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EYE-BALL Opinion – The Prime Minister Does not get it – Her Leadership has never been legitimised –


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– The Prime Minister Does not get it –
– Her Leadership has never been legitimised –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 23rd Aug 2012 |

he call is out – the hounds are on the scent, and much of Australia believe PM Gillard has done women in general a great dis-service.

Her Press conference today saw a ‘feisty’ woman defending her character – she used the word ‘misogynist’ several times and one wonders whether there was some ‘misandry’ involved.

The coming days will determine where this story goes – whether its fleeting appearance in mainstream media will continue, of will it be sent to the ‘backbenchers’ to use a political analogy and remain in the social media arena.

A legitimate question is asked – is the PM bad or good at her job?

That is generally an electoral mandate – but we can in this PM’s case look at some of the back-flips and nose bleeds she has had to perform and endure when she has fumbled the ball in her time as the PM.  The list is long and growing – and after she is gone – then will be the then to count the cost.

Ever since Gillard spoke with Paul Kelly last Sunday and provided incentive for mainstream media to go after her, todays showdown Press Conference was always going to happen.

Her performance today, and over the time since June 2010 as the PM, and from 2007 as the Deputy PM – has prompted a decision on my part as a commentator to review and do a self-appraisal as to why I don’t think Julia Gillard deserves to hold the title of Prime Minister.

I admit that I had no knowledge of the AWU scandal up until a year or so ago when Glen Milne again wrote about the story.   My long-standing distrust of Ms Gillard stems from the way in which she became the Prime Minister and as a result I did not vote for her in the 2010 election.

I believed the Unions and people like Bill Shorten, Paul Howes, and Mark Arbib had agendas in the Rudd dismissal that had noting to do with the will of the people.

For Gillard to accept the chalice being handed to her – she has to accept that she condoned and supported the Rudd assassination – and she did so with not one ounce of respect for the people’s choice and vote for their Prime Minister in Mr Rudd.  No amount of time can forgive her for that history.

Keating did it to Hawke but at the time Hawke had already won three terms and it was time.

The term – ‘government of the people, for the people, and by the people’ forms the basis principle of any known democracy.  In Australia the PM was chosen by the Unions and the ‘faceless men’ fronting as MP’s, but in reality fronting Unions and the allegiances they demand for pre-selection continuity.

So to be honest – I have never been a supporter of her as our PM.

Another true statement is that I have never voted anything but Labour in my 40 odd years of voting.   There have been times when I have voted ‘None of the Above’ – see EYE-BALL campaign link here – or deliberate informal because I could not bring myself to vote for the alternative.

In this Parliament – I don’t believe Tony Abbott offers up as an alternative – if Malcolm Turnbull became the Coalition Leader it could create a willingness to consider voting for the Coalition at the next election for the very first time in my life.  Much would depend on the talent in his Shadow Cabinet.

There is a void of smart, qualified, savvy, and intelligent people serving in our Parliament across all party’s.  There is no one who can inspire, no one with any exposed grand vision, no one with credentials that set them above the pack.  This Nation is worse off because of this fact.

But why is there such a ground swell of resentment surrounding Julia Gillard as the first woman PM of this Nation?

Many of her detractors are fellow women.

There is a very simple explanation – she never has presented herself as a creditable person nor as a woman throughout her entire term as PM, or as a Member of Parliament.

  • Firstly – in what way does she identify and connect with Australians and our beliefs in society, family, moral values, integrity, in other words how does she stand out as someone that Australians can love as their Leader?  All we ever hear is about ‘the workers’ and doing everything she can for core Labour values … this is not 1920’s style socialism.
  • She has no identifiable creditable when her lifestyle choices are measured against the millions of mothers with children and the choices that have made to raise family’s.
  • She has publicly rejected her womanly maternal instincts because she decided from an early age she only ever wanted to be a Politician.   There was the first 35 odd years where she was a Lawyer and became pregnant, but her choice of words explaining her lifestyle choices these days – is that she never wanted to be a mother, it was a political life she wanted.

The AWU scandal produced information that she was once pregnant to a married man that she was living with in some sort of defacto relationship, and during the time when the AWU scandal broke.

As the now PM – this information and how the pregnancy was terminated is very relevant.

All the PM’s past history is relevant, it goes to character, ability to make judgement calls under extremes of pressure, and the ability to confront mistakes and atone for them.

Did the PM abort her pregnancy? Did she have a miscarriage?  Did the outcome render her unable to have more children?

The answer to each of these questions will allow the public to view Julia Gillard’s character in a light that will shine in three different directions depending which is the truth.

People may think this information is not relevant – for anybody not seeking public office, they would be right.  But to seek the highest office in the land – the answers the these questions are owed to the Australian people.

To be a great Leader – you first need to understand humility and let the people see that you understand it – and perhaps have endured it.  Bob Hawk’s greatest popularity came after he cried on National TV over his daughters drug addiction.   Gillard could learn a lesson and humanise herself a little more.

Fronting up every time when someone ask’s you a question you do not want to answer, and to respond with fire in the belly – only leads to a disengagement with the people.   These are reasons why I find my opinion of her suffers – to demonstrate such hostility, ferocity and bravado in the face of questions that should be answered – only leads to the belief that there is more to this story than what has been aired.

Journalists offer the PM respect during Press interviews – she does not reciprocate – rather than be ask, the PM takes charge of the Press gallery and directs the questions by name in a precise ordered like structure sweeping left and right like they were school kids marching out of line.  It looks and sounds authoritarian and the Press present themselves as lapdogs on a leash and putty in her hands.

Whatever the cause or reason the PM has taken this Commander in Chief style approach is a mystry to her character.

Again during todays Press Conference, she never offered any humility, no emotiveness, no centered overflow of warmth that gives off any confidence that what we saw today was all about getting to the truth and that it would finally go away.

I liked Keating and Hawke – I was a Banker back then and with the markets in a new birth after the Banking changes and the floating of the A$ – Keating was the hero of every market operative.

Never liked Howard – did his dash when he ripped off the Australian people on the Telstra float, the gun buyback deal, the GST promise despite winning an election on a GST mandate – you should read the Paul Lynam (R.I.P.) interview with Howard on a plane trip about how the taxpayers funded his GST campaign though his election campaign.  I have it if anyone wants a copy – email me – blogcomment@bigpond.com

Then there was the Waterfront dispute, the children overboard scandal which led to another election victory, Workchoices, the offshore processing of asylum seekers, and the biggest stuff up of all – going to War in Iraq over the George Bush lie over ‘Weapons of Mass destruction’.

Howard may be a hero to many people – but they just suffer from a DNA problem – the same as the ALP support base still sticking with this PM also having the same DNA problem.

Who would you replace Gillard with – that is the million dollar question – a transfused DNA Coalition base say Abbott – but he would be a worse choice than Gillard.   Who else from that side of politics … could you possibly consider – Julie Bishop – Joe Hockey – the obvious choice can only be Malcolm Turnbull.

And on Gillard’s side of the House – rule out all the Women, they’ll never have a shot and they know it.   Crean – has been, Smith – possible, Conroy – a fool, Bowen – damaged over the asylum outcome,  Emerson – a joke, Garrett – still living with the pink bat scandal, Bourke – a lightweight,  Swan – god help us, Shorten – would be the worst choice possible, and then there is Mr Rudd … but then the Unions would have to have their say …

How funny it would be that we all end up with Rudd displacing Gillard before the next election and he again turns the party’s fortunes and denies Abbott what he thinks is already his.

It’s Politics and only one step away from the asylum …

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  1. david the pragmatist
    August 24, 2012 at 9:59 am

    I am sorry I have no sympathy for your views on your Gillard article this morning. I believe she has been guilty of corruption through the whole scandal. Wether she is a good Prime Minister or Crook is subjective and still needs more evidence or an appropriate enquiry. What is not subjective is the fact that she is a woman and whatever her matronly or abortive instincts are is not a reason to reflect on her suitability to be Prime Minister. It quite simply is not illegal and as such it paints you as a mysogynist which I believe is fundamentally true , having read many of your opinions.
    I always said when Clinton was impeached that I don’t care wether he gets head jobs from squirrells, as long as he does a good job as President.
    Julia does not do a good job as Prime Minister for a variety of very good reasons, the reasons are enough to stand upon without bringing her sexuality into it. I personally have no problems with the Prime Minister being Black/Asian or gay and I can’t stand the “Greens”.

    When she spoke yesterday she spoke of sexist and mysogynst bloggers/people.She was wrong in making that judgement in a sense of defence.

    In all the controversy I have never seen this side come out in the criticism of Pickering/Jones/Smith ect. I believe Gilard is wrong in stating she is a victom and as such has created a smokescreen that has hidden the corruption agenda.This has helped her immensley in potentially getting away with her guilt in the political and legal arena. SHE HAS NOTHING TO ANSWER TO FOR BEING A WOMAN.

    Your blog this morning is pure emotional, non factual and if anything reinforces her views.
    You have been guilty of this type of rhetoric on many occasions. Stipulate the real issues and not wether she has matronly instincts or not and concentrate on the political target.

    Who cares who you have voted for in the past 40 years, if this is an endeavour to show your lack of bias, you again fail. Till you can learn to accept women in a role of authority then your opinion is going to be continually abbrogated.

    August 24, 2012 at 11:34 am

    Noting emotive here buddy boy – just a concise opinion – no misogynism either – the sexist mantra is to use the misoginst term like peopel use racist to describe people who differ in opinion on muslims and the like.

    I believe you to be such a person. Of course a PM’s view on abortion is important to the electorate and if she has first hand experience – her views are more important. This news on her pregnancy is out there and therefore fair game – the question is in people’s minds – did she or did she not have an abortion – and if so was it to allow her to pursue a political career – or because she never wanted to be a mother – or because her relationship with the father ended?

    Australians have had to learn to work with women boss’s since the 70’s – and the pro rata number of women who have succeeded at high office in Parliament far outweights the number of women who have succeeded in Corporate Australia at the same level.

    What does that say – voters perfer to vote for women – hardly – Gillard left the Corporate world becasue some man got the better of her – or so it is told – in Government sexual discrimination laws are more applicable and transparent – she had reason to go into politics after her S&G experience and the unemployable period thereafter.

    I concur with your comment – ‘SHE HAS NOTHING TO ANSWER TO FOR BEING A WOMAN’ – what I fear is that the media have gone soft on her for so long because she is a woman that any perceived attack is not a shock … she should be treated as any man would be and I expect that to happen in the future.

  3. david the pragmatist
    August 24, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    Out of the mouth of babes! I do not even have ro raise an argument! My God how can you be so blind?

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