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EYE-BALL Opinion – The White-ants have taken over – Parliamentary Foundations are under threat…

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– The White-ants have taken over  –
– Parliamentary Foundations are under threat  –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 20th Oct 2012 |
The week has been one where the Government has had its creditability further shunted into the abyss of a ‘mad scramble’ with a headline screaming – ‘what do we do now’

Gillard’s House:

Gillard has always had ‘white-ants’ under her, around her, and all over her – she is comfortable with ‘white-ants’ and what they are known for and do.   She’s been known to sleep with them and fosters relationships because she is a vixen who likes to play with the boys and show them that she is their equal or better.   She has a long-standing chip on her shoulder because the ‘boys’ at Slater and Gordon (S&G) clipped her wings and dumped her legal career in the crapper.

She has learnt from those and other experiences and when it comes to ‘men’ who did her over – she has a long memory and now calls everyone a ‘misogynist sexist nutjob’ whenever she does not get her way, or things don’t go the way she had planned.

She is in that position right now – it is nearer the end than when it began – and she knows it.   The ‘boys’ on the Front Bench have distanced themselves over the ‘misogynist’ tirade Gillard delivered in the Parliament.  That speech alone, although lauded at the time by nearsighted media and feminista campaigners – the real deal is that she has officially dragged the Parliament down into the sewer and that is where it will stay until she is removed – by fair or foul,  what’s good for the goose is good for the gander as they say.

The Week From Hell:

  1. The UN Security Council:

The week heard the success of Australia’s UN Security Council victory … and then it ended with Bob Carr giving credit to Kevin Rudd – can you imagine how Gillard feels about RUDD getting credit at a time when Caucus is pondering a Leadership change yet again …   Read Story below:

Australia wins seat on UN Security Council

| Author: Paul Toohey, Malcolm Farr, | Date: 19th Oct 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard has thanked Kevin Rudd for his central role in securing a seat on the UN Security Council. Mr Rudd, by proxy, has thanked everybody else.

The Prime Minister, speaking at a gathering of department staff and officials of foreign missions in Canberra, has ranked her predecessor Kevin Rudd first among all those deserving thanks in what she called a long and difficult process to win the seat.

“I’d like to thank in order, firstly, Kevin Rudd for having the foresight as prime minister to put our name forward and to commence the bid process, and then to pursue it so energetically as Minister for Foreign Affairs,” Ms Gillard said…

read more

Gillard gave praise to her ‘knifed’ predecessor, a knife Gillard was thrusting in a midnight assassination of Kevin Rudd … yet as her Leadership tinkers on the brink she is singing Rudd’s praises over the success of the UN Security Council bid.

The old adage – ‘keep your friends close, but your enemies closer’ comes to mind …

Gillard has two faces … and nobody wants to see the face she offers the mirror when she ponders Kevin Rudd’s presence in private …

  1. Australian Hero – Hedley Thomas:

‘The Australian’ National Chief Correspondent – Hedley Thomas obviously has the ‘sniff’ of another groundbreaking story they will be worthy of another Walkely Award – he is known to hunt down a story until the story itself implodes and he has his ‘sniffer’ right up Julia Gillard’s bum …

Thomas has Ralph Blewitt’s confession – Blewitt was Gillard’s partner in the AWU fraud along with Gillards lover Bruce Wilson – they were all up to their necks in the handling of defrauded funds.  Blewitt is a self-confessed ‘crook’ – his creditability is questionably yet Hedley Thomas has faith in the information and documents and that will be worrying Julia Gillard.

It will also worry other media outlets because they know Thomas’s reputation and they have all been too willing to give Gillard free license to lie and avoid the truth in uncomfortable questions about her past.

The over-riding thought is how did someone with a chequered past like Gillard’s get to be our Prime Minister?

How did we allow ourselves to accept mediocrity in the form of Gillard … how did Union crime lords promote someone who aided and abetted the fraud of Union members funds … it has a smell and the ‘house of cards’ is about to crumble … me thinks.

Hedley Thomas’s latest story published today is more of the same ‘slow burn’ tactic of prodding Gillard into the corner like a lion tamer does with his lions. Gillard will fall … all fair-minded Australians know it – how far will be the question when the time comes. The story is presented below …

Whistleblowers turned on by law firm

| Author: Hedley Thomas | Date: 20th Oct 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

LAW firm Slater & Gordon filed a legal action against union officials who blew the whistle on wrongdoing by Australian Workers Union bagman Ralph Blewitt, the controller of a secret “slush fund” that Julia Gillard had helped him establish 18 months earlier.

Concerns among union officials about financial irregularities and the conduct of the then branch secretary were silenced by Mr Blewitt in the Supreme Court defamation action brought on his instructions in October 1993.

The action came six months after Mr Blewitt, who now admits to being involved in fraud, transferred about $100,000 from the slush fund to buy a $230,000 Melbourne terrace for the use of Ms Gillard’s then boyfriend, union boss Bruce Wilson.

Ms Gillard attended the auction for the Melbourne property, helped in the transaction, and witnessed a power of attorney giving Mr Wilson control over the asset.

The Prime Minister has repeatedly and strenuously denied any wrongdoing, and said she did not know about the workings of the slush fund.

The Weekend Australian has obtained legal documents and other files showing AWU officials alerted rank-and-file members in September 1993 to significant anoma lies in union accounts and worries about Mr Blewitt’s leadership.

Their leaflets warned that, with Mr Blewitt at the helm, the union risked returning to “bad old days” of corruption. They also revealed attempts to level “20 charges of misconduct and mismanagement of union funds” against Mr Blewitt.

“Unfortunately, unless something is done to restore justice and credibility to the union, the union is destined to go back to the bad old days (of corruption),” the leaflet stated.

The attempts to have the union accounts audited and Mr Blewitt investigated or ousted were crushed by the legal action, in which Ms Gillard and her then boss in the industrial unit at the law firm, Bernard Murphy, were acting on Mr Blewitt’s instructions.

Mr Murphy, appointed a Federal Court judge by the Gillard government last year, said yesterday he had nothing to add to a statement he made two months ago. He said then that his reasons for leaving the firm of Slater & Gordon in 1995 had nothing to do with the AWU.

Mr Blewitt said yesterday the defamation action was ordered by Mr Wilson, who jointly controlled the slush fund.

Mr Blewitt said the defamation action was vital to silence dissenters because if they had succeeded in ousting him the slush fund, which was being used to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars, would have been exposed and ruined.

“It shut the union officials up; it killed them off. They were not able to go on with their campaign against me because they were not financially able to compete,” he said yesterday.

Ms Gillard said in an impromptu media conference in August she provided legal advice for the establishment of the slush fund, but knew “absolutely nothing about its workings” until serious allegations were raised in 1995.

Her office refused to answer questions yesterday about her role in the defamation action, including whether the concerns raised by the union officials about Mr Blewitt rang any alarms about wrongdoing.

In the defamation action, Mr Blewitt said the claims against him by the “AWU Rank and File Reform Group” brought him into public scandal, odium and contempt, and were intended to bring about his sacking.

The action was abandoned in late 1995 after the fraud claims forced Mr Blewitt and Mr Wilson out of the AWU.

Hedley Thomas is playing a ‘long-game’ and largely on his own in mainstream media terms. His ‘slow-leak’ of intimate details of Blewitt’s recalled confession is damaging Gillard within the electorate, and feeding Caucus the crumbs it needs to sustain the dark-room late night meetings and the street corner phone calls. It is similar to June 2010 when the ‘long-knives’ were out for Kevin Rudd.

  1. The Slipper/Ashby fallout:

Gillard fresh from her UN, Afghanistan, India and before that the Indonesian Bali memorial service visits – has had more time off-shore than on-shore since her ‘misogynist’ speech in the House.   In the time away the Slipper/Ashby affair has smouldered and now the Attorney General – Nicola Roxon is facing excruciating public scrutiny over her involvement in trying to have the James Ashby litigation against the Federal Government, and the former Speaker Peter Slipper prevented from proceeding to court.

The Oppositions spokesperson – George Brandis has been hounding Roxon and he is scoring points.   So much so that there is a story every day in the last week about new revelations arising from Roxon’s involvement and the apparent abuse of her position to try to influence the outcome.   On Wednesday Roxon offered up her reasons for defending Slipper – read story here

The Government shut down a debate raised by the Opposition two weeks ago on ‘what Roxon’ knew about the lurid ‘text messages’.  In the days since the defence of Slipper has put egg all over Gillard and the Governments face for its hypocrisy in defending Peter Slipper’s obvious ‘misogynist’ text contents,  when the PM set about some self-indulgence of her own in the form of the ‘misogynistic’ claims against the Opposition Leader in the House.

Gillard did more harm to the plight and advancement of women in that 15 min tirade, than decades of progress by genuine do-gooders breaking down barriers on behalf of women’s issues.

Another story in today’s ‘The Australian’ covering some of the weeks events in the Roxon affair is presented below:

Nicola Roxon faces Peter Slipper revolt

| Author: Milanda Rout | Date: 20th Oct 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

ATTORNEY-GENERAL Nicola Roxon faces a backbench revolt from Labor MPs, who fear her handling of the Peter Slipper sexual harassment case has exposed them to huge personal legal bills if they are sued.

Backbenchers are concerned about the way the former Speaker was left to pay for his own legal expenses and that only ministers — not MPs or senators — would be covered by the government in the event of any legal action.

It is understood a special caucus briefing has been organised to address the issue when parliament returns on October 29. The chair of the caucus legal sub-committee has made a request to the office of Special Minister of State, Gary Gray, for the briefing on legal costs as MPs are particularly concerned about being personally liable for unfair dismissal or vexatious claims given the volatile political environment.

Chief Labor whip Joel Fitzgibbon said he was very worried about the apparent gap and would take action on the matter.

“As the chief whip I’m very concerned about the apparent lack of protection for members and will be working to ensure that protection is restored,” he said.

Ms Roxon said in April that Mr Slipper’s costs would not be covered because the parliamentary entitlements regulations only permit the payment of legal expenses for ministers or parliamentary secretaries.

This came as a great surprise to many Labor backbenchers as they realised they may not be covered in the event of any court action.

“We only, as the commonwealth, pay for any sort of legal action if somebody is defending a matter that’s happened in the course of their duties,” Ms Roxon told Lateline at the time.

“So a minister making a decision that might routinely get taken to the court, maybe it’s an environmental planning matter, maybe it’s an approval for some sort of other process.

“There are occasions where ministers are sued for their formal duties and of course the government then does meet those costs.”

Ms Roxon said the policy dated back to the previous government.

The concern over future legal liabilities is just one aspect of the “considerable disquiet” among the Labor caucus with Ms Roxon’s handling of the Slipper matter, with members saying the government’s legal strategy was hard to understand and did not add up.

There was also questions about how the government could “go out on a limb” and try to have the case thrown out on an “abuse of process” claim and then settle the case for $50,000 and leave Mr Slipper to deal with the civil action.

The opposition has also accused the Attorney-General of politically “micro-managing” the case and Tony Abbott has accused Ms Roxon of acting like Mr Slipper’s defence lawyer instead of conducing herself like the “first law officer of the crown” when dealing with the action by staffer James Ashby.

Senate estimates hearings this week heard Ms Roxon may have been briefed on the contents of lurid text messages just days before the commonwealth lodged an “abuse of process” claim to have Mr Ashby’s case struck out and to use the texts to sack him.

But Ms Roxon has dismissed the Opposition Leader’s criticism against her, saying she rejected his “slur”.

“It shows he understands as little about this case as his shadow attorney-general,” Ms Roxon said this week.

The distraction reporting how Backbenches are ‘concerned at the abandonment of Peter Slipper …’ has a serious reflection of just how out of touch the ‘Backbenchers with reality – a Speaker is involved in a sexual game with a staffer as presented in the content and context of the ‘text messages’ and these Backbenchers’ are ‘concerned’ that the Government withdrew legal assistance.

WHy did Roxon withdraw the legal aid – there is only one answer and that is because she was made aware of the content of the text messages and this is what the Opposition were trying to discover in the House when the Government shut down the debate on the last day of sitting two weeks ago. Since then it has been a cat and mouse game of tagging Roxon and what she knew and when she knew it playing out in the media.

To read a full expose of the stories published on this subject over the last two weeks please use this link … The Slipper Crisis

The House does not sit again until the 29th Oct and that means another week of ludicrous innuendo’s that further drag the politics of the Nation downstream and closer to the stench of the sewers.

  1. The HSU/Craig Thompson claims:

Craig Thompson has had a roller coaster ride in recent weeks – his cheshire grin responses to the KPMG report into the Fair Work Australia report into the Health Services Union has him vindicating his defiance and again claimed that any legal proceedings will not make it to court.

Well – in response FWA lodged claims – some 67 individual of instances where Craig Thompson breached his ‘duty of care’ responsibilities.  The media have fed this story all week as a ‘Senate Enquiry’ questioned the head of FWA over their report and the KPMG investigation.   The full list (67) of allegations claimed against Craig Thompson can be read here

Late in the week the police announced that they had enough evidence to charge Craig Thompson and Julia Gillard’s house just found a new bunch of ‘white-ants’ set to wreak havoc in the coming months and put Caucus in a frame of mind that can only see a repeat of the NSW and QLD whitewash election results come next years federal election.

Again, ‘The Australian’ published a story on the HSU charges and is produced below:

HSU charges tipped to include Craig Thomson

| Author: Ean Higgins | Date: 20th Oct 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

VICTORIAN and NSW police are confident they will have enough evidence to lay charges against former Health Services Union officials, including independent MP Craig Thomson, with criminal charges likely before Christmas.

Sources close to the separate but related investigations have told The Weekend Australian that police have accumulated evidence of corruption, including from union officials, some of whom are understood to have spoken extensively to police.

“There are people who, in the end, have done the right thing,” a police source said. “They have finally questioned what’s really been going on and have come out disillusioned with the explanation from those involved saying that nothing’s wrong.”

Asked if it were expected that charges would be brought against Mr Thomson, a police source said: “That is more likely a possibility than not.” The source added that such charges could be forthcoming from NSW or Victorian police, or both.

Another source close to the investigations said NSW police were giving some people a final chance to co-operate before the list to face charges was drawn up.

NSW police Strike Force Carnarvon is investigating allegations of widespread corruption in the NSW branch of the HSU, of which Mr Thomson was assistant secretary from 1999 until 2002, when he went to Melbourne as national secretary. Victorian police, on a brief given to them by NSW police, are probing allegations that as national secretary Mr Thomson used hundreds of thousands of dollars of union money on prostitutes, high living, air fares for his then wife, Christa, and his 2007 election campaign as the Labor candidate for the marginal seat of Dobell, on the NSW central coast.

Fair Work Australia brought civil actions over those allegations in the Federal Court this week, seeking fines and orders for compensation against Mr Thomson which could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mr Thomson, did not respond to calls yesterday, but has strenuously denied any wrong-doing and said he would fight any allegations brought against him.

A senior NSW police officer said Victorian counterparts had “very confident looks on their faces” when they discussed their investigation.

NSW police officers conducted a small-scale raid on the NSW union’s headquarters in Sydney on Thursday, where they interviewed Satya Champness, the personal assistant of former NSW branch boss Michael Williamson.

Ms Champness, who is not considered a suspect, said yesterday she had no comment.

It is understood that NSW police have in recent weeks taken a particular interest in Canme, the private company of Mr Williamson’s wife, Julie. Canme invoiced the NSW union for almost $400,000 for “archiving services”.

An independent inquiry by barrister Ian Temby QC raised doubts as to whether this work was ever done.

I wonder if Craig Thompson is smiling this weekend – I also ponder if Julia Gillard will decide to stay overseas a few more days, or take some time off to work out a strategy in how to deal with the gathering storm on the home front.

  1. The EYE-BALL Opinion Absolute Truth:

It is obvious from the recent history of Gillard’s Prime Ministership  tenure that she ‘sucks’ at the job.   When one weighs the 400+ pieces of Legislation this Parliament has enacted none stand out more than –

  1. The Carbon Tax: The biggest fraud on a Nation’s population ever undertaken – nobody has the answers and nobody has the science that is conclusive to settle the ‘climate change debate’.  If Humans are responsible – then a serious debate on how to fix the problem cannot be had without a debate about a global population ceiling … instead a new tax is the best Leaders can come up with … pathetically stupid
  2. The Minerals Rent Resource Tax: [MRRT] A tax introduced 20 years too late and at a time when the Resource, and other export industries have been punished to the tune of a A$Trillion dollars in lost export revenues – all due to the pressures of the ‘high A$dollar’ policy pursued by this, the previous Government, and the RBA – absolute stupidity
  3. The Asylum Seeker (boat people) debacle: A policy void lacking in humanitarian instincts, and shamed MP’s into long speeches full of wind by very short on heart and a will to doo something about it … the moral bankruptcy of MP’s exposed
  4. The Super Trawler flip-flop:  Gillard allowed Environment Minister Tony Bourke to yield to social media pressure over a Government decision to allow the trawler to fish in Australian waters.   Desperate for acceptance and poll approval, the Government lurched form bad decision to bad decision to deal with the problem and legislation to placate the media campaign … policy weakness exposed
  5. Industrial Relations:  As the Deputy PM Gillard was the Minister for Industrial Relations and responsible for the ‘Work Choices’ repeal.  She also presided over the Unions and with her history with the AWU ‘slush-fund’ experience you would think she would have close down these Union boss practices.  This just happened to coincide with Craig Thompsons elevation from HSU boss to Federal Parliament.  She did nothing to make Unions more accountable for members funds.   Current Minister Bill Shorten has been equally protective of the Unions … union thuggery is approved
  6. The Schools Building Program:  Also as Minister for Education when Deputy Prime Minister Gillard oversaw the ‘schools building’ program that saw Theiss Construction awarded $100’s millions of contracts.    The AWU scandal in the early to mid 90’s involved Thiess Construction paying into the accounts Gillard set up and her boyfriend used for non-union activities.   This was the fraud and the awarding of these Thiess contracts whilst Gillard was in charge presents a possible ‘conflict of interest’ scenario … stinky corruption
  7. Finally – The Federal Budget: There are no words that can explain the void of financial leadership emitting form Treasurer Swan and the Treasury Department.   They promised a budget surplus and to achieve it in 2012-13 they have had to strip some $50 billion of Government spending from the community at a time when GDP is falling, unemployment is rising, and Industry is up in arms at the damage the high-dollar policy has caused … sheer lunacy

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