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EYE-BALL Opinion – Polls pressure Abbott’s Leadership – Worst PM ever holds lead and flaunts her position –

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– Polls pressure Abbott’s Leadership –
– Worst PM ever holds lead and flaunts her position –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 29th Oct 2012 |
Australians have responded to pollsters with  renewed faith in Julia Gillard as our Prime Minister.  She now holds a 10 point lead over the Opposition leader Tony Abbott and this is new found popularity is attributed to her ‘misogynist’ speech in the House a few weeks ago.

Also, the polls now show the Government and Opposition are locked at 50% a piece after preferences are distributed.  These results were reported in an ABC story published today and filed under a headline titled – “Support for Labor up in latest Newspoll”linked here.

The poll results reflect a tired electorate worn down by an Opposition who have run out of ideas in how to attack the Government – Gillards warning to caucus some months ago to – ‘hold the line’ in the face of then flagging poll numbers, and a personal popularity that had her Leadership again under question – seems to have proven a command of some foresight.

Sadly – it has nothing to do with inspired Leadership on Gillard’s part – but is a reflection of how the electorate see’s the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, and his inability to ‘lead’, and expose the Government’s failings on the broad stage.

I agree with the opinion that Abbott will struggle to lead the Opposition back into Government.  18 months ago the question was ‘by how far’, the Opposition were already thinking of themselves as a Government in waiting … how politics and politicians can get ahead of themselves.

Gillard still has her own minefields – all from internal sources and from the perspective of her credentials to hold high office, the future will reveal the truth about her ‘skeletons’ that are still being trolled over and threaten to expose her ‘fraud(s)’ from her past.   It can’t come soon enough for a frustrated electorate forced to make a choice about who they don’t what to lead the Nation …

Meanwhile and back among the Opposition camp – who can replace Abbott?

Today’s question time promised much for the Opposition – they led with ‘carbon tax’, then to the Rudd dismissal using McKew’s book as a source, then to the AWU scandal and Gillards 23rd Aug 2012 press conference – it was ‘scatter-brain’ stuff and the Government shut down question time after only an hour – and again the Opposition failed to ‘wound’ the Government in any way.

Their most effective voice is the ‘Mincing Poodle’ – or ‘Reggie’ as this scribe often refers to him as – Mr Christopher Pyne, yet he again got himself thrown out during the session.   I fear the words when I say that Mr Pyne looks more and more like the best option to replace Mr Abbott as each HOR session counts down to the next election.

With the ammunition the Opposition had today – see list below

  • The continuing Slipper/Ashby and Roxon affair,
  • The renewed interest in Craig Thompson’s fitness to remain as a MP after his home was raided in connection with the HSU fraud,
  • The Gillard ‘slow-roast’ strategy being applied by Hedley Thomas over the AWU scandal that just won’t go away,
  • The Maxine McKew book launch and her view in what transpired in the lead up to the Rudd assassination,
  • Treasurer’s Swan mini-budget and the ‘swiss-cheese’ holes all over the forecast revenues and expenditure that still end up with a small budget surplus, and
  • the weekends demotion of Penny WOng to 2nd on the SA Senate ballot paper.

… they tripped over themselves trying to land a punch that might hurt – the Government stood and taunted the hapless Opposition and the electorate have no option but to look to Mr Abbott’s performance and judge him as a ‘loser’ …

The electorate’s Labour voters are swinging back to the Government because they do not see Abbott as an alternative.   Smart players have known this ever since Abbott took the reins from Turnbull in a leadership spill a few months prior to the Gillard assassination of the then PM Kevin Rudd in June 2010.  He has had time to command and show Leadership that could inspire an electorate crying out for someone other than Gillard.

Who on the Opposition front bench could put some punch into the Opposition’s cause?

Turnbull again – he has shown us nothing in the two odd years he has sat on the Opposition Front bench as Communications spokesperson.  This despite Minister Conroy’s continual ‘cock-up’s’ in selling the NBN to the electorate and making excused for the budget overrun and the lack of subscription services connected.

Mr Turnbull shows a distinct lack interest in the House, he would need a blood transfusion to reinvent himself again to get the electorate interested.  Mr Conroy sits in the Senate – but does have an alternative in the House of Representatives that Mr Turnbull could test – but choses not to.   Why does Mr Abbott allow Mr Turnbull’s lack of interest to be on full view without rebuke … they don’t like one another for starters and this goes to the reasons Mr Abbott will not lead the Opposition to election victory.

Looking and casting an eye across the rest of the Opposition front bench – there is nobody – the media treat the Opposition with contempt as did Barry Cassidy when he interviewed Joe Hockey on Insiders last Sunday.

Lyndall Curtis from the ABC ‘Capital Hill’ program behaves he same way, and as was demonstrated with her interview with Opposition AG spokesperson George Brandis, and only hours after she interviewed Anthony Albanese during the previous sitting of the House, and in relation to the release of the Slipper ‘text’ messages and their content.

The electorate is left hanging – they want rid of Gillard because they don’t trust her, they don’t want Abbott – and what we are left with is the choice between two evils … hardly an endorsement for the quality of our Politicians, and the democracy we so long for …

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  1. Gerry Hatrick
    October 29, 2012 at 10:54 pm

    Maxine McKew has hit the mail on the head. Pernicious Politics.

    It is noxious and fatal. A government that is self serving, and an opposition that is not a viable alternative. Today Abbott said, get rid of the carbon tax first, then balance the budget …….
    but what will grow jobs, what will address declining manufacturing sector what will stop this divide between those who simply aren’t able to cope. Raising the tax free threshold to $18200 only helps the desperately poor and those on retirement incomes. Your average wage earner got a small increase in take home pay because of carbon tax, but pays 15% extra for power. Food prices rise by about 4.5% (not seasonally adjusted) some household goods are cheaper because of currency but shouldn’t even think about a holiday.

    Pernicious Politics. History does not bade well. Some decency and honesty would help.

  2. October 30, 2012 at 10:34 am

    I believe Liberal would have won the last election if they had a suitable leader. Labor won by default through lack of alternative despite being the worst government the country has seen. I hope it doesn’t happen again.

  3. October 30, 2012 at 10:47 am

    Welcome Freedomsmoker – thanks for the comment and hope you enjoy the site and what it offers. Feedback remains uncensored and is welcome.


  4. Tommy Weatherford
    November 15, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    Good post. I learn something new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon every day. It will always be helpful to read through articles from other writers and use a little something from their sites.

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