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EYE-BALL Opinion – Prime Minister Shines – stares down her detractors –



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– Prime Minister Shines –
– stares down her detractors  –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 23rd Aug 2012 |
Apologies Readers– this post was originally posted under the heading ‘ “New CYBER DATA Laws passed – this is not the last word -” as a double up – reposted under correct tile hereto.


rime Minister Gillard gave in to popular demand and faced her accusers in the form of a ‘stand till you drop’ press conference before Question Time today.

The PM was formidable and laid her claims that if the media and other ‘misogynist, nut-jobs,  and sexist‘ blog authors want to continue their ‘whispered’ allegations – they have better have hard evidence.

The PM is not about to sue for defamation – she just wants anyone who has evidence that refutes the comments she has made – to assert them and ‘bring it on’.

A video link to the Press Conference will be posted when available via the comments section below.

It was apparent throughout the Press Conference there were certain topics that were off-limits.

  • There were no questions about her pregnancy and how it terminated.   This is relevant – does she support abortion?  Her personal beliefs go to her creditability of moral sustenance to be the PM of Australia.  If the pregnancy was unplanned and she terminated or miscarried after the relationship broke down – that then goes to her character in that every Australian should be able to have an opinion about the matter in the context of do they vote for her, or against her based on her beliefs on this matter.
  • There were no questions about the natural ‘conflict of interest’ position that existed in providing official legal advice as a Partner employed by Slater and Gordon, and named solicitors acting for the AWU – when Ms Gillard acted in providing advice to Mr Wilson as a member of the AWU.   There was a duty of care responsibility that Ms Gillard should have fulfilled in confirming that Mr Wilson was in fact acting on behalf of the AWU in requesting advice to set up these accounts.   Ms Gillard was in a personal relationship with Mr Wilson and the question should have been put – did she believe she had a conflict of interest when she offered advice to Mr Wilson and Mr Blewitt?
  • There were no questions on the Slater & Gordon funding arrangements on the house purchased with the fraudulently collected funds.
  • There were no questions on the public record inaccuracies about her time of departure from S&G and when she became employed in John Brumby’s office.
  • There were no questions relating to her status as a Solicitor and if she is legally able to practice Law in Victoria.  Or – whether she resigned under any threat that her conduct would be reported to the Law Society.

The PM was impressive – she had complete control of the room – at no stage did she loose her voice of stutter in responses.  She was forthright and commanding – she looked and spoke like a PM – but the questions still linger.

Her unabashed position is that she – ‘did nothing wrong’ when she obviously did do wrong by the AWU in providing advice without confirming the legitimacy of Mr Wilson and Mr Blewitt with the S&G existing client – the AWU.

Her first allegiance as a named Partner in the Law Firm was to its existing client AWU – if Mr Wilson deceived the PM in misrepresenting his employer with intent to commit a fraud – Ms Gillard assisted in that endeavour by default in providing advice without reference to the AWU executive to verify Mr Wilson’s bona fide.

Until she answers that question on the ‘conflict of interest’ matter the doubters will remain.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

    August 23, 2012 at 5:46 pm
  2. Denis Bainbridge
    August 27, 2012 at 9:47 am

    You are kidding, surely!? If you think asking Julia Gillard about a pregnancy she may or may not have had and its’ termination has got ANYTHING to do with public interest and an ability to run the country then you are deranged. You have the temerity to assert that it goes to her character without questioning yourself about whether raising it goes to yours? First and last time I look at this sorry excuse of a site.

  3. August 27, 2012 at 10:10 am

    You’re welcome to your opinion … and you raise a good point – whatever my character I am not seeking high public office where values matter.

    The question was posed hypothetically based on many things. Perhaps it is a sensitive issue – but for me – if the choice is to terminate a pregnancy because you don’t think a child would suit your lifestyle – then as a PM – that matters.

    How can the electorate listen to Gillard talking about mothers and families and feel that she has any affinity with the choices and sacrifices made by millions of mothers and women to have children and raise families. If the choice was unavoidable it humanises her and changes the view held completely.

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