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EYE-BALL Opinion – PM Gillard – do you recall ‘WATERGATE’ – it took Nixon two years to finally crack –


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– PM Gillard: do you recall ‘WATERGATE’  –
–  it took Nixon two years to finally crack –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 27th Aug 2012 |
T he AWU scandal has been alive and on life support for 20 years – lying as if in a coma, occasionally arresting and surfacing only to be put back to sleep in line with the rest of Australia’s apathy.

Many people have known about this scandal – and yet the central player involved Julia Gillard – sits as our Prime Minister.

As the current arrested introspection of 20-year-old events plays itself out in the media – the Prime Minister is able to deflect any toxic slur because hard evidence is still light on, and relying in heresy as opposed to physical evidence.

This recent four-month campaign to embarrass Gillard has advanced the matter more than any previous attempts.   The AWU know there was a fraud but for all of the time lapsed – they have all acted on instructions from Union heavies and stayed silent.

Current AWU secretary Paul Howes has the opportunity to act on behalf of the AWU membership and assist the police with their investigations – yet to date he remains silent and out of the media spotlight.   Howes has a tough choice – be the man that exposes Union corruption – or live with his knowledge – knowing that he did not have the courage to do the right thing for his Union members.

There is good reason – lives are at threat here – or fear for one’s life.

If Howes allows full access and gives evidence to what he knows, can prove, and has been told about the scandal – in addition to the statements/affidavits by Bob Kernohan and Ian Cambridge – then this matter will blow apart the charade PM Gillard hides behind and topple the Government.

Howes was one of the faceless men who put Gillard in the Prime Minister’s chair – will he now turn to his members and do the right thing.  Howes will be remembered no matter what choice he decides.  It is hoped that for the future of Australia and the survival of the Union movement he makes the decent and right judgement call.

As with the ‘Watergate’ scandal – once the evidence begins to appear, there will be no controlling what happens next.   A man or woman’s conscience can be a mysterious thing.  Police investigators know that the thought of being caught or exposed plays havoc with the mind – the longer the thought is active in the mind, particular if it is believe others are talking – the more likely the paranoia endured.

And so it is with this story – those who have helped hide this story will only be too eager to come forth when they know it is only a matter of time before they hear the ‘knock’ – so rather than wait for that knock, they will come forward to try and get the best deal for themselves.

Bruce Wilson and Ralph Blewitt – the apparent biggest beneficiaries of the fraud are already seeking deals – who will be next?

Gillard has shown that anyone who wants to come after her had better be well armed.   She has a closely connected Cabinet  – many of whom are complicit in the same AWU scandal.  Her 1600 employed media scrutiny spread across the Fed Gov Departments work for her and will do her bidding – that is of course unless someone from within decides they cannot live with what they know and comes forward.

A sinking ship is reason for all aboard to take what they can and jump overboard.   If the chinks in Gillard’s bravado show vulnerability – the exudos will be quick and swift.

She has a 3&0 record against the News Ltd press – and still she refuses to issue defamation proceedings – despite her mentioning in last Thursdays Press Conference that the News Ltd story was ‘defamatory’.   The PM has to know that she has to put-up or shut-up on the defamation issue because the more she shy’s away for legal proceedings – the more guilty she looks.

A friend of mine spoke to a group of dog-lovers and raised this story in general conversation – he was stunned at the ignorance to the story – his summation – nobody cares.   That then begs the question – is all the froth and bubble being printed and investigated over this 20-year-old story going to change anything?

Come election day people will make a choice – be it uninformed, or in line with their DNA allegiance and exposures, to their workplace and the conversations they are exposed to about politics.

That begs another question – how do you get the biggest block of uninformed voters to take an interest in Politics?

That group being the 18-28 year olds.   The 60’s slogan – ‘if you’re old enough to fight for your Nation – then you’re old enough to vote’ – was a slogan without real understanding.   Some 50 years later – if anything young people are now more disinterested in Politics than they have ever been.

So if this AWU scandal is to bring any good – i.e. a Royal Commission into Union’s and the use and accountability of Members funds – the Union members have to step up and put pressure on their Union boss’.   The militancy of Union leadership will make that a difficult task.

A current and ongoing research project into Unions is still unable to locate published financial accounts for at least 85% of all ACTU affiliated Unions.

The six months research thus far has revealed a $1 billion per year membership subscriptions and how those funds are accounted for remains a closed shop.

A first installment on this story will be published later this week – but it is struggling to gain traction in its objective to establish how Unions distribute and account for their members funds on an annual basis.

This AWU scandal when all said and done is going to change many things about the Australian political landscape.   It will take many years for the final outcome to be known.   What is sure – the ALP will not be the same Party as it is now when all said and done.

Gillard has to respect history – and she like Nixon will try to stay and ride out the storm – she will fail as did Nixon because all it takes from the electorate’s perspective – is a hint of any wrong doing – as Malcolm Fraser used when he defeated Gough Whitlam after the Kerr dismissal and the new election result.

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