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EYE-BALL Opinion on – The Julian Assange saga – the World should be concerned …


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– The Julian Assange saga –
– the World should be concerned –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 17th Aug 2012 |
F or many months now the World has read about Julian Assange holding up in the Ecuador Embassy as a means to avoid UK arrest and extradition to Sweden to face ‘sexual assault’ allegations.

For those who saw the ABC’s ‘4 Corners’ program aired 24th July 2012 – Iview linked here – [link expires 20th Aug 2012] … or the  ‘4 Corners Website link … will understand that the ‘sexual assault’ allegations are flimsy at best.   The ‘4 Corners’ report was thorough and it is very hard to understand why the British Legal system agreed to the extradition request, and why now the decision to threaten a ‘raid’ on the Ecuadorian Embassy to take Assange into custody.

The media have reported this story widely ever since the legal proceedings for extradition began well over 12 months ago.  The decision yesterday by the Ecuadorian PM to grant Assange asylum – has seen the media coverage step up.  Some of the stories reported are linked below:

From this you understand that the World is watching what happens next.  How Assange gets to Ecuador is not the question – the Brits have sworn to uphold their obligation to deliver Assange to Sweden – this ‘obligation’ is laughable and extreme in that the Brits have to invade Ecuador’s sovereign land – i.e their Embassy – to arrest Assange.

In most cases where a Nation has granted asylum – safe passage is granted by the Nation in which the detainee is residing.

This is a story that goes to everything that challenges ‘free speech’.  The fear of course is that Sweden is a lap=dog of the USA and this has all be orchestrated to facilitate Assange’s transit to the USA to face treason charges under threat of death.

Gillard’s siding with the USA against an Australian citizen who has requested assistance is indefensible.  Her backflip and statements to the Australian People that Assange has received every assistance available from Australian Consular staff are words on a page – Assange says different.

Australia sings to the USA’s tune at every opportunity and for this Australian Government to hide in the ‘tall-grass’ and shield itself from this issue is scandalous.

Gillard should be saying ‘hands-off’ – the evidence as laid out in the ABC ‘4 Corners’ program would not hold up in any Australian court.  Perhaps there is other evidence that was not reported – however on the exposed reports – these women had consensual sex – and the crime is in that Assange did not use a condom during one of the encounters.   Over this alleged crime that was not initially reported – the two biggest democratic world powers, USA and UK,  are prepared to put at risk the security of every British Embassy across the globe.

You can bet that if the Brits do what they are claiming they will do – other Nations will reciprocate.

Could there ever be a case that deserved to be dismissed as frivolous?   Assange has every right to fear what the Swedes will do if landed on their shores.

This extradition and promised raid by the British Government to honour the extradition order issue by the UK Courts – and if carried out will render all Embassy’s around the world vulnerable to similar extortion.   Peoples right to feel safe in their Embassy in foreign lands is under threat.

This now sets up a Constitutional challenge of the Law being used and enacted 30+ odd years ago – and what the Brits intend to use as their legal authority to ‘raid’ the Ecuador Embassy.

Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

Links to Australian Parliamentary Website – MP’s

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