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EYE-BALL Opinion – Cheap Wine No More – A blog respondent’s comments –

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– Cheap Wine No More  –
– A blog respondent’s comments –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 16th Oct 2012 |
News that the Government is going to try and address the alcoholism problem in disadvantaged communities by forcing up the cost of ‘cheap wine’ met with a response from a regular commentator who wanted his retort published …

Some background – a News Ltd story on the policy can be read here … and the actual report from the Australian National Preventative Health Agency (ABPHA) can be read here

The comment in its entirety is posted below:

How stupid and intrusive can government’s possibly get?

The latest outrage is a plan by Australia’s health do gooders’ to raise taxes on cheap wine so irresponsible..(read young people or is it really you and me) will stop getting drunk on it.

Using terms they must have learned from someone in commerce (read “the real world”), the Australian National Preventative Health Agency wants to establish a ‘floor price’ for cheap wine. Who is this agency and how come it even exists, can you believe there even is such an agency, and that we are paying for it? This is another example of why unemployment is understated, talk about jobs for the unemployable?

But that is not the point. The main point is that the agency should butt out of people’s private lives. One of life’s great pleasures is cheap wine. This is life. We have to have some comfort given the crap we have to put up with from our governments (governance)!

This agency is worried about the harmful effects of drinking too much cheap wine and pricing is, ‘recognised as one of the most effective measures to reducing alcohol-related harm.’ I wonder if they used the same team to establish what 85% of males think about the most? As much as I would like to congratulate them on this stupendous insight, the best I can say is, ‘Doh!’

Of course making things more expensive discourages people from buying them. In this case, the Government (but who are they really?) want to put the cheap wine makers out of business to save the people who didn’t ask for any saving. But if they take cheap wine into oblivion, the truly hard up will find a substitute. Rubbing alcohol, mouthwash, and moonshine are just a few. Who are these people kidding, do they think that an underground of sly grog will not open up and that they will cause a similar situation to the backyard amphetamine industry. We will all be buying wine making kits!

But the principle of the thing is what matters here. Using the tax system to coerce people into behaviour to think they should be following isn’t just busy-body meddling, it’s an affront to freedom in our society. It’s always done in the name of your best interests. But it always results in having less choice, more rules to follow, and higher taxes to pay. God only knows we have enough dysfunctional government and people within it, do we need this as well!!

What we ought to do is abolish the Australian National Preventative Health Agency and use the money saved to buy everyone a drink. Then we can all toast to being adults, living with our own choices, being responsible for our own actions, and enjoying as much wine as we like before we all die. I’ll drink to that!

David the Pragmatist!

PS Stand up and be counted and voice your protest to these faceless bastards!!!

Thankyou David for the comments.

Prohibition failed in the 1920’s to address the alcohol issues of the day – and since then Governments have nursed the main causes of societies major health issues – i.e. tobacco and alcohol, as foundations to a tax revenue system that falls far short of the health costs to deal with the end result.

Pushing up the price of ‘cheap wine’ is a policy decision long on intent, but far short of logic and history’s perspective.

As with excise duty on fuel, the higher the price the higher Federal and State revenues, they have no vested interest in keeping the cost of fuel low, or reducing the excise tax to a ‘cap’ system.

One has to venture in and ask, is a reduction in alcohol excise a part of the price increase, I dare suggest it is not so in any increased wine cost, Government’s increase their tax collect.

The targeted market this policy is targeting is interesting – David the Pragmatist’s comments obviously interfere with the costs of his lifestyle and many others who drink wine as an alternative to other forms of alcohol. One needs to read the Legislation to find out more before an opinion can be offered. but like all things, apathy is the enemy. Most will just pay the additional cost and forgo some other expense as a result.

The over-riding question is the motive behind the policy to push up alcohol prices, is it some moderised ‘Temperance League’ movement?

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  1. Brian former Hotelier
    October 16, 2012 at 10:25 am

    This article is so to the point. If you read Paul Syret’s column in the Courier Mail today you will see some further startling statistics. Do you know that bottled water is more expensive than Petrol?
    Come on give us a go, I agree with the writer, who are these bastards?, if they want to stop young people drinking, raise the age limit to 21. In my case they can raise it to 50, but that wouldn’t be fair to all the drunken 45 year olds in our society.

  2. October 17, 2012 at 6:04 am

    Welcome to the brave New World of the Greens and other control freaks pushing the UN Agenda 21 one world government. Total control over everything you do say or think is the object, all wrapped up in high-sounding motives. Wait till you’re all issued with your own personal carbon credit cards! People will look at each other and say – how the hell did we let this happen. Have a look at the crazy policies of some of your local councils where killjoy Greens have infiltrated and seem to be allowed to dominate. Look up Agenda 21 on the internet and see what’s in store for Australia and the world if these would-be dictators get their way!

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