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EYE-BALL Guru on – Tony Abbott Talks the Talk – but he is on empty when it comes to detail …

October 10, 2012
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– Tony Abbott Talks the Talk –
but he is on empty when it comes to detail –
| Author: EYE-BALL Guru |10th Oct 2012 |
The Opposition Leader spoke to the Australian Grocery Council this morning and gave a press conference shortly thereafter.  He repeated a familiar comment he has been making for some time – a Government he leads will repeal the Carbon Tax.

This is the same talk the ALP Opposition offered up when the GST was introduced by the Howard Government in the 1998 election to take effect in 2000.   Yet the talk to repeal was just that because the ALP never won office until 2007.

Abbott’s committment – an ‘iron clad guarantee’ to use his words – has no detail in how he would accomplish the repeal.

What would be the Legislative process given that this ALP Government has deliberately structured minefields all across the legislation so it would be difficult to repeal?

Where is Abbott’s alternative revenue costings to balance the shortfall from repealing the tax?

Abbott is in election mode and given the fragility of the Government at the moment – that election may well be sooner than later.   Abbott needs to take advantage and create a vision for the future that the electorate can believe and agree with.  He needs to become inspired in positive policies as opposed to being in the same gutter repartee exchanges that the Government wants to engage in.

Abbott also needs to be mindful – Obama won an election and found when he took office in 2008 the Treasury coffers were bare and over extended – and outside and all around him global financial markets were in disarray and it threatened to be the end of a way of life as we knew it.

Some 4 years later he has spent $6 trillion trying to arrest the financial markets and their fallout –  he has increased the US Federal Debt from $10 trillion to $16 trillion thus putting the interest cost of servicing this debt at 25% of GDP.

Obama was unable to do anything about his political promises made before the election and is now being judged as someone who failed in his responsibilities in the job.   What a fickle land we take guidance from.

This has relevance – this ALP Government has increased the National debt to well in excess of $200 billion – up from the $50 billion levels when they took office.

When Abbott says he is going to repeal a tax – the important question he needs to explain is how he going to fund the shortfall?

In fact – Abbott and his Shadow Cabinet should be out there talking economic responsibilities given the IMF’s day old forecast that another GFC collapse is more than a 50% likelihood.

Abbott is doing what every other Opposition offers – all positives and changes from the ‘nasties’ left over from the incumbent Government – look north of the border and see what Campbell Newman has done in QLD since taking office 6 months ago and how the electorate has responded.

Modern politics has nothing to do with economic Management or enlightened policies – it is purely about the political message to get elected and how well you can sell it – in unison with tagging the other side at every opportunity.   For electors it often comes down to not which party you think will do the most good, but wich party will do the most harm

The problem is that these same politicians know what they’re selling is a lie yet they persist to sell the lie anyway.   If any politician tells you they have the answers that are in bed with the devil.   Nobody has the answers to fix the global problems encroaching from all sides.

Neither side of politics understands the resource windfall this Nation has enjoyed for more than a decade is now over.   The Mining Rent Resource Tax (MRRT) was the most ill-timed tax ever introduced and was the death-knell on the resources boom.   Nobody could have called it better.

$100’s of billions penned to be invested in this Nation in mining has be pulled with the high A$ value being the final catalyst to convince off-shore investors to look elsewhere – and elsewhere they have found in Brazil and Africa.

To have any creditability as the alternative PM – Tony Abbott has to rise above what his past persona has delivered.  The alternative in the Opposition ranks – Malcolm Turnbull – has done himself no favours in his unwillingness to engage in any of the debate in the House.

He sits there oblivious to the emotion of the House and refuses to partake.  If he wanted the Leadership – or if he believed he should be the Leader – he should be out there creating a ‘bow-wave’ that people could take notice of.

The Opposition have a $70 billion hole in their costings on already announced policies according to the ALP.  This is where the ALP will gain ground on the economic debate when it becomes engaged.  Abbott needs to sought this mess now – not on the election hustings up against a election timeframe and at a time when Party Policy costings have to be submitted for validation.   He has had two years to sort this mess but has failed to do so.

It appears to outsiders that this Parliament is just meandering in the hope that someone will shoot it and put it out of its misery.   Someone needs to step up and prove they have the vision and the ability to inspire an electorate – Kevin Rudd did it with ‘Kevin 07’, and sadly his demise was plotted and planned long before he was assassinated in June 2010.

Who else in the ALP – there is no heir apparent and anybody who thinks Wayne Swan – I will jump off this screen and belt you myself.

There is a void of capable politicians – not that any of the MP’s would agree.  They are all in love with their honed and polished egos and are surrounded with ‘yes’ parrots who offer nothing but commentary and advice that cheapens the parliamentary process.

Abbott – now is the time to stand tall and show us what you’ve got in reserve that can convince an electorate desperate for Leadership.

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The EYE-BALL Guru …

  1. October 10, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    Hi Eyeball Guru. When you get to my age and have seen as many governments come and go as I have you will get to know the pattern, Liberal Governments build up surpluses through good economic management. Labot gets in, throws money around like drunken sailors, spends the surplus and maxes out the Credit Card, Each new generation is stuck with the huge interest bill, then the Liberals are voted back in and have to wear the odium of harsh policies to get things back under control, and the cycle begins again. As you said, this destructive Green/Labor/Independent(?) abortion of a government have deliberately laid minefields, the extent of which are not yet known. However, a good start for Tony Abbott would be to announce the instant cut-off of all funding to any department or instrumentality that has the words ‘climate change’ in their title. And that’s as likely to happen as a squadron of pig. s flying past.

    We are back to choosing the party which we think will do the least damage and that ain’t Labor under any circumstances even if Julia has found a new word to be able to stand there in”high dungeon’ and spout al ot of “”hyperbowl ” about. She’s not only learnt to spell it she can even say it right – Tony Abbott is a misogynist sexist pig despite what his wife and three lovely daughters think of him! Maybe she’s got a chance at a U.N job yet!! she’d fit right in with that bunch of overpaid egotistical crooks!!

  2. October 10, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    Well said –

    The EYE-BALL opinion will be posting shortly on the topic – “The Misogynist v Misandrist debate –
    – there can be no winner and Society loses”

    cheers … Guru.

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