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EYE-BALL Opinion – At the Risk of being called a Misogynist Sexist Nutjob Blogger – Women in Politics is the greater risk …

September 25, 2012

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– At the Risk of being called –
– a misogynist Sexist nutjob Blogger –
Women in Politics is the greater risk …
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 25th Sept 2012 |
T he ABC’s Q&A on Monday last – (23rd Sept – linked on ABC IView here) – proved to me once and for all that women in power have no idea how to respond to their Parliamentary responsibilities when placed under pressure from more intelligent persons.

ALP Health Minister Tanya Plibersek, and the Coalition’s MP Kelly O’Dwyer went on the Q&A show with a deep resentment for each other.  Their performances confirmed this resentment and demonstrated the evidence that ‘contempt’ within women is a related and emotive example of how dangerous it is to leave Australia’s governance in the hands of women.

It takes an extra ordinary man to become a leader and worthy of the Prime Minister position.  It will take a similar processed women to fill the same role.   Our current PM is not someone who is extra ordinary given her alleged criminal history, and in the way she attained the Prime Minister position.

Margaret Thatcher proved she was a Leader above most men, and her actions were justified when she challenged for the Leader of the Opposition before she became PM at the next General election.  Her 11 years of reign proved she was more than capable.  Other Women Leaders in western Democracies are few in comparison, in fact Germany’s Merkel and our own PM are the only examples that come to mind.

As a contrast to Thatcher – PM Gillard used men she slept with to help her gain the PM position, and her 2+ years in the job has shown her to be completely out of her depth when it comes to depth of character needed to lead a Nation.  Her policies are ‘shoot from the hip’ style, and her communist background dictates her social reform policies – throwing money at the electorate is her way of winning a popularity contest.   She acts as if she is in a ‘beauty contest’ trying to bribe the judges.

Throughout the Q&A show you could actually see Kelly O’Dwyer thinking how she was going to land a sucker punch on Plibersek.  When her attempts failed and the audience all but booed her – she changed tack and tried to utter short witticisms to re-engage the audience in her favour.   It was pathetic.

It was obvious from Plibersek’s behaviour that she knew she had O’Dwyer on the ropes – she played with her and in the eyes of women and behavioural traits – she enjoyed the toying with her opposite.   Her ‘bitchiness’ was evident and in a mans world, both these women tried their hardest to compete.

The presenter Tony Jones, allowed to women on the panel to flounder and this suggests his allegiances as well.

Within this debate and public appearance, both women are serving in our Parliament, one a Minister, the other an MP who took over Peter Costello’s seat as a staffer to Peter Costello.  Her inexperience was obvious and she will have to learn so more very expensive lessons if she is to survive at the next election.

The performance of both these women made me think that Women serving in the vacuum that is Politics, i.e. operating in an environment where media perception is everything, women’s ‘claws’ can be easily exposed.

Monday’s Q&A was a perfect example of how women’s traits transcends the bigger question – can women truly be leaders of men – when all men do is view them as sexual beings.   The women play their part in this ‘selling’ of themselves – the makeup, the styling, the lip gloss, all done with the intention of presenting sexist message.   Grooming of all politicians is essential in the modern media focus.   For women this will always defer to their ‘too much or ‘too little’ makeup and conservative dress style.   That is still a sexist presentation.

The larger question I ask – does that mean that male MP’s are ‘pussy’ whipped within the framework of Parliament with respect to the current PM, and her ‘handbag’ Cabinet wielding upon the electorate the current version of Gillard’s Leadership style.

The compassionate side of women was also exposed on the Q&A performance from Plibersek when she spoke of Indian boys sewing football stitches – but she is a professional media manipulator who knew there was value in offering her soft side out there – it came across as obvious.

Other panelists – Venture Capitalist Mark Carnegie, Novelist Elliot Perlman, and American Futurist Jason Silva were engaging and made the two female politicians look absolutely second-rate and out of their depth in the larger issues discussed.

In fact the thought provoking ideas of these three men as a collective made the women look stupid.  The women tried to package their comments in a political context – whereas the men spoke freely without a secondary agenda.   It was refreshing, as well and informative.

I don’t hold a lot of respect for any politician, male or female.   So in the context of the comments above – both Plibersek and O’Dwyer would never get my vote ahead of the other three panelist’s.

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