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EYE-BALL Opinion – The Future – Welfare Raised Children – Government’s making it harder for Society to survive –

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– The Future – Welfare Raised Children  –
– Government making it harder for Society to survive –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 15th Oct 2012 |
T here is overwhelming evidence in this Nation to support any argument that modern society has become more content with allowing ‘day-care’ centers to raise toddler children.

A child learns 90-95% of what it will ever learn to survive in a modern world in its first five years – what happens after that is institutional learning and subjected to all types of Government approved educational material, all designed to give every child the equal opportunity to learn and be educated in a public or private education facility.

It is also a fact that the child bond with the mother and father most often occurs within the first years – yet society in recent times has become a brutal place for the family unit and its ability to survive intact – and all due to the cost pressures and survival needs to try and make ‘ends meet’.

The point being – the bigger question is where will the family unit be in another 10 years, 25 years, 50 years and beyond?

40 years ago, a single income in the western world was enough to allow a family to live a comfortable life.   It now requires a joint household income to survive when raising a family including young children.   Quite often even the dual income is not enough.

There are any number of reasons why society has evolved to its current predicament.   Blaming ‘DEBT’, Banks and a host of other societal piranha’s is only a part of the equation – Government’s need commerce to create employment opportunities across the community, doctors, nurses, teachers, builders, police, and all the other career’s that make up the framework of how a society functions.

40 years ago – 60-70% of the workforce were male employees – there were very few married women and even less mothers.  It was accepted that the best people to raise children were the parents of the child.

When did it become acceptable to hand our children and babies over to complete strangers and allow them to be responsible for the childs welfare and initial learning requirements in its early years?

It would seem that it just happened and Governments went along with the feminist needs of a society, and allowed women to make the choices to have both careers and juggle motherhood at the same time.

That might sound like a sexist comment – hardly so when one measures how the family unit has survived and its current fragility.  The transition of workforce demographics and how the cost of living has grown, and all relative to how much a single wage today can provide for,  paints an entirely different picture to how the it was just a few short decades ago.

Again the point being – what is the real cost to the future of our children and generations to come if both parents are required to work to cover the financial responsibility, but the raring of the children is left to outside agencies – particularly in the early years?

The debate on ‘welfare’ families becoming generational is well accepted – it even lends weight to whether some parents are not qualified to raise children.   That equation is becoming a bigger ask of parents as children live more isolated lives away from the family home and unit.

Parents are now forced to make a choice as to whether they both go back to work to try and provide a better life.  This then requires third party arrangements to care for the children while both or the single parent is forced into the workforce.   Government’s have created the subsidies that allow the parents to make these horrible choices, and now the new policy being introduced forces single mothers on to an unemployment benefit when their children turn 8, thus placing children at greater risk.

Trying to get ahead in life 40 years ago was a slow and steady pursuit – today it’s a walk on a treadmill always going backwards.  Cost of living increases in excess of wage rises, and employees working longer hours to make the extra income, or just to hold down the job for fear of losing it to someone who will work for less and do more, have all played their part in the pressure being applied to the family unit.

The rent cycle and cost of housing makes owning a home neigh impossible, and since the GFC the debt traps and over valued market make it even harder.

Let me give you an example of a society just meandering towards an abyss – oil is a global commodity and its impact on economic commerce in any Nation is both necessary and crucial when it comes to supply.   It’s price sensitivity is felt through the bowser price for fuel.  That bowser price is subject to any amount of scrutiny by ACCC and price-fixing regulators – yet the price of fuel/petrol across this Nation is openly abused when the three price sensitive factors are considered over any time frame.

Those three price indicators are the US$ value of TAPIS oil, the value of the US$ v A$, and the commercial supply and demand  forces within the Australian marketplace.

This petrol price research is a subject this site has pursued previously using a static price and using the fluctuations of currency, the US$ per barrel of oil cost, and it has been shown and proved that refiners, wholesalers and the retailers are all involved in price gouging, and manipulating the price of petrol, with relevance to the sensitive price indicators.   40 years ago a price of a litre of petrol was less than $0.10c a litre.   Today it is $1.50+ … and if you applied inflation indexing over the time frame in question – you would understand the point being made.

The same can be said for most of societies other essential needs – electricity, water, food, and the increased Government and municipal cost for housing – i.e. rates, stamp duty, etc …

A local builder provided me with building cost numbers.  It covered the house price increase from $150k in Hervey Bay in the late 1990’s – to the $300k before the 2008 GFC – $100k of that increase came from new building regulations and compliance needs that were not there previously.  The actual cost of materials to build a home had not increased any significant amount.

This same Local Council with an annual budget of $200 million, requires $600 million to overhaul all its aging drainage and flood mitigation needs – add to that the maintenance needs to maintain existing infrastructure and you see a problem facing all local Councils, and States when all this infrastructure starts to ‘crack-up’.   it is already happening in the NSW electricity industry – it was one of the reason the NSW Government decided to sell off some of its electricity assets – they could not pay for the upgrades needed.

All increased regulatory and compliance land development costs are now pushed onto developers and this pushes up the cost of land and then the houses that are built on the land.  Council’s have increased fees to try and balance budgets.    That then pushes the labor costs, and all the add-ons that follow.

It’s a never-ending spiral until something like the GFC happens and then the cycle fails, and Governments and Councils are left to fund everything at the existing prices and they begin to struggle – there can only be one outcome and nobody wants that to happen on their watch.

You only have to look to Europe and the USA to see the domino effect where Councils are going bankrupt.

How does all this relate to the raising of young toddlers – the cost to survive in this modern society have parents living with the conflict that they have few choices to effect any real change to provide a quality of life they want for their family.   This then flows to the quality of life of the children.

A parent might move away to look for work, thus creating additional pressures on the remaining parent at home who also works.  This means that any quality time with young needy children happens in a stressed environment with parents trapped in an endless cycle of fatigue, and the pressures that often explodes in front of the children.

Let us try to look at this problem from a different perspective – i.e. the future – the planet has a sustainable population level yet nobody has a number in mind.  Every Nation except China has no cap on a population level, nor a public policy to address the overpopulation question.

Look at the chart below on the world’s population growth – [Click on Chart to enlarge in a separate window.]

This chart is a worrying indicator and given the exponential growth pattern in the last 2-300 years, you would think there would be concerns.

You would hope that smart people would be thinking about a population and sustainable population ceiling.

WIth the poverty and lack of food across Africa, and that there are some 45 million displaced persons according to OECD and IMF reports, and that one in six children in Australia live in poverty, and that one in eight persons in Australia also live in poverty – one could expect that the Nation’s Leaders would be thinking that maybe the cap on a global population was accessed long ago.

If one analysed the ‘climate change’ debate from an overpopulation perspective – would the solution in a ‘carbon-tax’  be different?  Global Governments see the ‘climate change’ solution as introducing a new tax –  how does that deal with carbon emissions resulting in overpopulation?   This is an insight into Leaders and how they are ineffectual because they don’t understand the problem – or if they do, they just don’t want to make the ‘unpopular’ choices.

I fear for all the children and the next generation’s of children – Africa’s children become child soldiers that die in far off wars to appease their war-lord masters.   What chance do they have – and who is to say that any one of those children’s lives has a greater or lesser value than a child born into a more privileged and secure society.   Western society have tried in small doses and have failed, it has all become far too hard to sell ‘foreign aid’ and the casualties of war is a price politicians fear so it becomes politically correct to leave it all alone.

So when the question is asked – are parents losing control over the raising of their children – the answer has to be a rousing yes –  American children are drug runners and often used as assassins in drug wars to avoid jail terms for the leaders of gangs.   ‘Respect’ for elders is fast eroding within the younger generations because the parental bonds normally forged when raising you children are not there because of the ‘day-care’ arrangements.

This is all a sign of a global society that has lost its perspective on the important ideals and structures that have formed the basis of human survival for thousands of years.  That is of course based on a compassionate and meaningful society where the strong shall support the weak.

All Governments have done in the last 40 odd years is introduce policies that aid and abet the weakening our society, and diminish the importance of the family unit and its ability to function and survive.

Governments will say otherwise – but their perspective is all about the length of time they serve in office – not about the 20, and 40 year future designs of a society that can survive.

Would you prefer to raise your child in a home environment with a parent having the option to stay at home?

If so – then write to your Local Federal and State Members asking the question about household income sharing using the links below.

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