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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl on – Oddball News Wrap – ‘Reel 2’ – Updates on the Gillard – AWU Scandal –

August 22, 2012
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– Oddball News Wrap – –
– ‘Reel 2’ – Updates on the Gillard – AWU Scandal  –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 22nd Aug 2012 |
The World is a never ending parade of the usual and the unusual.  News stories come from the strangest of places – many stories get reported and are read by locals and never get to see the light of day.

Harry’s Growl plans to feature a regular post called ‘ODDBALL News Wrap‘. The intent is to present abstract stories to provide a lighter perspective to the alternatives offered at this site. The ‘format’ is still being tinkered with but will get there in a visual context.

If news is not your cup of tea and you want straight humour – try the EYE-BALL’s JokeZone Index page.

Todays ‘Oddball’ update focus’ on the story that all Australia is talking about and wanting delivery of an explanation. It concerns the Prime Minister’s involvement in a Union scandal that reads like a ‘Number 96’ soap opera with sex, unwanted pregnancies fraud, intimidation, lavishly lived lifestyle, and all the other necessary ingredients to make a number 1 best seller – if it was every published, and if the truth was ever told.

The latest mainstream and other sources feeding this story are linked below.

Note: ‘The Australian’ newspaper links might not always work – they generally go to a brief content and then you have to login or register and set up an account to pay for the privilege of reading the rest of the story. There are some ways to get around this if you are computer savvy … it’s one of the reasons I generally publish the whole story from ‘The Australian’ sources.

[Click on the link to read story on-line in a new window.]

The Gillard AWU diaries …

  1. Herald SunJudge denies wrongdoing in AWU affairJustice Bernard Murphy said he quit the law firm in late 1995 – around the same time Ms Gillard… with the firm, Justice Murphy recruited Ms Gillard to the company in 1987. In 1995 both he and Ms Gillard…
  2. Herald SunGillard: I should have opened file … is the only record of Ms Gillard answering questions in detail about her conduct in a union scandal that has dogged… ‘t.” The legal entity Ms Gillard established for Mr Wilson, the AWU Workplace Reform Association…
  3. Herald SunCOMMENT: PM has nothing to answer for   … by some of the infighting and scandals that regularly arose in other organisations, including the AWU… of Gillard, something that has been confirmed by the AWU and other lawyers involved. It is hard…
  4. Herald SunThey’re out to get PM, says her ex  … to answer questions about Ms Gillard’s involvement in establishing the AWU Workplace Reform Association… of an alleged $400,000 union fraud – refused to answer questions about Ms Gillard’s involvement in creating…
  5. Herald SunRenovator’s dream to legal nightmare  … from the (AWU) Workplace Reform Association account.” Gillard: “I have heard a rumour to the effect… through the entity, the AWU Workplace Reform Association, that Gillard had established for him. He told Gordon…

There are some seven pages of HEADLINE stories at the Herald Sun website under the search title – ‘Gillard, AWU scandal’ – the above are some of todays stories.  Link to other headline stories at Herald Sun. The same index comes up when the same search criteria are used at The Australian website.

Link to latest Blog Sites: Headline Stories

  1. The Pickering Post – audio replayLink to ABC National Radio interview
  2. CanDO Australia – Video – Link to Mike Smith’s interview on ‘CanDo Australia’
  3. CanDO Australia – Video – Sham AWU entity an ‘Election slush fund’
  4. The Kangaroo Court of Australia – Julia Gillard caught lying on the public record in 2007 about the Bruce WIlson AWU fraud scandal …
  5. Sky News – Video – Australia prepping ‘contingency plan’ for Assange US extraditionPrime Minister Julia Gillard interviewed by Peter Van Onselen and Paul Kelly. Australian Agenda – Live Sundays 8.30am. Exclusive to Sky News…

Overseas News resources reports on the story:

USA: Searching The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, with the search request – ‘Julia Gillard, AWU scandal’ – returned zero results.

British: The British press searched including, The Guardian, The Independent, BBC, Reuters, with the same string also produced zero results. It is then to say that this scandal is Australian owned at the moment.

And finally – to soap version of Larry Pickering’s version of events –

  1. Part 1 –


    Julia Gillard’s latest makeover appears insufficient to cover her past.

    An embattled Ralph Blewitt’s testimony will be challenged by the might of the PM’s Office but it is all too late. Basic truths are rapidly mushrooming to the surface and Pickering Post’s impeccable sources now appear to know more than even Ralph Blewitt knows.

    The Pickering Post will not again ask the Prime Minister for answers. We don’t need to ask now.
    We already know the answers and they are not pretty.

    WA Premier, Brian Burke, Alan Bond and Laurie Connell all served time. The infamous Wilson/Gillard alliance emerged from the ashes of the WA Inc. scandal.

    That Royal Commission did nothing to eradicate the next wave of corrupt union gangsters.

    AWU boss, Bruce Morten Wilson was part of that new wave. Julia Eileen Gillard was later to become his pregnant girlfriend and partner in further crime.

    Stories abound of a Perth-based Wilson capitalising on the growing WA boom regarding companies other than Thiess Contractors.

    Pickering Post has been told, by various sources, of instances of a brash Wilson barging into developers’ boardrooms. The same old union threats to interrupt concrete pours caused ashen-faced board members to reach deep in their pockets.

    It appeared extortion monies paid were going to the AWU. They weren’t. Eventually there were, in total, 12 illegal accounts. There was about to become a 13th illegal account and an extortion avalanche.

    The story starts in 1992: Thiess Contractors’ WA Manager, Joe Trio was tendering for a lucrative wetlands job south of Perth. Wilson approached his friends in the then Labor Government and promised industrial peace if Thiess won the tender. Joe Trio’s Thiess Contractors won the tender.

    There was no industrial unrest for the duration. Wilson now realised his immense political and fiscal power.

    Ominously, Joe Trio was married to Bruce Wilson’s sister.

    Later, in 1993, sums of money were appearing in a fraudulent account of Wilson’s, the account was disguised as an “AWU Workplace Reform Association” account.

    We cannot confirm this, but ex-union sources are emphatic that it was Thiess Manager, Joe Trio, Wilson’s brother-in-law, who told Wilson illicit payments could not be paid directly to him. It was Trio who insisted Wilson set up accounts that would not attract attention.

    Enter Julia Gillard, a young and naive, hard Left, lawyer, who naturally gravitated to the notorious Left wing law firm, Slater & Gordon. Peter Gordon of Slater & Gordon appointed Gillard as union envoy to Perth.

    He instructed Gillard to hop on a plane and look after the “big boss”, Mr Bruce Wilson. Gillard certainly did that.

    That night, at a dinner for union heavies at an exclusive Perth restaurant, Gillard and Wilson were finally left alone. At breakfast the next morning both were celebrating the consummation of what was to become a serious chapter in Australian political history.

    Wilson accepted the position of Branch Secretary of the AWU in Melbourne. He resigned from the WA AWU but continued his remuneration from both branches.

    Gillard then teamed up with Wilson and agreed to act for him, as Slater & Gordon already acted for the Vic. AWU.


    Gillard, needing expert help, requested the assistance of another in-house lawyer, Bernard Murphy, to draw up the Association of Objects for the illegal account. They both worked on drafting the document. Gillard authored and signed the document.

    Later, as PM, Gillard appointed Bernard Murphy as a Judge of the Federal Court.

    Solicitors hold a copy of following chapters of this story:

    Following instalments are ongoing and damaging. They include Shorten and Conroy’s role in the scandal. They include the immense and dastardly power of Gillard’s sacred hero, Bill Ludwig… how Gillard honoured his advice to her: “When you have the numbers, you can do what you like.” Why police investigations into Wilson were shelved. I sit at Bob Kernohan’s bedside in an unnamed Melbourne hospital. How the Left downed daggers with the Unity Right long enough to assassinate Rudd and install Gillard. How Blewitt was shafted by Gillard and Wilson. Why he never received one cent of stolen funds.

    The payoffs, the bribes the sackings. Who is behind the repatriation of Blewitt and what he will say. Those in the ALP now plotting Gillard’s demise. It is a gripping saga and we have the full story… a story that will cause a Government to fall.

  2. Part 2:

    Gillard’s old enemies are singing like canaries. They have seen the whites of her eyes and they are moving in for the kill.

    Her enemies are former AWU officials and staff. Salivating ex-employees of her fraudster boyfriend, Bruce Wilson. They have a conscience and a clear, corroborated recollection of exactly what went on. They are willing to testify.

    Wilson’s tenure as Secretary of the Vic. AWU, while living with Julia Gillard, is pock-marked with secret commissions and union extortion rackets inflicted on developers.

    Wilson, at the same time he was living with Gillard, was also in a “close relationship” with another woman, attractive AWU book-keeper Marie Murray. (Ms Murray was a respondent in the successful litigation in the Federal Court to have Wilson and others repay $114,000 to the AWU.) The figure was the amount that Wilson had paid himself and others in false “redundancy entitlements”.

    That Court Order was ignored by Wilson and never enforced by senior AWU Officials.

    Concurrently, Wilson was in yet another “close relationship”… this time with Julia Gillard’s best friend, AWU Industrial Officer, Robyn McCleod. Gillard, even now, may not be aware of this. AWU staff confirm the tryst.

    [At the invitation of Gillard, Ms McCleod, on June 26, 2010, flew to Canberra to join the celebration of Gillard’s ascension to Prime Minister. In April of the same year, Gillard was a witness to Ms McCleod’s marriage.]

    A failed Labor candidate for the seat of Mordialloc (despite Gillard being her campaign manager) McCleod was branded a liar when caught out double dealing in South Australia. At the same time she was contracted to the SA Rann Labor Government as Water Security Commissioner. She later admitted to lying about an improper connection with Canberra.

    McCleod had previously negotiated the Melbourne Water/Thiess contract for Wilson. The Commonwealth Bank account used for this little extortion racket was already set up as the “AWU Welfare Account”.

    This account was a long-standing slush fund union officials used to buy votes in union elections. Bruce Wilson was a signatory to it. It was now to be used for something far more sinister.

    Wilson began invoicing and receiving funds from various companies, including Thiess Contractors. Joe Trio, Manager of WA Thiess Contractors and Wilson’s brother-in-law, appeared removed from the Victorian scam. One cheque we can identify was for “services rendered” and amounted to $14,000.00, notated as 390 hours worked.

    Services were never rendered nor were hours worked but there were verbal assurances given by Wilson to a range of construction companies that there would be industrial peace if certain sums were paid to the “AWU Welfare” account.

    Those sums were paid on the pretext of “services rendered”. The companies enjoyed industrial peace for the duration of those projects.

    Wilson’s stolen funds were mixed in with accounts that held union dues. Union dues do not attract tax. They were then withdrawn by Wilson in a tax free bonanza.

    Wilson had successfully duplicated his WA extortion racket in Victoria… with the assistance of Gillard and Slater & Gordon.

    Gillard had sought ALP pre-selection many times and was unsuccessful, even in marginal seats. Pre-selection committees balked at her shady alliance with Wilson and McCleod, and for good reason.

    In Part 3, the story’s serpentine plot winds its way to the Office of Prime Minster. Gillard’s claim that she was unaware of Wilson’s activities will be discounted as rubbish.

    Slater & Gordon and Gillard are assisting Wilson in disposing of the WA extorted funds. The ongoing scam has appeared all too easy for too long, now it begins to unravel. Monies are returned to developers in a desperate attempt to cover tracks.

    When the proverbial hits the inevitable fan Gillard panics, Wilson does a runner and the hapless Blewitt disappears but not before big name players like Nicola Roxon, Bill Shorten and many others become indelibly embroiled.

    The final of many acts is yet to be played out.

  3. Part 3:

    It was a warm Sunday morning in Fitzroy in late 1992.

    Bill Shorten and his lover Nicola Roxon had struggled out of bed late and were heading up Brunswick Street for breakfast when Bill noticed a couple they knew having coffee opposite.

    They waved, crossed the road, and sat down with Julia Gillard and Bruce Wilson. The conversation concerned no more than the weather but Julia was overtly gesticulating with her left hand. It bore a sizable stone in a white gold ring. “You guys are engaged!” exclaimed Bill. Julia blushed. Nicola looked askance at Bruce.

    Julia was excited, in love, and it showed. But Nicola was aware that Bruce was bedding a number of other women, and it showed too, as she lowered her head and glared at Wilson. Wilson was known in AWU circles as “Wilson the Rooter”.

    To understand Julia Gillard we must first visit her history.

    It was impeccably Left. During her time at the University of Melbourne from 1982 to 1991 she was an active member of, and helped incorporate, the “Socialist Forum” (later to become the Fabian Society) an unabashed Communist organisation backed by none other than the infamous Bill Hartley and well-known Communist activists, Mark and Bernie Taft.

    The “Forum’s” main role was to apply pressure within the ALP to adopt radical Communist policies.

    Gillard’s commitment to the cause had led her to convince her parents, who were avid Dustan supporters, to join the South Australian Communist Party.

    Gillard claims she does not recall her advocacy for redistribution of income and many other Communist aims although she was Public Officer, Secretary, and legal adviser on the drafting of the “Socialist Forum’s” Constitution.

    Her compatriot, Phil Hind, regularly visited the former Soviet Union and returned to zealously promote the radical “reforms” of the Kremlin.

    Gillard openly experimented sexually with other women but her main calling was to men.

    She left The University of Melbourne to join the Left wing Law firm Slater & Gordon. A firm she was later to be sacked from for “indiscretions”.

    Bruce Wilson was a well-practised AWU thug who extorted major developers. AWU members’ dues also found their way to his own private piggy bank.

    Wilson now needed Gillard. She was the perfect target and he had carefully cultivated her for reasons other than his regular hormonal flushes.

    The $17,000 of union funds he had spent at Town Mode Fashions wasn’t solely for the benefit of Gillard.

    Wilson needed an industrial lawyer who would turn a blind eye and feign innocence when setting up fraudulent AWU accounts.

    He also needed a fall guy called Ralph Blewitt. Gillard was later to draw up a Power of Attorney so as Wilson could act for Blewitt. Blewitt trusted him. He should not have.

    Ralph Blewitt sent me this only this morning:

    G’day Larry.
    So we must fly a rebel flag,
    As others did before us,
    And we must sing a rebel song
    And join in rebel chorus.

    We’ll make the tyrants feel the sting
    O’ those that they would throttle;
    They needn’t say the fault is ours
    If blood should stain the wattle!”

    Henry Lawson.

    Regards Ralph.

    Gillard’s current claims of “young and naive” do not apply to her complicity in widespread fraud. Those claims apply solely to Wilson’s false declarations of love for her.

    As partner in the law firm it would be stupid as Prime Minister to suggest she was “young and naive” when she was clearly instrumental in the blatant fraud. She has not denied her complicity but claims she didn’t know what it was for. Mmmm, ok.

    But Julia should not feel lonely. Wilson defecated on everyone he met.

    Slater & Gordon aided and abetted the fraud. The AWU sacked the law firm and turned to the other infamous Left wing Law firm, Maurice Blackburn, where Bill Shorten and Nicola Roxon were resident.

    It is Slater & Gordon’s ex- and current employees who are now daily leaking devastating information on the activities of this listed law firm. The ASX and ASIC will no doubt be taking an interest.

    In Part IV, the AWU divides into two camps: Kernohan and Cambridge want the fraud exposed. Shorten wants it covered up. Shorten wins, for now. And we find out where Paul Howes sits and if his “zero tolerance for union corruption” is mere bluster in the pursuit of self preservation. Regardless, with what is about to be exposed, Gillard’s tenure can now be measured in weeks.

  4. Part 4:


    Julia Gillard was in tears when she called Bruce Wilson to tell him she had been sacked from Slater & Gordon.

    The $17,000.00 spent at Town Mode Fashions had nothing to do with fashion. Town Mode Fashions was owned by a Greek builder. The very same builder who was performing the renovations! Yet another amateurish attempt by Bonny and Clyde to hide the source and terminus of the stolen funds.

    When the Town Mode Fashions money ran out the Greek renovator innocently sent the invoices to the AWU head office. Union bosses demanded to know what the hell was going on. It didn’t take them long to link Slater & Gordon to the scam.
    One phone call and the game was up for Gillard and Wilson.

    Slater & Gordon’s Peter Gordon suggested Gillard resign but made it very clear she was going, one way or the other. He was not so concerned at what she had done but he needed to immediately distance the already tainted Slater & Gordon from yet another looming scandal.

    The AWU was a major client of Slater & Gordon and it was clear that Gillard and another in-house lawyer and Partner, Bernard Murphy, had facilitated the theft of AWU funds. Murphy soon thereafter relocated to work for the other Left wing law firm, Maurice Blackburn.

    Gillard later, as Prime Minister, was to reward Murphy’s assistance in the fraud with an appointment to Judge of the Federal Court. He remains there.

    Wilson was worried. He suggested to Julia they get away for a while to regroup at their regular haunt, The Grand Hotel in Healesville. They spent a week there hatching a plan to credibly deny the fraud. But those denials were to become anything but credible.

    Wilson used either the Healesville Hotel or the Grand Promenade at Lorne for his regular dirty weekends. Unknown to Julia the weekends often excluded her. Ex-friends describe Wilson’s regular weekend rant that AWU Supremo, “Big Bill” Ludwig was grooming him for ALP leadership.

    After they returned from Healesville, Gillard remained unemployed for six months. She never again worked in law. Wilson scarpered back to Perth to his waiting wife and two boys.

    “Big Bill” Ludwig ruled Canberra with an iron fist from Queensland and no-one, including ALP Prime Ministers, dared fart without his permission. Except Kevin Rudd.

    His initial disdain for Gillard waned in the wake of his hatred for the factionless Rudd and he later endorsed her Prime Ministership.

    It was now clear that possibly millions in union funds had been stolen. Ludwig flew into a blind rage. He and AWU boss Ian Cambridge immediately called in the cops, sacked Slater & Gordon and called for a Royal Commission.

    Police investigations were proceeding well until they unexpectedly requested AWU files.

    Kernohan’s protégé Bill Shorten insisted the investigation be closed down. “Public exposure to AWU files will mean we are all stuffed”, he declared. “Bill Ludwig will be finished!” Shorten and others knew that Ludwig himself had had his fingers in the till for years.

    Union corruption was rife. The millions rorted from HSU (East) and AWU members were just the tip of the iceberg.

    Discovery was only ever accidental.

    Shorten was later to become National Secretary of the AWU and an expert in closing down police enquiries into unions. The police in this case were unable to continue without further information and they weren’t getting it from union bosses.

    Enter Paul (Piggy) Howes, current AWU National Secretary. “This is an isolated case”, he says. “We have zero tolerance for union corruption.” Ok Piggy, you have blatantly lied before. Let’s see if you are lying again now.

    Hand over the files. Your “zero tolerance” will assist in recovering your members’ stolen funds… but it will destroy your friends and devastate your union. Your call, Piggy.

    What’s it to be? Show us who you really act for, you bloated bastard?

    Part V discloses Slater & Gordon’s conflict of interest and the report being prepared for the Law Institute. How the AWU is still refusing to make any attempt to chase their members’ stolen funds despite a Court Order that monies be returned.

    The young and naive Julia knew of Wilson’s marriage to a Swiss Italian girl in Perth and his two boys. Had Wilson promised to divorce his wife for Julia? Why Wilson finishes up broke and friendless.

  5. Part 5:


    Julia wandered aimlessly around her Abbottsford home. She had been unemployed for almost six months since she was sacked from Slater & Gordon. Her money had run out and her boyfriend, Bruce Wilson, had run off. Those lost six months were to mysteriously disappear from her CV.

    If only things could have been different. She now knew she could never practise l
    aw again and anyway her Practising Certificate was soon to expire.

    Julia had put her neck on the line for that bastard Wilson. He had promised her the world and she got peanuts from their clever scam. He was safe back in Perth with his wife, Francine, and the boys. She was left alone and with nothing.

    The truth was Julia had knowingly help set up the infrastructure for Wilson’s money laundering. With the help of another Slater & Gordon Partner, Bernard Murphy, she had drawn up the documents that allowed Wilson to open a fraudulent account through which the extorted funds were to be laundered.

    She had set up a Power of Attorney for Wilson to act on behalf of his friend Ralph Blewitt in laundering the funds. Wilson and she were living in the Kerr Street home bought with the stolen funds including a mortgage arranged in the name of Slater & Gordon’s Senior Partner, Jonathon Rothfield.

    “Fall guy” Blewitt was blissfully unaware of the mortgage.

    When the Kerr Street home was sold the money vanished. Blewitt, the oblivious owner, did not see a cent.

    Meanwhile, back in Perth, Wilson was living the life of Riley. He had bought a restaurant called “Rumbrellas” and had spent $330,000 on renovations. Unfortunately, although Wilson was a dab hand at stealing, his business acumen was appalling. “Rumbrellas” was soon in liquidation. Wilson was broke.

    He asked his offsider Ralph Blewitt for a $20,000 loan. Blewitt refused. Wilson suggested to Blewitt that one phone call to Big Bill Ludwig and Blewitt would never work again. That wasn’t true of course but Blewitt loaned him the money anyway. The loan was never repaid.

    Back at Abbottsford, Julia called a friend, Carol Pyke, who had ALP connections in Victoria and asked her if she would move in to help defray the costs. She did and Julia eventually sold her half of the Abbottsford property.

    Despite her known involvement in the extortion/money laundering affair, Julia was still determined to enter Parliament. But each time she sought pre-selection she was thwarted by her own Party. Centre Unity faction members of the ALP insisted Julia Gillard, of the Socialist Left faction, was an unsuitable candidate because of the known scandal.

    [Many years later, power broker, Mark Abib, was to negotiate Gillard swapping factions to allow her to become Prime Minister… and without reference to Caucus.]

    The focus is now back on Slater & Gordon. Although a listed company they still refuse to come clean on what went on. Why was their client, the AWU, not alerted to the false accounts? Why was the AWU not told of the funds, the laundering, the house, the conveyancing, the mortgage, the profit from the sale of the house?

    They refuse to release the conveyancing details of the Kerr Street property claiming privilege. Yet there is no privilege associated with conveyancing.

    It was rightfully AWU members’ money. It was Slater & Gordon’s Partners Gillard and Murphy and senior Partner Rothfield who set the whole thing up!

    Convicted Partners of Keddies Law firm, owned by Slater & Gordon, have outwitted creditors of millions, according to a report in tomorrow’s Sydney Morning Herald.

    Disclosure of Freedom of Information documents is being thwarted by the Victorian Police. “Too busy”, they say.
    They have sat on the application for two months and say it may be another two months. Regulations demand a period of no longer than 30 days.

    In the meantime “Pickering Post” is being constantly attacked by hackers using DDoS.

    They may silence us for a while but the truth will out.

    Much more to come.

  6. Part 6:


    … and why she refuses to comment.

    The can is now open and cannibalistic worms are sweating over who will devour who first. The five-part story so far, including accusations made on pickeringpost.com, now emerges as facts. Facts Gillard can no longer ignore.

    Slater & Gordon’s recent flurry of TV ads does little to restore its already shattered reputation.
    If they dump further on Gillard they risk Gillard dumping on them. There is a communal agreement to stonewall but, once that wall is breached, gunk will flow like a lanced boil.

    Gillard said, “I resigned voluntarily”. That is a lie.
    Gillard said, “I did not know what the accounts were for.” That is also a lie.
    Gillard said, “I had receipts for work done on my property.” That is a deception. She had receipts for maybe a new lamp-shade and a fancy soap-holder.

    Gillard says she can’t be certain that extorted funds weren’t used on her renovations. Mmmm.

    Nick Styant-Brown, of Slater & Gordon, called Gillard in for a taped interview regarding what she had been up to.
    Do partners of a major law firm do that to each other for fun? I think not.

    Styant-Brown said, “…the company took a very serious view of these and other matters and accepted her resignation”.

    “Took a very serious view” of exactly what, Julia?
    What exactly were these “other matters”, Julia?

    Gillard says, “I was treated very shabbily”. For what reason, Julia, do you believe you were treated “very shabbily”?

    Why did Slater & Gordon lend $130,000, in the form of a mortgage on the Kerr Street property, to Wilson? Wilson was an AWU Boss. The union would have been only too happy to supply a mortgage. Why go to the AWU’s law firm, Slater & Gordon? Why did Wilson get his girlfriend, Julia Gillard, to secretly facilitate the laundering of funds and why did Slater & Gordon hide this from their client, the AWU?

    Why wasn’t the AWU, informed of anything at all? Why didn’t they know of the fraudulent account Gillard set up in the AWU’s name? Why did it take the renovator’s invoices mistakenly turning up at the AWU before the scam was uncovered? Why was this kept secret if, as Gillard claims, there was nothing untoward.

    Why did Gillard disguise the true owner of the Kerr Street property by drawing up a power of attorney for Wilson to act on behalf of Blewitt? Why was Blewitt not told about the mortgage? Why was Blewitt not told where the proceeds of the sale went?

    Why did Gillard refuse to even open a file on this case?

    Why did Gillard rush into the AWU with receipts for her renovations if she thought there was nothing untoward?

    Slater & Gordon arranged, pro bono, the conveyancing on the Kerr Street property. (They say that is normal for valued clients of the firm.) Therefore they must know of the fraudulent funds and the fraudulent accounts?

    They must also know where the stolen funds came from and where they went to after the sale of the property? Did they not even ask or make a note of this?

    Slater & Gordon spuriously wants Wilson and Blewitt to waive privilege so they can produce these files. Mmmm… are there two people in Australia less likely to waive privilege without immunity?

    Where are Paul Howes’ files. Why has the AWU called off the dogs? Why won’t they cooperate with police? A Court ordered certain funds be returned to the AWU. So why does the AWU refuse to pursue those funds? Originally they demanded a Royal Commission! What has changed, Paul?

    Slater & Gordon are complicit and will eventually dump on Gillard to save their own skin. The prime Minister has insisted they make a statement supporting her. But they have already begun the process with a call to Styant-Brown.

    Gillard’s own Attorney General, Rob Mc Clelland, was the co-author of the damning Cambridge affidavit. Was he talking crap when he said, “…a third party may have benefitted from this.”

    When Slater & Gordon taped the interview with Gillard I would think the conversation went more like this:

    Why are you treating me this shabbily? We are all partners! Why is it only me who has to resign? I’ve been here eight bloody years and this is what I get? It wasn’t just me, it was Murphy and Rothfield too!

    Slater & Gordon:
    Murphy is also going. We need to protect the firm.
    In seventeen years’ time, Julia, there will be others who will also insist you resign or be sacked.

    What will you do then Julia?

    [Part VII covers Shorten and the unions’ influence and further damning information from FOI. Also the history of the faceless men and how they run our Parliament without our knowledge and the way in which Slater & Gordon operates. There is so much more to this sordid little tale]

  7. Part 7:



    It appears that Nicola Roxon and Peter Van Sumbugger are the only two people left standing who are young and naive enough believe this is a Liberal Party beat-up.

    Sorry Nicola and Peter, we have never spo
    ken to any Opposition Member and it’s far from a beat-up. The continuous stream of information is coming from your side of the House and one other person the Prime Minister knew very well. There are some angry people on your Benches.

    Well, you two, here’s more to cause you some indigestion.

    Slater & Gordon handle unfair dismissal claims in their thousands. Gillard herself handled a few, so she knew exactly what it meant when she was called in for a taped interview… it was a precursor to her dismissal.

    It’s a moot point as to whether she was given the opportunity to resign or not. All legal employees, short of an accusation of murder, are extended that courtesy because a “dismissal” could both injure the firm’s reputation and terminally end the employee’s career. Regardless, it appears to have done both anyway.

    The fraudulent document that allowed the “slush fund” to be set up was first presented in Perth. It was taken to the Commissioner of Corporate Affairs who promptly refused to allow it on grounds that it appeared to be too much like a union.

    Undeterred, Wilson asked Gillard to do it. Incredibly, Gillard agreed.

    It was pointless to persist in Perth because the Commissioner had already knocked it back so it was off to Victoria and the offices of Slater & Gordon.

    Now, even the most young and naive person on the planet would have known this was highly unethical at best and illegal on a number of fronts at worst.

    There were three other people present when this document was drawn up: Ralph Blewitt, Bruce Wilson and senior equity partner, Bernard Murphy. (Bernard Murphy was the anonymous name “The Australian” redacted in its Page one story.)

    In the record of interview Gillard stated that she “acted alone”. She lied. Was she protecting Bernard Murphy? If so, it didn’t help. Murphy hurriedly departed the firm on an agreed settlement prior to Gillard.

    [Gillard was later to appoint Bernard Murphy to the Federal Court bench. Why did she do that? Was she worried he would disclose critical information relating to the blatant fraud?]

    When the document was completed by Gillard it was signed by Blewitt. Wilson then took it to the Commonwealth Bank to open the now infamous account: The AWU Workplace Reform Association Inc.

    It appeared on the record as an AWU account, it wasn’t, but it was ready to launder hundreds of thousands of dollars, attracting no tax, into Wilson’s pocket. More importantly the AWU had no knowledge of it. Yet the AWU was a client of Gillard’s in the form of Wilson. The law firm itself acted for the Vic AWU.

    In a classic conflict of interest, Gillard was actually facilitating theft by her boyfriend from her own firm’s client, the AWU!

    Gillard was also improperly acting for her criminal boyfriend who was also a representative of the AWU client!

    Slater & Gordon is obliged to keep the Law Institute of Victoria updated as to who is operating on their Practising Certificate? The Law Institute claims privilege on this information. We have reason to believe Julia was removed from the Certificate in September and not in May the following year as they now advise?

    When the fraudulent activity was eventually discovered Peter Gordon hit the roof, but his position was untenable because
    Slater & Gordon is hardly independent. Incredibly, if they sacked her, they would be exposed to a reimbursement claim from their own client (the AWU) for all monies stolen, plus costs. What a predicament Gillard had created. No wonder they were angry.

    Because Gillard did not open a file on the case, to appraise others in the firm of her actions, her conduct may be subject to criminal charges and the Professional Indemnity policy would not have been exposed (you cannot insure against criminal activity).

    Lawyers are now pitting their credibility against each other. In this fiery battle of recollections and taped records Nick Styant-Browne will emerge the winner.

    That may sound a bit complicated. It is! And the more Slater & Gordon wriggles the more it will need the services of a good Left wing law firm.

    Part VIII: Enter the Unions and Bill Shorten.

Mr Pickering has put many other sub-plot stories up as well … link to his Facebook page

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