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EYE-BALL Guru on – Communications Minister Stephen Conroy – one of Gillard’s Lap-dogs – untrained and unleashed –

October 25, 2012
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– Communications Minister Stephen Conroy –
– one of Gillard’s Lap-dogs-untrained and unleashed –
| Author: EYE-BALL Guru | 25th Oct 2012 |
The National Broadband Network [NBN] was a part of the ALP Government’s answer to the GFC tsunami spreading across the globe.   The initial 2008 forecast NBN spend was announced as somewhere between $30-$40 billion.  It was a hasty decision and was very much more about economic rhetoric than anything that came about from a sound policy initiative based on an extensive formal research undertaking.

The Australian electorate has had to suffer Minister Conroy and the NBN from the outset.  He has had some five years as the Communications Minister when appointed under PM Rudd in 2007 as a then Senator with some 8 years Parliamentary experience.

Mr Conroy’s Bio according to the APH website states his credentials before entering Parliament as –

Qualifications and occupation before entering Federal Parliament – [linked here]

  • BEc (ANU) – (May 1985)
  • Superannuation Officer, Transport Workers’ Union.
  • Research assistant.

What is more impressive than the career he had before he joined Parliament – is the detail provided on his APH website outlining his continued education provided for by the Parliament since he became a Senator.  [linked here.]

There have been a multitude of taxpayer-funded overseas study trips to help him complete his education, and he has sat on numerous committees since he became a Federal Senator in 1999.  Prior to this appointment he served as a Senator in the Victorian Parliament since 1996, and he was a Local Councilor before that.

A recent enquiry with the ANU provided his Graduation having been completed in May 1985.  So at age 22 Mr Conroy joined the workforce as a research assistant, and his elevation to a Minister in the Federal Government is probably something that was not seen as a career path at that stage.

The debate on whether he has over achieved is still ongoing – but from my perspective … Mr Conroy is languishing so far out of his depth as a Minister – I don’t think there is any way he will ever be consider one of Labour’s poster boy success stories. He is a fine example of a Union boy made good and in this Government with a coral full of unleashed and untamed lap-dogs, Gillard can call on any of them to do her bidding whenever she wants.

I do not know anything about Mr Conroy other than what I have read and been exposed to through the media as a Politician – he has never had my attention until he became the Government spokesperson for the NBN.

It is obvious to me that Minister Conroy is not a naturally gifted speaker, nor someone that has a ‘quick wit’,  or someone who comes across as a ‘good and likeable bloke’.   He seems ‘nerdy’ and twitchy at times and I judge that to be about his over-reach and that he is not comfortable in his environment.  The only conversations I have with him are very one-sided and take place in front of a TV when he speaks … the TV often ends up with ‘chop-suey’ all over it.

His shifty eyes and mannerisms are not made for TV interviews and I tell him so often … yet with all the media coaching and training he has received – what we get to see now is as good as he will ever be.

Please – don’t mistake this as a directed and/or personal attack – the poor bloke was just not made for modern TV where image and charisma is everything.

I have no doubt he is a hard worker and does his best – but come on – from a research assistant, to a Superannuation Officer with a BEc, to overseeing a $50 billion NBN rollout – the first of its kind in the world, and at a time when this Government had been out of office for some 12 years – Rudd was forced to pick him in his Cabinet to keep the Union heavyweights on side.

Given the slide in time – all Mr RUDD’s Cabinet post have to now be considered tainted.   Mr Conroy was a Union official – how high up is not known, but that was his meal ticket to a Unionised Cabinet that had an agenda that was not played out until the fateful night that Julia Gillard knifed Kevin Rudd in Jun 2010.

Whatever Mr Conroy’s credentials before he entered Parliament – his credentials now paint him as someone completely lost with the management and responsibility for the NBN …

What he knows and understands about Business and how to run a Company and its workforce – is something he could only answer if he so chose to respond to.   He did what he thought was the right thing in hiring qualified people, paid them millions in remunerations, and gave them bonus options – and some 4 years later all we hear about is the staff costs eating away at the budget and no subscribers signing up.

Plenty are waiting but the roll-out is some 12 months behind schedule, and as indications represented on ABC’s ‘7:30 Report’ last night, consumers are furious at the delays.

Mr Conroy is very much aligned with Julia Gillard – a tempting conclusion draws a suggestion that from mediocrity, comes more mediocrity …

Minister Conroy’s counterpart – Mr Turnbull sits in the HOR and does not get to face off with Minister Conroy … they don’t appear on TV shows together.  I’m sure Mr Conroy has ben advised to stay away from Turnbull because he would find himself chewed-up and spat-out if he stepped into the ring with Turnbull – on an intellectual basis.  Just as I am sure from the Conroy Union history, his background would have him primed for a physical stoush if that was what would resolve the issues of the day …

Gillard has surrounded herself with these unleashed ‘hand-bag fillies’, an ‘lap-dogs’ and they all seem loyal to a fault.

The likes of the ‘Hand-Bag’ crew – Roxon, Plibersek, Macklin, Ellis, and the ‘lap-dogs’ – Conroy, Shorten, Bourke, Garrett, Swan, Bowen, Crean – all trotted out to bag Kevin Rudd in March this year when the Leadership spill was on … all to the instructions of Julia Gillard and in her defence, and all to prove loyalty against the Cabinet reshuffle announced before the spill.   Gillard barks – and these loyal lieutenants stand to attention.

At a time when Leadership has never been more important – Gillard has again this week played the ‘misogynist sexist’ card over comments about the baby-bonus mini-budget changes.

Next weeks Parliamentary sitting will be very important in how the tone of the Government is perceived given the –

  • release of the Maxine McKew book titled – “Tales From the Political Trenches”
  • The Thompson home raid by NSW Police acting on behalf of the Victorian police,
  • The continuing Slipper/Ashby court drama
  • the mini-budget desperation and the swiss cheese excuses coming forth from Treasurer Swan in defence of his economic management …
  • and finally – Hedley Thomas had Gillard on the ‘rack’ and one time Gillard accomplice Ralph Blewitt has bled himself to see Gillard burn at the stake for the fraud she has perpetrated upon the Australian people.

The House sits for four days next week before it rises again until the 26th Nov for the final four-day sessions before the Christmas break.   Will Gillard still be the PM – will Labour still be the Government – anything could happen and that is why the media do not have to be good at their job anymore.


At the risk of the ‘misogynist’ name tag being hurled again – I would like to say – it has been my experience where women have chosen to pursue a career over motherhood, i.e. a life with no children, than the outcome response to their life as it begins to stack up and they try to measure their worth and the difference they have made in career terms, many begin to fall apart when the opportunity of motherhood has passed … from then onwards they look to women with children and all that that brings with an envy that leaves a bitterness within.  That sour taste becomes an anger directed outwards because to direct it at themselves would mean having to accept that their choices made their life what it was.

I make this comment our of respect for mothers who made the choice and are content with their role as a mother and their contribution to their family.   For those who chose a career – then your lot is attached to the way men feel about their lives … they will never even have what a mother has … and we are all less because of it.   Please as a message to all Politicians – please let mother be mothers and give them whatever it takes for them to be at home with their children if that is what they want.   Childcare is no way to raise a child.

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The EYE-BALL Guru …

  1. Gerry Hatrick
    October 25, 2012 at 3:30 pm

    Facts are facts.

    The NBN was never approached from a business case model. At times government should undertake business where the short sighted elements of joint stock investment will not defer investment returns for many years. Without government investment many of our greatest developments might not have attracted private equity support. The best example is the Snowy Mountain Scheme. A business case model would never have seen that scheme undertaken. The economic returns through MIA or Hydro electricity since are immeasurable. Many might come up with other disaster scenarios or less successful case studies.

    Maybe (hopefully) in 2 decades time we can say the same for NBN.Unparalleled success.

    That all said the conflicting information about lack of customers signing up, and customers frustration at lack of delivery is hard to understand. Anything and all of the content about charisma of Stephen Conroy I accept and tend to agree with. What really gets my hackles up is these spring chickens trying to teach their parent and grandparents how to suck eggs. What are Stephen Conroy’s credentials to; (quoting from above)
    “from a research assistant, to a Superannuation Officer with a BEc, to overseeing a $50 billion NBN rollout – the first of its kind in the world, and at a time when this Government had been out of office for some 12 years”.
    Is it any wonder all we observe from parliamentary question time is school yard bullies behaving badly? Please children, play nicely!

    In what elements of computer science are Australia cutting edge or adept? I rack my brain to think of computer success stories based in Australia. Compushare or MYOB maybe Solution 6 (Maybe Wikileaks?). Our tellephony businesses are Telstra and a raft of overseas owned corporations like Singtel or Vodafone. We argue whether we will allow Huawei to get part of the action.

    Cutting off University research funding in this week’s mini budget is ?

    At the end of the day so much University research is wasted, and through very loose KPI’s that is accepted. Stat’s on stock market returns are somewhat similar; for each 20 concepts launched only one becomes a mature business. This is also the concept of the Future Fund. A fund that can invest for the future, without a clear shareholder requiring the immediacy of a payback now. That all said it was given sufficient guidelines and procedures to make it accountable and not just a pipe dream. Loose tight management. What a great job David Murray appeared to do as well. But under successive governments there is this constant ego requiring the absolution of the incumbent and blaming of the immediately past. Re badge and re brand everything. Unable to offer congratulations for job well done.

    Also it is hard to go past the synopsis that our parliamentarians are just jokes, therefore why would we trust them to get anything right, not alone a $50 billion investment.

    It is sad.

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