kennedy, is a maverick style Politician who votes with the Opposition more so than the Government.  He has formed a new Political party and fielded candidates in the recent Q’LD elections for the first time.   The new party – Katter’s Australian Party  – will stand their candidates for the first time in a Federal election at the 2013 elections.

Of these four Independents, Mr Katter stands as the most Independent and his allegiance is promised to neither party. These four Independents, when joined by The Greens Member Mr Brandt, exiled ALP Member Craig Thompson, and disgraced ex Speaker Peter Slipper, one can see the case for the Parliament having creditability and the respect of the electorate as a workable minority Government – all evaporate in a puff of smoke.

The Senate also poses a problem – without the Greens support in that Chamber, the Government would not have been able to introduce the ‘Carbon Tax’ and other environmental legislation.  One has to understand, the Greens would never have given their support to the Government without extracting forward commitments from Gillard to push through the ‘carbon tax’.

So when one counts the portion of voters represented by these Independents – the true picture of how irrelevant the minority Government really is.  The sum of the voters represented by these four electorates – some 350k hold the rest of Australia to account and force this Government upon us all.

If Independents Oakeshott and Windsor looked to all of Australia and asked themselves if Gillard is truly the choice of the Nation – one could try to give them the the benefit of the doubt – but do they consider the rest of Australia’s viewpoint?

For all of her time as PM during this term – the PM’s polls have sunk lower and lower.  It has only been since her ‘misogynist’ speech that her preferred PM position has been established and created a gap with the Opposition Leader.

The four Independents pictured above have to look to themselves and make the call whether this Government will run the full term.   With vested interest’s involved – the electorates belief in anyone in this Government doing the right thing, is as forlorn as an Australian bound refugee now on an  boat headed toward offshore detention centres.

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  1. The Parable
    October 30, 2012 at 8:08 am

    The 5 independents of this minority government will forever be known as the Shame party.

    Slipper and Thomson who bought shame upon this government, and Windsor, Oakschott and Wilkie who have no shame for not bringing down the curtain on this fiasco.

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