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EYE-BALL Opinion – Gillards Culpability – On the ropes but nobody is game to deliver the knockout blow… –


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– Gillards Culpability –
– On the ropes but nobody is game to deliver the knockout blow… –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 6th Oct 2012 |
T he arrest of Michael Williamson of HSU fame this week has led to the first of what promises to be many shocks and after shocks for the Union movement.

To watch a ‘SMH’ video of a statement made by the Police outlining the allegations and charges against Mr Williamson – please use this link.

‘The Australian’ ran a story today about the ‘Trust’ fund set up by the HSU and under Michael Williamson’s control, and whose purpose was to fund election and re-election campaigns.   The source of funds for this ‘Trust Fund’ came from HSU members.  The story can be read below – it’s an important story.

Unionist in HSU fund freeze bid

| Author: Ean Higgins | Date: 6th Oct 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

A FORMER senior Health Services Union official has launched court action to freeze a $400,000 slush fund under the effective control of Michael Williamson.

The move comes a day after NSW police Strike Force Carnarvon arrested Mr Williamson and charged him with orchestrating the destruction of documents and computer files in an alleged bid to cover up cronyism and corruption in his branch.

Gerard Hayes, the NSW divisional secretary of the HSU’s East branch until it was placed in administration in June, yesterday filed an application with the NSW Supreme Court which also seeks an order that Mr Williamson be removed as trustee of the fund.

The HSU Officers Election Fund Trust was established in 1997 by Mr Williamson and his allies to support their ticket at election campaigns. Such funds, if devoted to any one ticket in what will be a bitterly fought three-way contest for control of the NSW branch, could be decisive.

Mr Hayes yesterday told The Weekend Australian that now the HSU East had been broken up by the Federal Court into NSW and Victorian branches, and Mr Williamson’s single-faction control eroded, it would be unfair for the trust to fund any one grouping.

“The interests and the context of the fund are no longer there,” Mr Hayes said.

His application seeks to have the fund’s assets frozen, then distributed among its contributors and the trust wound up.

Strike Force Carnarvon claim Mr Williamson, a former ALP federal president, recruited five others to thwart the police investigation, and that he attempted to smuggle out materially relevant documents during a raid on HSU East headquarters in May.

Mr Williamson is on bail to appear in court later this month.

Mr Hayes is standing for secretary of the NSW branch at next month’s ballot. Two other tickets are running: one headed by hospital administrator Katrina Hart who is a friend of HSU national secretary Kathy Jackson and another led by Bob Hull.

It is widely held in union circles that Mr Hull is Mr Williamson’s preferred successor.

Ms Jackson alleged that Mr Williamson, who controlled the union for 15 years, would regard Mr Hull as someone through whom he could continue to exert influence. It was reported yesterday that the car in which Mr Williamson allegedly tried to remove a suitcase of documents before he was intercepted by police was owned by Mr Hull.

The four trustees of the slush fund are Mr Williamson, Mr Hayes, former HSU East assistant general secretary Peter Mylan and former HSU official Kerrie Seymour.

In a recent email seen by The Weekend Australian about the slush fund, Mr Williamson said he was writing on behalf of himself, Mr Mylan and Ms Seymour and that the trustees had not supported returning the funds to contributors. Mr Hull did not respond yesterday to calls or texts.

He recently said he was not allied to Mr Williamson and is running an independent ticket, but thought the trust should back the candidates supported by a majority of beneficiary contributors. Mr Williamson declined to comment yesterday.

There can be no greater corporate crime than for Management to defraud those who placed their trust in the same Management.  Mr Williamson will go to jail for his 20 odd years of corrupt behaviour … but not for as long as he should.   The members will never get back the reported $20 million he stripped to use for his own personal slush fund.

How many other HSU union heavyweights received benefits from Williamson to keep him in the position as an elected representative of the HSU Union?   How many other Unions operated the same way – this should be the questions this Government is asking and talking about among themselves.

Hang on – why would they when they know the answers already – most of them come from Union backgrounds and were most probably involved in similar type practices because that is how the Unions operate.

Hang on again – PM Gillard was involved in a similar scam as a Slater & Gordon lawyer who helped set up a ‘slush-fund’ for an AWU heavyweight – she was bonking the guy at the time and reportedly having his baby.  Yet with that scandal hanging around her neck she was still able to become our un-elected Prime Minister.

Bill Shorten came from the same AWU era as the PM and he is aware of all this history and more – and as Minister for Industrial Relations and directly linked to the Unions – he should be the one to cry ‘foul’ and ignite the reasoning to instigate a Royal Commission into all Unions and their ‘slush-fund’ type activities.

This story is a part of the toxic release emanating from this Government.   The Union movement has evolved as a part of Australia’s heritage and many good things have benefited the worker as a result of Union activities.

But it is time – time the workers received a fair ‘shake of the tree’ when it comes to this HSU scandal and how widespread the ‘slush-fund’ type activities have encroached within all the other Unions.  The Unions are now ruled by a past that intimidates any of the Union members from speaking out against the way the Union is managed.  It is time to give the members a helping hand, and to hand back to them a true democratic process for the election of their representatives.

This is an example of how people like Williamson and his ‘heavies’ have been able to carry out the fraud for as long as he has.   Federal MP Craig Thompson is entrenched in the ‘filtered’ cash dispersals that form a part of this fraud, and that in itself should have bene enough for this Government to act sooner.

It was the Craig Thompson scandal that turned attention to the HSU in the first place over 12 months ago.   The Police investigation commenced Aug 2011 and have now laid charges.

This delay has allowed all the other Unions to prepare for any future investigation or Royal Commission and as a result – any incrimination evidence will have long been destroyed.   This Government has allowed this to happen through its inaction when it should have been out from the outset trying to clean up the Unions in the first place.

In fact – Williamson was caught in the act of destroying and removing incrimination documents from the Union headquarters when Police made their first raid.  Do you not think all the other Unions involved in the same type of practices have now used this delayed process to destroy any evidence of wrongdoing in the time since.   Surely they are not that stupid!

Gillard knows full well from her association and involvement in the AWU scandal in the early 90’s how Union bosses set up ‘slush funds’ for so called re-election purposes.   In fact she attended a house auction with her boyfriend who purchased a house in his and another’s name with so called ‘slush fund’ union funds.

Gillard has always been aware of what is involved in the Craig Thompson affair.  She has been forced to support his continuation in the House else the Union ‘house of cards’ would crumble on her watch.

Bill Shorten is another who owes his position in Parliament to his Union connections as a former AWU President.   The call should have come from his office to fully investigate all Unions and how the members contributions and funds are accounted for – to have sat on the fence as he has draws its obvious conclusions.

There is nothing in this ‘Gillard house of ill-repute’ that does not release a toxic stench that all of Australia is forced to inhale.   It gives weight in the belief that humans don’t mind the smell of their own shit.  (See www.poopreport.com for some answers.)

As this HSU case will unfold in an election year with the Craig Thompson matter still to be heard – Gillard knows that her time remaining is measured.   Just what further destruction Gillard and her Cabinet engineers in that time frame, with their self-destruct attitude to win the next election at any cost – will be the legacy we will all be reminded by in time.

A sign of a good Leader is to know when it is time to leave – you would think that Gillard would have long ago realised her fate, and if she had any respect for the office of the PM, and was truly aware of her ‘duty of care’ to all Australians – she would be gone already.

When someone won’t go willingly – then there are limited options in our form of Government – in fact if the caucus had any balls they should have done what must be done.   Their shame is that they all want to keep their jobs and that self-interest priority is what’s wrong with our form of democracy.

The will of the people has been and continues to be ignored and has been so for two odd years.  Gillards popularity has been hovering around the 30% all that time and if that has not motivated the Caucus to take action – then their role in the process of democracy has failed all Australians.

If the media can be trusted to do their job and hold this Government to account – the call for a Royal Commission into all Unions and how members funds are accounted for should be a priority.   The resistance argument for the Government will be about the due process of law and how a Royal Commission during the Williamson and HSU court proceedings might pose a conflict.

Shite – I say to that …

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. Gerry Hatrick
    October 6, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    The whole union fund imbroglio goes to the very heart of electoral funding. The hard dollars donated to a political party expressly for re election purposes, and the soft dollars that are available to the politicians to further their image, win endorsement, obtain safe seats, stack branches, circumvent the ideals of democracy. Debase the very precepts of government of the people, for the people.

    Is there a solution?

  2. Radical Action
    October 6, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    Shoot the fu**in’ lot of them, burn them at the stake, hang them from the yardarm, just get rid of them by foul or fair. Do the same with the next bunch who step up as well. They’re sure to have been corrupted from the same pig trough, snouts and all.

    There is little to warm the cockles in any of this bunch of overreachers. Bring on a Dictatorship, let’s have the revolution.

  3. hillbilly33
    October 6, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    This is what we’re up against.

    We’ll act to keep PM in her job, says union.
    Authors: Phillip Coorey, Lenore Taylor | 21st July 2012

    AS SPECULATION about Julia Gillard’s hold on the prime ministership intensifies, the bosses of one of the nation’s largest trade unions have pledged to support her.

    Paul Howes, the national secretary of the Australian Workers Union, and Bill Ludwig, its national president, insist the union will play an active role to shore up her leadership if necessary.

    In 120 years the AWU has never run dead on the leadership of the ALP and it never will, Mr Howes told the Herald.“To say that we are neutral on the leadership is pure fantasy. We are 110 per cent behind Prime Minister Julia Gillard and that will never change.

    Mr Ludwig said the union remained solid in its support for Ms Gillard. “We have always backed her as prime minister. That has not changed at all and it will not. Anonymous sources who say otherwise are wrong plain and simple.

    (And there are still gullible people and rusted-on Labor voters in Australia who think they have a say in who gets to be a Labor Prime Minister)!!

    Bill Ludwig groomed Gillard to be where she is and she is helping to shield and/or reward all the other AWU and political crooks who helped her. It was he who organised the “mating” of an ambitious female lawyer with political ambitions from the Victorian left faction, with his anointed Right faction golden boy Bruce Wilson. A “politics/Union” marriage made in heaven. When Gillard enabled her boyfriend to access the unlimited cash available from a benevolent (to Unions)dodgy Labor Government everything looked rosy. One disastrous (for them) thing happened. One of the few honest men in the Union movement came along in the form of Ian Cambridge! Disaster for Wilson but only a temporary setback for his main accomplice sailed on with the support of all her fellow crooks in the AWU and the Union movement in general!

    Don’t forget the part being played by her creation the FWA – Full Whitewash Association. Toss in a few judicial appointments and there are big bikkies involved. There used to be a saying for unbelievable inexplicable happenings – only in America.

    That’s now become – Only In Australia, but she will get her come-uppance very soon IMHO!!

  4. October 6, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    Well Said … I had read the story and at the time it was fuel on the fire as the AWU scandal was building.

    Paul Howes has been quiet since and did a Womens Weekly interview since …

    Cheers Harry HD.

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