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EYE-BALL Opinion – I am OFFENDED – All Australia is OFFENDED – why would it matter if PM Gillard is OFFENDED …

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– All Australia is OFFENDED –
– why would it matter if PM Gillard is OFFENDED –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 14th Oct 2012 |
Hello – all is well again – WordPress decided that old HTML attributes would no longer be recognised thus rendering any of the preformatted templates I was using for relevant Authors useless, and requiring modification to comply with ‘style’ and ‘span’ type code. They gave no notice of the upgrade and it became a trial and error discovery to what had happened.

I wrote this post on Wednesday last – the day after the ‘speech of shame’ Gillard delivered to the House in defence of the then Speaker Peter Slipper.

The Gillard – “House of Representatives” – Speech:

To allow you to view and hear the speech in its entirety – a YouTube link is provided below:

The PM was vilified herself when she mentioned ‘sexism’ and ‘misogynism’ several times during the response – over and over she repeated the allegations in a catharsis of abuse as can be seen.

The PM combined the tirade with hand gestations and facial expressions demonstrative of the hatred she was feeling – and it was all directed at the Opposition Leader.   Still captions captured and produce in print and visual media off the video feed are not flattering to Gillard at all.   Why she ‘lost it’ is not hard to understand – but to direct her bile solely at Abbott and nobody else was severely misguided and a serious error in judgement.

It was not until the ninth minute of her alloted 15 minutes of response time that she began to speak to the motion before the House – and then it was only briefly before she digressed again into her continuing tirade – all the while directing her venom and bile at the man sitting opposite her – the Opposition Leader Mr Abbott.

‘Badass motherf__ker of a heifer’ indeed was what one of the overseas social media called the speech. The YouTube video went viral with 1.3 million views as at the time of post this post.

How could this personal indulgence by the PM on such a subject be serving the Australian people?

It was a Rant:

Gillard’s speech was a ‘rant’ – nothing more than a politician blaming everybody else for all that has gone wrong since she became the Leader – she was plucking the rhetoric from thin air and muck of what she had to say had no basis in fact, or in the relevance to the motion put before the House.

She was attacking Alan Jones, Larry Pickering, Mike Smith, Andrew Bold, and all the other bloggers and Journalists who recently took her to task over the AWU scandal – she mentioned the ‘Ditch the Bitch’ and ‘Bob Carr’s Bitch’ slogan in a legal protest /demonstration earlier this year that Alan Jones fronted, and at which several Coalition MP’s spoke.

She went on the attack at Abbott because he did not defend the sexist nature of the placards and distance himself from those comments. Gillard was delusional in her outburst if she thought Abbott had a responsibility at the time to abstain and reject the will of the people who showed up at the demonstration – yet she blamed Abbott anyway.

Throughout the 15 minute speech – Abbott was responsible for everything from her perspective.

For a Prime Minister to stoop to the ‘gutter-tripe’ levels – to have dragged this Nation down this sexist and gender debate, has set this Nation back decades on the World stage for the rights and advance of women’s issues. She proved that it is not so much that Mr Abbott is a misogynist – but the PM is a misandrist.

The Opposition’s defence of Mr Abbott:

The Opposition Deputy Leader Julie Bishop had this to say on the Wednesday after the House speech on Gillard’s performance:

“Instead of being remembered as Australia’s first female prime minister, she’ll be remembered as the prime minister who let down the women of Australia when she was put to the test,”

Read full story here:

I am no fan of the ‘Botox Bishop’ – she is female and holds the Deputy Leadership position – if Julie Bishop is representative of the second best choice for the alternative Leader of the Liberals – all I can say is that the Coalition is in real trouble.

I do agree with her comments made above – but then what else could she say – the ‘misogynist’ allegation does not stick – no ALP Minister who has gone on record since the Gillard ‘rant’ has confirmed their personal belief that Abbott is a ‘misogynist’.

Wayne Swan was on Lateline and Tony Jones went after him and Swan looked like the idiot he is trying to avoid answering the question.

Greg Combet on ‘Insiders’ this morning declined to answer in a more polished way – but still would not be drawn to answer the question directly.

The resurfaced AWU Scandal:

All of Gillard’s frustrations have been building for some time and Tuesday’s performance against a motion to have Slipper removed as Speaker was the final straw – the PM ‘cracked’.

The PM had refrained from responding to the AWU scandal allegations being trotted out in social media by ‘misogynist sexist nutjobs’ to use the PM’s language – for all but one occasion where she staged managed her own press conference to ‘deal with all matters’.

The Australian electorate saw through it – all the major media players who had been knocking at her door with questions that required answers were not invited to or advised about the press conference.

The PM clarified her position at the outset that this press conference would be the only time she would go on record and answer all questions put to her.

A YouTube video of this Press Conference appears below:

The questions were never of the ilk that would have been asked by those who did the legwork investigations.  The right questions were never asked and it was a stage managed event that only made her detractors become vigilant in finding more evidence that would expose Gillard and her AWU, Slater & Gordon, and boyfriends involvement in a major fraud that cost her her legal career, and much more on a personal level.

The PM’s frustrations over these persistent attacks attached to her past stem from the truth of the allegations involving her history and complicity in the AWU scandal,  the fraud involved and uncovered, and her inability to put them to rest.

This perhaps goes to the reasons why Alan Jones used the language when he said – ‘Gillard’s father died of shame’.   The realism of those words make Alan Jones seem a vile person – but in all honesty who knows how her father felt when he died – had he embraced his daughters mistakes of the past – or did he not know until the full extent of her complicity was revealed in a very public way earlier this year?

Suffice to say – Jones’ choice of language was a very poor given that it was not a private gathering, and that the speech was recorded ‘off the record’ by an ALP stooge planted in the audience.

The Thiess Connection:

Something that is still to be exposed is the 1990’s AWU scandal and the connection with Thiess Constructions – and how that connects with Gillard when she was in charge of the Schools rebuilding program in the aftermath of the GFC and how Thiess Constructions received $100’s millions worth of Government contracts.

The AWU fraud of the 1990’s involved Thiess and other contractors making $100,000’s of payments to Gillard’s lover and AWU big shot Bruce Wilson – The man making the Thiess payments was Wilson’s brother-in-law.   It would seen the natural flow of things would see Gillard trying to make amends for what she thought was a wrong made under her watch back in the 1990’s.

This is one of the matters currently being investigated by researches into the AWU scandal.

Parliamentary Justice:

In public life – nothing is personal, and when the language about Slippers emotional moment when he resigned became mitigating in that the House believed he is a ‘human being’ and deserved privileges in how Members spoke of his resignation was and is a disgraceful choice of phraseology.   The man was a crook, a thief, and a sexual letch who used his position to abuse and sexually harass subordinates.

When Mal Coulson – QLD Senator was found guilt of misappropriating public funds – the Justice system also failed the Australian people.  Mr Coulson was allowed to dragged his appeals process out because of ill-health and he finally died before he served any prison time for his offences.   His Parliamentary pension was preserved because he never faced court nor had judgement pronounced.   Instead – the Court took into account his medical condition as a mitigating reason.   You tell me how ordinary Australians can escape their illegal punishments using the same excuses and be allowed to keep their entitlements.

A recent NSW female MP was also allowed to escape goal time when found to have perjured herself over misappropriation of funds.

A SA MP was a known and charged ‘shoplifter’ and she was allowed to continue to serve in the SA House.

It would seem that the Justice system for Parliamentarians offers a vastly different justice outcome that how Justice is delivered to most other ordinary Australians.

My Political Persuasion:

I have spoken often about George Bush Jnr being the worst President ever in the history of US Presidents – it’s a bold statement given that I have only lived since the mid 1950’s … I do read history and I can say that in my living memory – my opinion is that Gillard is the worst PM this Nation has ever had.

To qualify these comments further – I have never voted anything but ALP since I became eligible to vote in 1973 – I have voted ‘deliberate informal’ on occasions, so to hold the views I have about Gillard is in direct conflict with my core political beliefs.

I am one of the million’s of ALP voters deciding that Gillard is bad for this Nation. And to further the disgust – the ALP caucus, all 71 ALP HOR members, and the ALP Senators have made a collective choice to stick with Gillard, and the Speaker at the time – when the hypocrisy over Slippers misogynism was far worse than anything Abbott had offered up – has the electorate hostile to anything ALP.

Had RUDD crossed the flood on the asylum debate Australian voters would have fell in love with all over again – but her stayed in his backbench position supporting his colleagues all to give himself cover for whatever he was planning in the future.

Mr Rudd – you serve the Australian people first – not the ALP … and whilst that is a naive statement in modern politics – it is the core truth of democracy – a democracy that has been hijacked by the passing of time and the Australian Parliamentary process.

Treasurer Wayne Swan:

I have the same disgruntled opinion about Wayne Swan and his performance as the Treasurer, and Nicola Roxon as the Attorney General.

I just see this ALP Government as illegitimate and doing great harm to this Nation – both in the short-term and in the way they have misread the global economic cycle.  The accumulation of debt in recent budget’s in the belief that future prosperity will return and save the day – is a fallacy that only someone with vacant space between the ears could believe in.

Treasurer Swan has no idea what his true responsibilities or where they lie  – his belief that GDP growth caused by Government spending – and an inflation rate at low levels through lack of demand – gives him a pass mark in the economic management of Australia’s present and future.

Low inflation pressures are indicative of low demand by consumers – i.e. price reductions to create sales.   This is not indicative of an economy trending upwards …

This Government has spent some $200 billion since coming to office – i.e. debt creation.  The Tourism industry is in the sewer along with manufacturing, retail, and an Agriculture and mining sector all struggling with the influences a high A$ value.

Treasure Swan can only be reading the positive columns in his Treasury forecasts – either that or the figures are being doctored.

Treasurer Swan is asleep at the wheel – this Nations plight and descent into our own GFC is fast approaching.

Not only do we have the worst PM in living memory – but we also have the worst Treasurer ever … and as the Deputy Leader and heir apparent to the PM role if Gillard falls – even god will not be able to help this Nation.

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  1. The Parable
    October 15, 2012 at 9:31 pm

    Your title “I am OFFENDED – All Australia is OFFENDED” is most capably supported by a rather angry tirade at the breach of faith by our elected officials, Their theatrics mean so little “the PM is Offended” while others hurt. As you really dwell on all of this, do we need to carry all of this, because we could have done more? We could stand for parliament. Do we expect too much, not to act out of self interest?

    Apathy and ignorance are extremely powerful attitudes. The are the short answer.

    This site so wonderfully captures the collective often.

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