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EYE-BALL Opinion – Misogynist Nutjob’s – Protesters by another name –



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– Misogynist Nutjob’s –
– Protesters by another name –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 24th Aug 2012 |

he PM put a label on her detractors – calling the ‘social media’ bloggers ‘misogynist nutjobs’.

She was defending her character – she was on the ropes – and she came out fighting.  She showed she is made of stern stuff – if she were all good – it would be magnificent and the Australian people would love her for it.

As for the socila media and ‘misogynist nutjobs’ jibe – gone are the days of street protests – much easier to get involved via the internet and so called ‘social media’ outlets.  The ‘nutjob’s’ the PM refers to include this site – and I’d hardly call the authors here ‘nutjob’s, let alone ‘misogynist’s’.   We all love women – are heterosexual, we just don’t like frauds.

Grahame Richardson wrote a ‘candyass’ piece for the Australian overnight and to do it justice in a satirical way – it is pasted below:

Real Julia impresses as she comes out fighting

| Author: GRAHAM RICHARDSON | Date: Aug 24th 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

I DON’T know whether not it was the real Julia who held that press conference yesterday but whatever Julia it was I hope she turns up every day from now until the next election.

Why she didn’t do it last weekend I’ll never know but it was just what the doctor ordered.

Many of Julia Gillard’s supporters will tell you how engaging and natural she can be when no microphones are around. She has real charm, which is why she has such a reputation as a negotiator.

I have experienced a little of this myself and can attest to the truth of it. The problem has been that as soon as a microphone appears her manner of speech alters radically. The odd pauses between words, and sometimes even syllables, are so hard for audiences to accept. I believe they occur because she is being ever careful and too afraid of error. Whatever the cause, this manner makers her seem more remote and less like the person people want her to be.

Maybe it was because she was angry. Maybe it was because she had been goaded into action by a campaign she considered grossly unfair. This time the Prime Minister did what I have been desperately wanting her to do. She took charge. There was a commanding air about her and from the moment she began you knew this was a truly formidable woman.

For an hour or so she took every question and didn’t duck and weave when giving her answers. Eventually she exhausted the assembled journalists, who moved on to other issues.

Some of her anger I can understand. The internet campaign against her has been disgusting. Those responsible for it should hang their heads in shame. The words and images published on the internet have been at a level I have never seen before in relation to a person holding such high office. Nonetheless a journalist of the calibre of Hedley Thomas is not in that category. He has forensically investigated this matter and has produced in this newspaper a welter of information about it that we have never seen before. If the debacle of the Sunday interview with Paul Kelly and Peter van Onselen wasn’t bad enough, those articles virtually every day this week were enough to finally convince her to set the records straight.

It was a week that began so badly for Gillard that the Kevin Rudd supporters began to see real light at the end of their very dark and very long tunnel. To accuse Kelly of taking orders to ask questions about the Slater & Gordon issue was more than stupid – it was crazy. I spoke to senior Labor people who had been rock solid in their support for her and they were badly shaken.

This was another case of poor judgment on her behalf and for maybe 24 to 36 hours it could have become a very serious drama.

Once again, Newspoll rode to the rescue. The 35 per cent first preference vote for Labor was a much-needed tonic the PM received with relish. It showed she was on the right track – the fear campaign was failing, the carbon tax was not having the impact Tony Abbot had promised would occur. While two polls in a row showing an increase in support is hardly evidence of a trend, it sure beat the hell out of more bad news.

The Rudd supporters were all forced to take a deep breath and their campaign is on hold yet again. They can’t keep the campaign going forever as Rudd is unlikely to be willing to wait much past the end of this month. If the polls stay up, the tough lady may yet survive it all.

The intriguing thing about this week were the opposition tactics. Day after day backbenchers got up clutching letters from constituents that included copies of their electricity bills purporting to show massive increases due to the carbon tax. Unfortunately too many of these letters looked to be just plain misguided. The government took great delight in demolishing the claims. The Treasurer spoke to the banker, the deputy headmaster couldn’t understand where the figures had come from etc, etc.

It was meant to associate every nook and cranny of our great land with the horrors of the carbon tax. Instead it just reinforced the fact that the opposition and its leader continue to grossly exaggerate the effects of the tax. When will someone explain to Abbott that a $23 carbon tax is ridiculously high and can be criticised with fact and logic, not hyperbole?

While all these questions were being asked, the opposition chose to completely ignore the Slater & Gordon issue. When asked if she would make a statement to parliament at her press conference, the PM rightly said no. The opposition chose to squib the issue all week and will have no credibility if it tries to raise it again.

What the Prime Minister should have understood long before the revelations of the past week was that innocence is no defence in a situation like this. If you aspire to the top job then every aspect of your life is going to be examined and there is no statute of limitations that applies to the fourth estate. While it can be alleged that her conduct was unprofessional, and in my view it probably was, it would be very difficult to go beyond that.

Virtually every union has a slush fund for its re-election. I knew of the existence of these funds as a child. My father was a union secretary and I know he operated such a fund way back in the 1960s. I doubt if it was dressed up as an association for the noble purpose of workplace reform but I know it existed. I know that union solicitors often did free work for their union clients. These things are not unusual, but at least the PM has admitted she should have at least kept details of the work on an open file.

Given that she never operated the fund and left the relationship as soon as she knew something was very wrong in the way the funds were being administered, the serious allegations now fall pretty flat. I have criticised her reluctance to answer questions but I am more than satisfied with her response. I will speak and write no more on this affair.

As a footnote I would plead with the relevant authorities to ignore the pleas of ex-union official Ralph Blewitt. He says he will tell all if he is granted immunity from prosecution. Having read about how this conman allegedly ripped too many people off and that he allegedly ripped off hundreds of thousands of dollars from this fund, the only thing this grub deserves, if convicted, is a long stay in the cement motel at Her Majesty’s expense.

Graham Richardson is political commentator for the Seven Network and hosts Richo on Sky News at 8pm on Wednesdays.

read more online

Once upon a time I though Richardson had creditability – 12 months ago he predicted Gillard would be gone within 2 months on ABC’s ‘Insiders’ – he as much made the same prediction when he spoke on the Alan Jones 2UE broadcast earlier this week. And now – to add to his delayed prediction opinions – he writes the above article in response to Gillard’s Press Conference yesterday.

He’d marry her if she was so inclined.   Richardson has always had a weakness for the ladies and he is besotted with Julia on the back of a single Press conference.  Talk about ‘blowin’ in the wind’ … if youwere looking for a ‘nutjob’ – Richardson has better credentials than most others.

Richardson couldn’t get out of his own way to make an exception for fellow News journo Hedley Thomas in the above article – an attempt to recover from bagging all the other messengers – Richo you really are a soft-cock.

Richardson is pandering to his own multiple personalities that gel with the different media audiences he makes his living from. Whilst I find him colourful and nostalgic to listen to at times – and do not doubt his past knowledge of the ALP – he’s been gone for 20 years and todays ALP is not what it used to be.

I gave Gillard her dues yesterday after the Press Conference – see linked story here.  But given the aftertaste time to do its work – there still remain many questions that were not asked that still need to be answered.

A question on the Press conference itself – how much time was the Press Gallery given to prep for the conference?

As Tony Jones said last night on ABC”s ‘Lateline’ – Gillard and her minders took the script straight out of a ‘West Wing’ TV series episode, and ran her show the same as did fictional US Presidential nominee Arnie Vinick did after the nuclear plant meltdown in California – it was a ‘shop till you drop’ type press conference and timed and executed to perfection.

It was a gimmick – and it worked well yesterday.  What will work today as the enraged media search for the ‘smoking gun’.

How many people has it fooled?

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  1. Gerry Hatrick
    August 24, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    The PM believes she is the middle ground. So does former Senator and now media jock Graeme Richardson. This is pure ALP brawling. You can not discern the sides. This site says unashamedly it is a former ALP true believer brought into question by ethics and morality. Why did the elected leader get knifed in closed doors in the dead of night?

    Is that the act of a misogynist nut job?

    I for one wish the debate could move to new insight. What does the ACTU believe is the current disbursement of $970 million pa of union subscrpitions? What culture has brought the HSU East branch into such disrepute? If Bruce Wilson is admittedly an unsavoury character, then why is there lack of transparency regarding the entire union lobby base? What can the ALP do to bind the faithful back to collective goals in the future rather than this mindless power grab and endless brawling.

    I most certainly agree with Richardson, the Liberal party are failing badly to engage by not moving on from Carbon Tax. His point on 2 successive polls is also sound. His own past is not without blemish. He will never be considered the voice of reason. He wants people to believe he is the kingmaker. Is that not just a media personality selling himself?

    About Gillard and Slater & Gordon and AWU and Bruce Wilson, the jury is out. Full and fair facts will emerge. Gillard might want to re assess her vitriol if she can’t slience the rumblings once and for all. No one respects a bully! Democratic concepts are about trying to promote that.

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