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EYE-BALL Opinion – The Circus that never ends – Problem is nobody is buying tickets –

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– The Circus that never ends  –
– Problem is nobody is buying tickets –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 10th Oct 2012 |
T he House of Representatives descended to anarchy yesterday over the motion by the Opposition to remove Mr Slipper from the Speaker position.

It is now history that Slipper resigned moments after the motion to dismiss him was defeated 70 votes to 69.  70 Government MP’s voted to keep Slipper in the job and that by itself is a shameful example of Gillard’s hypocrisy over her ‘handbag’ campaign to paint the Leader of the Opposition as a ‘sexist’ and someone who has ‘trouble with capable women’.  Given that position that has been the media focus for weeks – how could this Government in all good conscience defend Mr Slipper to hold his position as Speaker given the content of his ‘text’ messages released in Court.

This Government is turning on its axis – it does not know where to turn to hide – and yet the Opposition is itself only happy to sit by the bar-b-que and watch the slow-roast of the PM and her ‘handbag’ Government.

It was revealed this morning on the Larry Pickering website that whilst the debate raged yesterday – Oakeshott and Windsor were in Peter Slippers office giving him an ultimatium – either resign or we will vote with the Opposition to have you removed.

Pickering claimed that the deal was done so The Opposition Leader would not have a victory on the floor of the House thus keeping Abbott without a victory against this Government.

Read Pickering Story on-line here – or below – Titled: SLIPPER HAD NO INTENTION TO RESIGN.


| Author: Larry Pickering | Date: 10th Oct 2012 | Link to On-Line Story |

The Press gallery again completely missed the main game. Slipper certainly did not do the right thing. He was forced into resigning via a deal with Windsor and Oakeshott.

While Abbott was speaking to the Slipper motion in the House, Oakeshott and Windsor had Slipper cornered in his office making him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“Agree to resign or we both will

support the motion to sack you”, they told Slipper. He had no choice but to agree and avoid ultimate disgrace.

Astonishing that the Press gallery was off on another track about Abbott’s “misogyny”.

Slipper did not display honour in resigning. If it wasn’t for Oakeshott and Windsor he would still be there.

The two Independents effectively voted with the Opposition to dismiss the Speaker. It’s just that it didn’t seem that way when votes were counted.

Oakeshott and Windsor were cunningly able to avoid giving Abbott a win on the Floor, while getting Slipper to resign at the same time using a threat to vote with the Coalition and ignominiously sack him. The hapless Slipper had no choice.

There was no honour involved at all.. now THAT makes sense.

If this information is so – Gillard had to be out of the loop – all the Government had to be ignorant of what Windsor and Oakeshott were up to – if anyone knew then it was tightly held.   If the intent was to make Gillard look like a fool then it worked wonderfully.

The bigger story if this Pickering information is correct is that our media were completely off the scent – one could say – incompetent even.   In fact one might believe that Pickering has made up the whole story – but knowing Pickering and his attention to detail – he would never have written this story unless he had the sources to confirm the content.

What role and reason would ALP Caucus Chairman – Member for Banks Daryl Melham – have to resign his position on the same day is still an unknown.  He spoke against the motion and comment on his speech can be read in Harry’s Growls latest post

The question remains – Why would Mr Melham resign his position amidst such an important debate?

Now to turn this post on its head – is it just me or can a case be made that the female gender ALP MP’s and Ministers have had all the headlines for some time now?  None of it about policy of the role of Governance but all about sledging Abbott as a ‘sexist’.

Can it also be said that the public debate on Abbott’s ‘issues with women’ is mainly a debate offered up by these female MP’s?

Despite the risks in being labeled a ‘misogynist sexist nutjob’ – I have a gut feeling that the women of the ALP have hijacked the ALP agenda and the ‘boys’ have all rolled over and yielded to the ‘handbag’ brigade.

It is the female ALP members who have carried this debate and the ‘boys’ in the ALP have stood back and followed their Leader.  One might suggest that they are powerless in the face of all this feminism and shell-shocked into submission because they fear being labeled as Tony Abbott has been labeled.

It is the ALP women MP’s who have dragged this parliament into a ‘sexist’ debate and all the members of this ‘handbag’ brigade are screaming ‘misogyny’ at every opportunity.  It might even be called ‘tantrum like’.

‘Misogyny’ is the new favourite word for any female ALP MP to use when a male comment or slur is offered in the House.  It is crippling the parliament and its ability to function – claims by ‘handbag’ member Jenny Macklin this morning that Abbott abused the PM every day and makes sexist comments across the floor cannot be substantiated by Parliamentary broadcasts.

Macklin – the ugliest of the ‘handbag’ brigade might be out and about lending support to the debate offered up by Gillard and her tight three – Plibersek, Roxon, and Ellis.

Males slagging males is entrenched in the history of this Parliament – Paul Keating was the best of the ‘slaggers’ and YouTube offers plenty of past glory for anyone who wants to relive history.   The men of the day laughed it off and accepted it as the ‘robust’ atmosphere of the chamber.

Then women wanted in – and now that they are in – and the slagging continues it is the women who cry foul.  It one could capture the ‘hate’ in Gillard’s eyes and expression when she spoke yesterday –  one can see why she is not qualified to hold the PM position.   Anyone who can be ignited in that way carry’s a ‘tell’ that would make her an easy read on the world stage.   But then the word ‘easy’ might be found offensive when used in a sentence about Julia Gillard.

Another question arises – is the ‘tactic’ to attack Abbott as ‘sexist and someone who has difficulty dealing with capable women’ – a political version of character assassination dreamed up by Gillards new political advisor to damage Abbott’s rise in the polls – or does it have any validity in a ‘real world’ and lend support to the claims being made by Gillard and her ‘handbag’ brigade.

On Lateline last night Plibersek was dismissive of any suggestion that the Government was embroiled in a hypocrisy debate over the Slipper and Abbott allegations – she looked more than stupid during the course of the interview – the interviewer Anna Alberici went after her which made Plibersek look more dismissive as the interview went on.

There is another question – does Gillard and her ‘handbag’ brigade hate men … turn this debate around and apply the reverse logic – there is such a thing as misandry – and this could be argued that this very muck looks very a case of the ‘pot calling the kettle black’.

Some of Gillards past lovers have been high profile men, men who were married with families.  She spent time with them and then she left them for unknown reasons.  It might be said that she received something out of these relationships – can her elevation within the ALP be linked to these past relationships?

It this were Hollywood – one might say she had intent and set about sleeping her way to the top … and there is nothing wrong with that if it is the truth.

I’m sure we all have skeletons – but the crux is that the role of PM should be above reproach and anybody with a shady or compromised past, should never have ever been allowed to get near the PM position.

Meanwhile – the Government is in disarray and the process of Government is a background agenda.

Since the Alan Jones – this Government has gone out of its way to make the political debate about personalities and the destruction of persons and not about Government.

Gillard has lost the ability to lead and her female instincts have confirmed the big negative within the electorate and pose further questions about her ability to lead – regardless of whether she is female or not.

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