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EYE-BALL Opinion – The Vacuum of Politics – do they ever listen to or watch replays of themselves?

September 25, 2012

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– The vacuum of Politics –  –
– do they ever listen to or watch replays of themselves? –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 25th Sept 2012 |
T he ABC Lateline program last Friday (21st Sept ’12 – linked here) – had ALP Trade Minister Craig Emerson up against the Coalitions Health spokesperson Peter Dutton.

Emma Alberici  hosted the program and she never got a straight answer to a single question.   She would have been happy with that because Emerson and Dutton made fools of themselves under her spooning.

The broadcast interview went for almost 18 mins and to sit through the whole of the linked broadcast above – you can only conclude that these Parliamentarians live in a vacuum divorced from reality.

If they were to watch their own performances and mark a score card that included, civility, direct responses, policy initiatives on the positive side, and then on the negative side including headings such as – contempt, rudeness, mis-direction, ineptness, failures to answer questions and the like – then the resulting scorecard would make them hang their heads in shame.

How dare they present themselves as Politicians with Australia’s interest’s at heart.  The interview degenerated into a point scoring contest over which Leader had been vilified worst by the opposite side.

If this happened on a schoolyard playground where name-calling and threatening gestures were the weapons of choice – then these two idiots would be spending time in detention.   And the stupidity of it all – the media thinks it makes for good television viewing!   Please use the link above to make up your own mind.

Craig Emerson is a acknowledged former sexual partner of the current PM, so his support is not out of loyalty, but a yearning to get another crack at his Leader.   The ‘affair’ ended his marriage and he is so afflicted with infatuation and lust for his former lover – he will defend her at any cost to his own creditability.  Remember the ‘Whyalla’ music stunt a few months ago?

On the other hand – Dutton is a lightweight in a very marginal electorate throwing barbs looking to create a response from Emerson – all to advance his own electoral appeal for the next election.  His comment about Emerson’s relationship being ‘more than loyalty’, hit home and Emerson responded like any lap-dog.   Dutton bought nothing to the table on Opposition policy or initiatives.

The interview only highlighted why Australians have every reason to be frightened over the future of this Nation.   The ship is without a Captain, and is headed over a cliff in the near future unless some reality can be injected.

China’s demand for resources will be ongoing as Emerson declares – what the silly fool does not understand that with the A$ at its current levels, the Chinese will buy their needs from Brazil and other cheaper Nations that China have been investing in.

Just how dumb does a Politician have to be to get elected.

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