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EYE-BALL Opinion – Abbott’s Desperation … he thinks it’s a popularity contest …


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– Abbott’s Desperation  –
– he thinks it’s a popularity contest –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 5th Oct 2012 |
T he Opposition Leader has become desperate for popularity as his poll numbers slide since the ALP started to attack his ability to get on with women.

It was the lowest of low blows by the ALP to target Abbott and claim that ‘he had a problem with women’.

You tell me anybody who does not have a problem with women.  Even women have problems with other women.

The ALP’s slur tactics also show their own desperation – Gillard has lead weight around her and the ALP caucus need look no further than within to find the reasons they are on the nose.

Abbott’s greatest fear is losing the election everyone believes he should win in a landslide.  Labor have nothing to lose and the Coalition everything to lose.

From that perspective the pollsters have meat in their lunches everyday trying to pick the next media cycle where either Party has a ‘cock-up’.   Albanese lost more creditability over his the Alan Jones rant – Jones was not speaking on behalf of Abbott when he made his ‘ashamed’ comments.

Today Abbott trotted out his wife to try and reverse the poll numbers – big mistake Tony.   It makes you look weak hiding behind a womans skirt.

Mind you – in the House your performance in dueling with the PM has also made you look out of your depth.   We want a Leader Tony and while your play hide and seek with the electorate in your $70 billion ‘black-hole’ – and hold back policy initiatives – the electorate will remain on the sidelines.

We want the ‘bitch’ gone but will only elevate you if you stand up and show us something that resembles Leadership.   Right now Turnbull looks a far better option if he has learnt something from the Gordon Gretch affair.   His opportunities in the House are so limited with his opposite sitting in the Senate – he rarely shifts from his front bench position to interject or ask a question.

I’ve written to him several times over ongoing matters with Telstra and his responses have been completely off-topic and pedantic.  One of his staffers came back and asked me for a copy of the ministers response before he would pen his own response to a request.

So – right at this moment I have reservations about Turnbull’s ability to inject himself and show some statesman like qualities.

Looking at the whole of the Opposition Front Bench and they are all less than qualified – Hockey in Treasury –  for him not to have make Swan look like a fool from the Opposition side of the chamber he shows a distinct lack of understanding of all things financial.   Morrison on Immigration – Bowen has made such monumental stuff-ups and the parliamentary score is still neck and neck.

The Bishop handbags – ‘Beehive’ Bronwyn and ‘Botox’ Julie, and the seemingly cross-eyed Kelly O’Dwyer,  well I reserve my comments of these MP’s who happen to be female for risk of being branded a ‘misogynist sexist nutjob’.

Forget the popularity Tony – your will never have it much the same way Howard never had it in his first 20 odd years of Politics.   It was only through doin’ and doing the job that he won Australia over – and that was only because the other side dillied and dallied between Crean, Latham, and Beazley trying to find a Leader that could work with all the factions.

Rudd’s rise only came because the Unions realised they needed a non-unionist as their Leader to win Government, but it was always a part of the plan to get rid of him as soon as possible after they won Government.

Tony – the Nation needs an inspired visionary – someone who can sell the electorate a dream of a future far divorced from where we are headed.  The dream has to be creditable and fully costed and funded.   All you have offered is a ‘role-back’ agenda and it won’t sell.  The GST roll-back never worked for the ALP in trying to win the election after the GST was introduced in 2000.

Learn for history Tony – you will remember the Hanson crucifixion – that won’t help you win the votes of women and will always haunt you.   Accept your persona – you are intelligent – a Rhodes scholar – so you have to have the smarts one would think.  Well start telling your advisors to shut the fuck up and start connecting in a smarter way.

We want to get rid of this – ‘worst Government in living memory’,  but it will only happen if you give ALP supporters reason to vote for you.   All your policies appeal to your base – you have to make them appeal to the ALP base as well if you want their votes.

Stand up Tony and be ‘the man’ – not a handbag holder hiding behind your wife in a battle to prove you don’t have problems with women.

Their all bitches when pushed and I am yet to meet one that thinks logically in any heated exchange.

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