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EYE-BALL Guru on – The “Window” of life nobody wants to look through –

September 12, 2012
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– The “Window” of life nobody wants to look through –
| Author: EYE-BALL Guru |12th Sept 2012 |
The WORLD’s Financial Markets and it’s capacity to absorb more debt is as close to collapse and exhaustion as it has ever been – or ever could be.

The WINDOW to this knowledge is there right there in front of us – very few dare to look into the WINDOW … and even fewer even acknowledge the WINDOW exists.America (USA) is a conundrum of statistics – they keep historical data for everything and when used as a measure, whatever positives come from the analysis of these numbers is also weight down by the negatives that become exposed in times of turmoil and economic desperation.

To serve the purpose of both the author of this message, and the deliver of that message,  the Chart below is a rare glimpse of what you will see when you look into the WINDOW of what lies ahead, and from whence we have come.   [Click on image to enlarge in a new window.]

This TABLE of Data is many things – is shows US population growth over 110 years in decade snapshots.  It shows percentage growth decade on decade, and it shows the value of the US Debt in alignment with those decade reviews.

But the most important data revealed is the growth of the dollar value owed by each and every US citizen also in a decade on decade matchup with population growth and public debt growth.

To many people these numbers in alignment would mean absolutely nothing – but to any experienced observer of economic data and financial well-being – they paint a picture.   Rather than glance at the picture as most people do – if you were to look at the detail as you would a masterpiece of art – the data reveals horrifying and stark realities that will give nightmares to anybody who understands the data.

For example –

  1. A review of the US debt balances shows that there was only one decade period where US debt decreases decade on decade.  That was the period 1920 – 1930.   A review of this decade shows that in each of the 10 years – the debt was reduced steadiely.To view the source data of the above chart and the individual years of US debt – please use this link.

    This period covered prohibition, the emergence of ‘bootlegging’ and ‘organised crime’, and in the late 20’s i.e. 1929 – the stock market crashed and so began the 1920’s era depression that was only ended after WWII in 1945.

  2. America has been a very generous Nation on many fronts over many decades – the least of all being their immigration intake.   Their policy is reflected in the decade on decade growth performance of the US population.  Link to US Population Numbers  used in above chart.In the debate engaged in this Nation (Australia) over immigration and asylum seekers i.e. boat people, a lesson could be learned from America and how immigration has allowed that Nation to prosper and grow as a Society embracing culturism and its positives.

    In recent decades this policy has been challenged by the ‘terrorist’ debate and cost.Look at the chart and see the generosity America offered the world – and then ponder the 45 million displaced persons with no Nation and nowhere to go.The debate on population that needs to happen is a debate that no Nation wants to engage on – that being global population ceiling. One looks to the world and seeks all the unsustainable population growth is occurring in third world Nations, most of which cannot sustain their existing population.

    The other glaring statistic is that this growth is mainly happening in ‘muslim’ Nations.

    So you put an oversupply of displaced persons – mainly of muslim heritage, all looking for asylum in Western Nations – and with a terrorist history since Sept 2011, and a ‘muslim’ chant – ‘death to all Westerners’ – being heard loud and clear – what is the world to do on this issue?

  3. The other column that clarifies detail in this TABLE is the column headed – ‘Debt per head of population’. Every American now owes US$51.5k if the responsibility of the US Federal Government Debt was placed upon the American citizens to repay. Every new born enters the US with a debt owed of US$51k. When the size of ‘DEBT’ is seen on the decade on decade growth – no one in their right mind could ever see the trend being reversed in any near term projection.In a nutshell – the Western World natives believe they are owed a living and a lifestyle. Decades of propaganda about just how good these Nations have it when compared with less fortunate Nations have allowed Governments and those spreading the message of prosperity to keep that illusion alive.

    In the last 30 years that has been achieved by consecutive Governments avoiding the responsibility of ‘balanced budgets’, and in the telling of the truth to the Nations people.   DEBT has been the ‘grease’ that has allowed the Western World to live far beyond their means for the last 40 years.Government Leaders – and in the present our PM Julia Gillard and her Cabinet saying that because we have a better balance sheet that those considered our closest neighbours and allies, should be the reason to be positive about going into more debt, is the ‘devil incarnate’ alive and well and living within our society.The ‘fatness’ in our bureaucracy has made our Leaders complacent and lazy.  They care more about their pensions and perks than about the plight and heading the Global economy is being directed to.DEBT is the enemy and for 40 years Banks have said – ‘whatever you want we’ll give it to you.’  

    These days – the ‘too big to fail’ call on the US super Banks, and the big 4 in Australia have allowed them to fatten their wallets beyond what they can carry. The GFC created the ‘too big to fail’ stop-loss position of Governments and the Banks still consider themselves above regulation and are now able to intimidate Governments into bailing them out when they make mistakes.

    The total indebtedness of the US when Federal debt value, is added to the individual debt of US States, the Municipalities, and the US equity market debt is added to the mix.

All this from a ‘Table of Data’ you might say – I say it is a WINDOW and the view from that WINDOW is an honest view. Take a long look at the detail and in your own mindset let the numbers and context dwell for a while. Whilst the view is honest – the image is gut wrenching when you ponder our children and their children’s future.

We did this to ourselves – we extended our desires and wants beyond whatever the Romans did some 2000 odd years ago. A thousand years of rule crumbled then when wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony became a part of their way of life. It is so again – and nobody wants to put the WINDOW view in the frame. Nobody can look too long at the detail because the vision makes our guilt burn from the inside.

Our Leaders are blind and will not look at the Window from the same perspective they we are forced to view.

It is time for a revolution – it is time to burn the Leaders who act like drunken pigs with their snouts fully engorged in sloth and being gluttonous.

Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

The EYE-BALL Guru …

  1. David the Pragmatist.
    September 13, 2012 at 9:26 am

    Oh Wo! is me
    What a miserable response. All you see is doom and darkness. If you were living in a cave and said the rain is going to come through the ceiling, what could you do about it.
    The negatives that you implore are a refection of personal misery and should not be passed on as a contagion. You are probably right but what good will that do. Mankind only ever learns in ways that ultimately allow it to walk a few paces forward, before a leap back.

    As long as human beings exist in the level of greed, lust and the rest of the deadly sins(its called being human) then disaster will never be far from us.This will not change to evolution takes another leap forward, that leap forward maybe 10000 years away after the last attempt we made to get it right. I would suggest that we can go forward from here. BUT in the meantime live life bountifully and do unto others as you would have done unto to you and your karma will control (you have no real understanding of fate, Neither do I!) your future direction.
    When I have told you this before you misinterpret that, to living life like a monk or a priest in some sort of sufferance for our sins. This is not my advocacy, you/we will continue to have transgressions and make mistakes that will make it impossible to follow that order but we will never the less, attempt/ try to do the best we can.

    Just keep trying and take away the “Boo Boo Bear” and replace it with a bit of ” Yogi”.

  2. September 13, 2012 at 10:37 am

    A day after the above post was published, I received a link to a blog that has direct relevance. Check it out here:

    This link presents a story of the 1920-1930 US Debt era and how the Government approached the debt spiral post WWI – it is illumination reading.

    In the contextual comment above by David the Pragmatist – he is obviously someone who likes to see the world as half-full, rather than ‘half-empty’. It is a subjective debate and whilst David is aware of my ‘bearish’ position for the last 25 odd years – all proven to be wrong I might add as each crisis has developed and then recovered – the truth is that I will be right at some time. I say that time is now and the ‘recoveries’ of all the previous market crisis’ over the 25 year span in question – have all been adverted by Governments printing more money.

    The Global economy has cancer – and the postponement of death by ‘DEBT’ creation is a false belief in reality. The story above is an attempt to give the ‘cancer’ patient i.e. the World – a fair and reasonable prognosis. As Assange would say – don’t shoot the messenger if the message is un-nerving.

    I hope for my children and grandchildren that they will have the same and improved opportunities previous generations had, and that Governments will find a way to navigate the WORLD out of this man-made financial overburden threatening to crash down upon the financial system. But I don’t see it – I don’e believe the Political Leadership has the knowledge to avert what is ahead. They also do not have the will and will only find that will when the people begin to revolt and show dissent – and this is already beginning to happen all around the world.

    The link above to the 1920’s solution in a message where lessons can be learnt – the problem is that Politicians place more stock in re-election rather that the decisions needed to fix the economies.

  3. david the pragmatist
    September 13, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    to the tune of Don Mclean’s Vincent hum the following; “your not listening ‘your not listening son” “this world is not meant for some as bearish as you”
    The world will go on and the pain will be more for some and less for others’ lets hope we are not the ones and not the cause of the others.
    I look forward to a world without threats, I wonder how many lives I have to live to see such an end. I hope your there with the rest of us..

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