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EYE-BALL Opinion – Alas, Hedley Thomas has returned – Not to Sink Gillard, but to sink Campbell Newman’s Wivenhoe Dam coverup –

September 25, 2012

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– Alas, Hedley Thomas has returned –
– Not to Sink Gillard, but to sink Campbell Newman’s Wivenhoe Dam coverup –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 25th Sept 2012 |
T he hope that the Australian National Correspondent Hedley Thomas was off on some deep research to further the AWU scandal involving PM Julia Gillard has come unstuck.

It has been a month – 25th Aug – since I wrote a post titled – “Hedley Thomas – Australian Hero –  Journalist story calls media to account”.

In the time since Hedley Thomas had not filed a story that I could find.  And then today he writes a story titled – “Why Campbell Newman has a billion reasons to airbrush the floods ‘facade'”

I so wanted him to be off doing further research into Gillard’s shady AWU past and to come back with a ‘Watergate’ scoop that would trump anything Gillard could offer as a defence.

The evidence to charge her with criminal actions is already out there – but as the PM everybody has hesitated – and the media are under a threat of exposure of a larger crime and conspiracy to not keep reporting on the story.

Not that the Campbell Newman story is not worthy – Thomas originally broke the story and won a Walkely Award for his reporting last year on the Brisbane Floods coverup by Wivenhoe Dam engineers.

This new article further damages the QLD Government and what they will do to avoid large compensation payouts to victims of the flood damage.

It would seem the ‘hero’ story about Hedley Thomas was false bravado on my part looking for the ‘smoking gun’ to sink this criminal PM.

WIth three devastating scandals, Peter Slipper, Craig Thompson and now PM Gillard, electoral creditability for the current Government, and the Opposition for their lack of penetration given the ammunition the ALP have gifted them, means that we voters are being short changed on many levels by our Leaders.

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