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EYE-BALL Opinion – Afghanistan – A Soldiers Sacrifice – a bottomless pit of Sacrifices –



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– Afghanistan – A Soldiers Sacrifice  –
–   a bottomless pit of Sacrifices –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 31st Aug 2012 |
T he history of conflict by outsiders in Afghanistan – is a history that is an undeniable fact, written in soldiers blood, and steep in acknowledged failure.

For Western Nations to try and sell a belief to Afghan troops, and the indigenous population that they can change Afghani culture in a fraction of a generation – is a true indication to what lengths Western Nations will do to try and prove themselves right.

With the news of another five (5) deaths of soldiers serving in Afghanistan – taking the total to 38 since the conflict began a decade ago – see linked list here – the ADF casuality list included wounded linked here – it is time to tell a few truths to our Government Leaders who would rather see more sacrifices than face a reality they already know.

Three of the deaths this week came from what is called ‘green on blue’ killings.   Trainee troops murdering their instructors.

The troops Australian soldiers are training are Afghan – they have a centuries old indigenous culture our Political Leaders do not understand.  When one of these troops shoots three of their instructors – the reasons have to be understood before they can be dealt with.

What are Australian troops trying to do in Afghanistan – change a culture, or impart knowledge in how to be a soldier living in Afghanistan.   For to do one – is to not understand the other.

This is not the first ‘green on blue’ murders of Australian troops.  As a result of past deaths Australian soldiers are now wearing bullet proof vests and have an armed officer at the ready patrolling in the background to offer protection of needed.

It is most likely these soldiers were killed by head shots at close range in a rapid fire exchange and the fact that the Afghan soldier was able to escape would also indicate he had assistance from inside.

Can you imagine the reluctant circumstances these Australian soldiers are forced to work in?

In doing their duty in a far off land where the value of a life is different to the way any of us value a life – they are duty bound to enter the training grounds on a daily basis with live ammunition in the weapons held by their trainees and be expected to train these raw troops – always thinking that one of them could turn and take their life.

What unimaginable horror – do you think Political Leaders can understand those working conditions.

Let us view this as a domestic context example – the Prime Minister of Australia and all of the Cabinet are living with the real and proven threat of daily assassination – these Ministers know the threat was real – and yet they have to go out into the fray every day and risk their life doing their job – yet they know someone who is physically close to them is the trigger man/woman.

Some might say that they do that already in the context of political survival – but imagine if it was real death they faced – the loss of their life on a daily basis.

How many politicians would go to work every day under those conditions?  Do you think the Government has any appreciation of what these Australian soldiers are enduring?

Talking about the loss of a soldiers life is a skillful task – our Leaders do it well – but within five minutes of speaking to a Nation about the loss of a soldier – do you think that soldier’s death and the loss it represents to their family is a part of that Politicians after thoughts?

These trainee Afghan soldiers – are they willing, are they understanding of what is happening in their Nation, are they educated, are they impoverished and that be the reason they have signed up, or are they Taliban insurgents pretending to be something they are not?

These and many more questions have to be answered before Australian troops can be allowed to share barracks, and befriend these troops with armed munitions on a training field.

There is a vetting process for the Afghan troops – how deep are the background checks where there is no real public records unless you’ve been arrested, or targeted in the past.

Russia tried to tame this raw Nation decades ago and limped home defeated – shortly thereafter down came the wall.   If Allied troops pull out of Afghanistan with their tail between their legs – how would that be viewed by the rest of the world?

Is that the reason we are still there?

This was a war started by America and based on a lie – Australia was conscripted and Howard was all to eager to help out his ‘good mate’ GW Bush Jnr Howard was sold on the WMD deception and lie.   What does that make Howard?

We are there in Afghanistan because of a Political friendship – we are there based on a lie – (and before I acknowledge the screams – yes it was Iraq that America and Coalition troops committed to –  they what the fuck are we doing in Afghanistan?)

We are out of out depth in the guerilla style of fighting the Afghan population have been fighting all their lives – as did the generations of the past.  Is it pride that prevents us from saying we were wrong?

Are we there to monitor the herion trade – the oil beneath the mountains – or to prove a point?

The good propaganda being sold to us all would have us believe Afghani children are being educated with schools being built and aid given to Afghan Government supporters at every corner.  The West is trying to buy the loyalty of the Afghan people and for what purpose?

How condescending that must seem to the Afghan people!   We give them material things paid for with at home taxpayers money, and the resident population look at us and say – ‘sure were happy to receive’.  A child being educated by people they do not know or trust – what knowledge can or will they learn?

Australian military personnel are well trained in warfare – our Leaders are not.  A politicians way is not a soldiers way – who is telling or advising who about the job they have been ordered to do in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s contribution to the world is heroin – a drug – an illegal drug in all Western Nations.

In the aftermath of these new senseless soldiers deaths – Australian Political Leadership and Military spokesperson say – ‘we must stay the course’ – the PM invoked the families of these loved soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice when she spoke yesterday on the news of the recent deaths – she said when referring to the dead soldiers families and from conversations she had with them – ‘that want to see the job done’.

This is emotive and self-serving – do you think the loved ones of soldiers who died in a War and based on a lie want to acknowledge a senseless death?

These soldiers were professional soldiers, and their families want to believe that they died for something greater that an unwillingness to admit defeat and that going to War in the first place was a mistake.

What can a final outcome be – that we leave a police force trained as best we could do – to try and police a Nation that does not want to be policed in the ways of the West?   A half-educated Nation in Western ways when an education in how to survive in the raw ruggedness of this Nation is an education in itself?

There has been no clear exit strategy since this War on terrorism began – and lets face it – these wars in far off lands fighting the terrorist or the threat of terrorists – is to make us all feel safer.

Soldiers go to war – it is the place where they do what they’re trained to do – but do you think they really want to go – or do they go because a soldiers duty is to obey orders?

By understanding – the person who gives that Order had better be qualified to accept the total responsibility of that Order.   When that person moves on – then the next Leader who supports the previous Order – also owns the Order and the responsibility.

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