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EYE-BALL Opinion – The Misogynist v Misandrist debate – there is no winner and Society loses –

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– The Misogynist v Misandrist debate –
– there can be no winner and Society loses  –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 10th Oct 2012 |
I t is time to have the discussion.

Long overdue if you ask me – the gender issue is now front and centre on the national stage and both Parliamentary Leaders are fully engaged. It is deserving of a full airing of all the issues that bother both sides.

I saw a story today that gave me a belly roll like no other – some restaurant in Sydney had urinals installed shaped like a womans mouth – I thought it may have been a ‘Mens’ Club but even those are under threat it would seem.  Alas – the SMH published the story and it is made available below for all to make a judgement.

Restaurant removes ‘misogynist’ urinals

| Author: Jacqui Le | Date: 10th Oct 2012 | Link to On-Line Story |

A Sydney restaurant is removing urinals shaped like women’s mouths and has apologised for causing offence.

The two urinals, in the shape of bright red, wide-open lips, were installed in the French restaurant Ananas in Sydney’s Rocks area.

The red lip urinals by Dutch artist Meike van Schijnde at Ananas Bar and Brasserie in The Rocks.

They formed part of Sydney Morning Herald critic Terry Durack’s review of the restaurant in yesterday’s Good Food.

The restaurant said the urinals were “a commonly used European design piece from female Dutch artist Meike van Schijnde” but would be removed.

“We sincerely apologise if they have caused offence. They are being removed today,” a spokeswoman said in a statement.

A spokeswoman for the interior design company that selected the items for the restaurant described them as “playful”.

Feminist publisher Anne Summers said interior design was not an excuse for misogyny.

“Misogyny is very widespread, and this is just an example of misogyny,” she said.

“The concept is pretty challenging and confronting.

“They’re asking men to put their d—- in these mouths as urinals.”

It’s not the first time designer urinals have caused controversy.

In 2006 four urinals shaped like women’s lips designed by Austrian artist Rudolf Scheffel were taken away from public toilets near the National Opera in Vienna after protests from women’s groups.

They were later sold on eBay.

Meredith Burgmann, founder of the annual Ernie Awards for sexist comments, described the urinals as “schoolboy grubbiness”.

But she said she wasn’t surprised, given the recent “outpouring of misogynist incidents”.

Read more:

This is ‘gender’ sexism out of control and now front and centre on every corner and in every male female conversation and interaction.  All largely because Gillard has a sordid past that has been exposed and she did not like it.  Gillard has to own her past and embrace all that it represents and not act as if it never happened.  She owns it and has to be responsible for it.

Everybody did things in their past – but to be a Prime Minister you had better have it well hidden.  Gillards past is owned by several members of the ALP Ministry – she has slept with some of them.  They know her history with Wilson and the AWU scandal and as much as she wants to distance herself from all of that baggage – she will never wash away the stench, or be allowed to forget where she came from in the parliamentary arena.

As a result and in response to her lagging polling data she has played the ‘sexist’ misogynist card and this makes her the worst kind of feminista.

In society most men get on with most other men and most women – women often have issues with men and they often have bigger issues with other women.   Whether it be jealously because some woman looks or dresses better, women seem to be threatened by other women.  Men in a general sense don’t have this same problem.   This is not sexist or male macho bullshit – it’s a fact.

There are many things that women can do that men are unable to do – and nobody expects that to ever change.  Women are quick to prejudge and they are quick to defend themselves when challenged.   The ALP women sitting on the front bench are all being threatened – not by the opposition pressures, but by their own awareness that they are out of their depth at a political game they have no idea how to win.

The men in the same Ministry are all hand-picked wet nurses and offer no real protection because they know deep inside themselves it is a battle they cannot win on either side of the gender isle – they be damned it they call Gillard on her exposed misandry, and then be damned it they don’t by the Opposition when the wake up to the fact of what is happening.

50 years ago most women would not know what a ‘clitoris’ was and that they owned one.  Men always knew where their ‘G’ spot was and in politics found ways to ‘express’ themselves.  Women have always been drawn to power – the power of men … women have not learnt how to wield power and the best so far was Maggie Thatcher.   All since have failed miserably because their heart is not in the same fight that men are prepared to engage in to maintain and win power.

I would be the first to be in awe of a woman who could do a job as well as a man – and was so in a working career some 30 years ago.  They were far and few between.

The problem with how the feminist march has evolved is that it enlightened hopes that women could have it both – careers and motherhood.

Somewhere along the line the women who went to Uni and became gifted and qualified discovered that life was more rewarding having a family and taking care of children.

Many women in the workforce today are only there because society requires two incomes to survive.  Young mothers are handing their children over to day-care centres and having very little time in the raising of their own children – it frustrates them and challenges them at the same time.

If Government’s realised this and allowed income sharing to give the family home tax-breaks – parents would willing have one of them give up the day job and stay at home.   Government can’t do this because then their precious tax collect would be short and give them serious problems causing budget blowouts.   It would also create a worker shortage in the workplace and that invites another host of problems.

There is no doubt that women and the feminist march has achieved much since the ‘Temperance League’ during the late 1800’s.   That was then about man and the ‘drink’ and eventually led to the ‘Prohibition’ period during the 1920’s.

It has always been about equality – but the pendulum has swung to a place where men have no idea how to respond to a women boss or someone who is capable and authoritative – this male generation will always have difficulty with the new ‘sexual harassment’ laws because it has all changed during their working life.

‘Flirting’ is now the womans game – men are too scared for fear of being sacked or having their employment record tarnished because some woman complained about an innocent and/or clumsy approach because he felt attracted to someone.

It’s become so that women enjoy the flirting so long as it is on their terms.   Women still want the gentleman touch, opening doors, paying for the meal, but again only on their terms and with someone they have attraction toward.

This has engineered a whole generation of men who struggle with women and are resentful of the gender bias to satisfy quota’s and the like so employers don’t get complaints about sexual discrimination.

It’s a frigin’ minefield for men – and it is now front and centre in the largest game in town – Political leaders are crossing swords and Abbott cannot win this battle else he lose women voters in droves.

Gillard was smart to play this card and she has played it for all its worth – she is a misandrist and she is filthy about people that count knowing about it and them calling her on it.  She can dish it out but struggles when it comes back and slaps her in the face.

The example above of a Restaurant having to change its urinals because some female reporter claimed it was misogynist – she does not piss in the urinal – why should it bother her.   Despite my belly role there is much more going on here and in another 50 years, men will become sterile (not senile) – because of the stress they feel they’re under to try and please and get on with a woman.

More that 70% of all divorces in couples aged over 40 are instigated by women – women who are going through a change of life – or where children have grown and moved out of home – women feel cheated and they want their freedom only to find out years and several failed relationships later,  that they should have stayed where they were.

This is all the responsibility of feminist’s challenging women to take a stand – Greer has much to be answerable for in the number of broken homes and parentless children all because of the feminist card being played out in a marriage.

The reality is that both sex’s need eachother and if we had the same intelligence as animals there would be no debate – the females would do what they do and the males would do what they do and life would be the same for another 100,000 years.   It is the women human that is seeking more and man has allowed her to evolve and it is now hurting him in more ways than can ever be rewarded.

Women have always played the sex card in marriage and relationship and have become very good at it – for men who have been on the end of this card trick – they cower and always yield because the reward is so desired that men can never think with their brain.   That is why women will always have power over men – and where we go from here is more of the merry-go-round stuff trying to solve a problem that can only be ever solved in the bedroom.

There is so much more to add – but then by now you’ll have gotten the drift or turned off anyway.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. Gerry Hatrick
    October 11, 2012 at 9:48 am

    Those urinals in my mind are the trademark of the Rolling Stones. The fact that the lips are so deep red could intone the lips of a woman simply because women wear lipstick. Maybe we should consult Mick Jagger. Why are the Rolling Stones Monicker so deep red?

    In ancient times right up to Jung we had the Masculine and the Feminine duality. It is all through Norse Mythology and other examples like Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable of astrology. It can be fascinating stuff. Cardinal means many things like rational, strong, swift, warrior like etc. Fixed is its partner, emotional, patient, nesting, long memory and so on. Mutable can be either. I would like to stay with Rational and Emotional.

    To dismiss all criticism of the this government as misogynist is emotional. Similarly to dismiss personal criticism of the Prime Minister as misogynist can be equally biased.

    In the AWU allegations Julia Gillard said something about “misogynist nut jobs”. The reference was a broadbrush term for Larry Pickering, Bob Kernohan and other which would include this site. A rational perspective would include she diminishes all discussion on AWU so quickly she has something to hide. Of course it was some 16 years ago but it goes to the very morality of the players. Not all of the players were women. Gillard has personally stated she fell for a man (Bruce Wilson). Emotional.

    I thank Eyeball for tackling this subject. The entire debate is far too emotional. The rational are simply turning off. The role of the opposition is to produce alternative policy. That includes opposing government propositions. To label that as negativity is wrong. So is labelling it Misogyny.

    I support the National broadband concept. I wonder if we are doing it efficaciously. Any alternatives are respected.Climate change is not so easy. The greatest carbon pollutant is motor vehicles yet we are taxing the heaviest polluters, the electricity generators. Why are we not talking about the electricity consumers? I am over question time in Parliament being endless questions about electricity pricing, yet there is embedded the real question that taxing the heaviest polluters is everyone of us, the electricity consumers.

    Spin is too often extremely emotional. It is often the first reaction to be followed up with more rational analysis of the core facts. This only goes to my constant call. Would the electorate deliver an emotional or rational outcome if given a say? It would be both. The balance.Those pragmatically or emotional attached to the ALP and those who are pragmatically or emotionally attached to Conservative forces, and the balance, the mutable. Voters who realise that this government is troubled, and would the alternative be viable?

    If the voters are given a say, they must too live by the consequences. For me this is where this parliament is getting it so wrong. Appointing Peter Slipper to Speaker was political expediency, and now the government has to accept the consequences. Peter Slipper as an LNP backbencher was vulnerable because he faced an uphill pre-selection battle. The Government used the scenario to their short term gain. It was not a wise choice. Carry on about hindsight or whatever. Turncoats are not team players. The Government over invested in a rather questionable commodity.

    Then there is Craig Thomson and HSU and AWU, and knifing of Rudd and so on. To draw a conclusion it is a desperate government, has validity. It does not befit the exalted role expected of them. It is not Misogynist. Having no respect for Wayne Swann or his economic analysis is not misogyny. It is not sexist. Holding Peter Garrett responsible for the insulation disaster is not misogyny. Then why holding Julia Gillard responsible for the School Building Program, the broken promise on Carbon Tax, responsibility for appointing Peter Slipper or knifing Kevin Rudd is not misogyny. I could go on.

    Some might say Albanese advocated employing Slipper as speaker. So What. It is the Collective, the government, and for those who haven’t noticed their leader was born of the feminine gender. The leader must be responsible for the decisions of the leadership group.

    Through ever thought, it is Julia Gillard’s judgement that will be put to the test not her gender.

    I tend to believe that allowing the debate to become so emotional is desperation. When Craig Thomson made his emotional address to the parliament, I put it down has crocodile tears. Has he no shame?

    Why did Peter Slipper need to include in his resignation speech the fact that his parents are now 87 and 85? What has that got to do with his disgraceful remarks!

    This entire imbroglio is calling out for ethics. Something woefully missing.

  2. October 11, 2012 at 10:01 am

    Great comment Gerry – when I wrote this post there was trepedation – I felt it was a little close to the edge –

    Your response outlined many additional and relevant reasons why claims by Gillard that she has been targeted by ‘sexist and misogynist nutjobs’ are so wrong … and that gave a sense of relief.

    Thanks and Cheers …

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