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EYE-BALL Opinion – Gillard’s PM tenure – All but over – She needs to learn a lesson from Nixon –


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– Gillard’s PM tenure, All but over  –
– She needs to learn a lesson from Nixon –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 20th Aug 2012 |
T he AWU scandal from Gillard’s past hit the mainstream media today.  It went ‘splat’ and months of ‘social-media’ heaved a big sigh of relief.Respected Journalist Paul Kelly led the charge on Sky News early Sunday morning and it was classic guilt defending with attack.  By lunchtime all Commercial TV, the ABC, pay for view TV, and newspaper websites were feeding off the frenzy.

Whoever advised this vixen needs to learn old-school.  Give her her dues – she will be a tough nut to crack if more of this mornings performance is what can be expected.

The Kangaroo Court of Australia‘ – (KCOA) – came out and canned Larry Pickering,  as did the Sky presenter hosting the Gillard interview with Kelly in his promo for the show some 24 hours before.  The KCOA story – linked above – claims Larry instigated a $15m fraud and is under a clouded investigation by some police who have dubious reputations.   It’s a distraction and Larry ain’t as big a fish as the PM.

KCOA covered the Gillard story last year around the time Milne and Smith had a crack and got fired.  KCOA sounded like some tit for tat petty skirmish over billing rights to the future TV story.

The next week will again be interesting – the House sits Monday to Thursday, and the lead story on every Commercial News show tonight led with the clip of Gillard and Kelly playing hardball.

The Opposition action plan in the House will dictate how this plays out in the political arena.    The ALP caucus will also be burning the midnight-oil and mobile phone billing will see a spike with MP’s and strategist’s working out strategy.  Then there will be those in the Rudd camp counting numbers, Swan will be polishing his own crown hoping it will blind everybody if it comes to a vote.   Roxon and Plibesek will be looking in mirrors to make sure their plucked and groomed to an inch of their best look.

Shorten has his own demons and if he thought he had a shot – the whole world would roll over and laugh.  His association with the AWU story and his link to Gillard and Arbib renders him as toxic as his mother in law thoughts about his philandering penis.

Paul Howes has Ludwig to hold his hand – that hand shaky from age and a career of thuggery and intimidation.  Howes will be nervous and look around him and see all his lieutenants disappearing and looking for parachutes.  He has no jack-rabbits up his sleeve and he likewise is rendered obsolete in this power vacuum.

Nixon hung around during the Watergate scandal and it proved to be a big mistake.  The hits just kept coming and whatever he thought he could do to control the leaks from within the White House – he fumbled and misjudged the people around him severely.

The thing is that when the AFP start knocking on doors, nobody knows what people will do to escape the slightest indiscretion, they’ll squeal like stuffed pigs.  Gillard is as good as a cooked pig on a spit and if she tries to hold on – the well-done version will turn crispy.

If Gillard even thinks for a moment that she can ride this out – it will be at the cost of the ALP and an election result that will splinter the Party from inside.   She has knee-jerked her way on major policy issues for over two years now.  The electorate want her gone and to stay risks more than the creditability of the Prime Ministers office.

She may have convince herself that ‘she did nothing wrong’ – but that is not what will sink her.  Everybody sees guilty, the same as the Craig Thompson affair and she is as tied to that inaction as anyone could be.  This is similar – there is guilt – prove you’re innocence.   Absence of legal writs to shut down Pickering and the like is admission of guilt.  She knows the Law and she could use it to give her accusers pause and to offer up their proof.  The fact she has not further incriminates her.

She has made many enemies – and they won’t let it go.   All the public can do now is wait and watch this time bomb prime itself for self-destruction.   There is no joy in watching the carnage about to happen.

I fear for my children and my grandchildren and the lack of Leadership on offer.  To think that we let someone with as chequered a past as this PM even get near the office – frightens me when I think about all those ALP Members and Senators, all knowing about this scandal and yet – in March this year they still voted to stick with her.   They’re all a motley bunch and will never get my vote again – Nor will Abbott.

We all should vote ‘None of the Above‘ …

Just what is it that the Unions hold over these politicians?

Anna Bligh left Parliament after her humiliation – no fight left in her, it was not pretty for a month or so while the by-election took place but since then, there has not been a media story about her that I’ve seen.

Gillard will be different – out of the office she’s fair game for legal prosecutors, and because she was the PM justice will not only be seen to be done – they will pursue her with every resource available.  Unless of course she cuts a deal – and any politician stupid enough to do that will feel the electorates wrath as well.

This still has some weeks, perhaps months to play itself out.  Her response to Kelly today – ‘if you have an allegation you can back up – ask your question’ – was a primed response.  She has plenty to hide and her demeanour today proves it once and for all.  An innocent person would have adopted a different stance – one where they would have willingly answered questions with nothing to hide in an effort to put our the fires burning all around her.   There are too many other people involved and she is protecting them as much as herself.

Having something to hide and forcing the accusers to lay their cars on the table is a game of chicken she has played before and obviously won.  She knows how to play the game – pity she could not run a Country with such instincts as well.

Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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  1. August 19, 2012 at 10:42 pm

    Link to transcript of the PM’s Interview on Sky this morning:


  2. August 20, 2012 at 9:34 am

    Link to Sky News PM interview – linked from The Australian source…


  3. Budda Balls
    August 20, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    The peoples right to protest still exist. They just just choose to use the social media to do it. Gillard can’t dismiss the swell of opinion forming out there and if she tries to, than she’s a bigger fool than Mark Latham.

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