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EYE-BALL Opinion on – The Asylum Seeker Solution – MP’s should hang their heads in shame –


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– The Asylum Seeker Solution –
– MP’s should hang their heads in shame –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 16th Aug 2012 |
T he greatest shame Australia has to live with is this abortion of a debate over how to deal with ‘asylum seekers’ arriving by boat.   The debate centers around an axis that is as stupid as introducing new mining taxes after the mining boom has ended.

This axis is humanity based – it is the dealing with the cost of human lives lost whilst trying to make the journey across the oceans between Indonesia and Australia’s Christmas Island.    It is the embarrassment and pointed finger at a Government unable to ‘stop the boats’.   This is free will – something Australia supports and the embarrassment comes for having to deal with the ‘distress call’ and rescue and what to do with the ‘asylum seeker’s once they are rescued.

Let us be honest – the ‘people smugglers’ are taking advantage of Australia’s humanitarian stance.  They are laughing at Australia and that more than anything is driving this policy … not the lives lost.

These People Smugglers tell their boat refugees to steer a course and once they’re an hour or two out there on the big wide ocean – make a distress call.  You will be rescued.  And sure enough – and under a media horde looking for an excuse to run bad press, Australia is forced to respond to the distress call and so the process starts.

Media opinion in this Nation ain’t worth crap on this issue – if Andrew Bold and other right wingers like him were in distress in a distant land and made a distress call – regardless of the reasons why they were in the position – he and the others would expect to be rescued.   The focus on this debate is all askew … its focused on the ‘queue jumper’ aspect – when it should be focused on the immigration policy and the low refugee intake number of  13,700 or so.

An estimated 1000 asylum seeker lives have been lost at sea since Rudd dismantled the ‘Howard’ solution in 2007-8.   Gillard has followed through with that policy and in the two years since – she has continually found new ways to stuff up the on-shore processing arrangements under Opposition and media scrutiny.

Gillard continues to be canned on this issue and after the deadlock debate before the 2012 winter recess – she is now out there trying to get the new Angus Huston led enquiry recommendations through the House as a matter of urgency.

If there was ever a time for level heads and a time to pause and consider Gillard’s rants and backflips – and to stare down an angry mob – it is now.    She is completely reversing her Governments position and in full view allowing a public servant to initiate policy without debate in the caucus, or in the Cabinet room.

She must take the time to wipe away the egg all over her face and allow the ALP Government to come to terms with this reverse in policy.   Alas, it is too late – it will pass in the Senate and become Law by the end of the week … again this dullard of a PM has engulfed this Nation in a shameful act.   The UN had comment on this new policy … read here …

This rushed policy is not the answer – in essence what it will do is relocate displaced persons making a boat trip to Australia in a community living in an off-shore Nation for the duration, and facing perhaps up to 5 years of detention.   The reality contained within that prospect for the detainee is more of the same from where they have fled.

To fund this policy – the Australian Taxpayer is going to be asked to foot the bill for each of these detainees with food, accommodation, clothing and other necessities, health, education, for an indeterminable timeframe.   These refugees are capable of work, they are human beings coming from war, rape, and other human atrocities they want to try and forget.

Australia’s answer – our stupid MP’s want to lock them up and impose more hardship and endurance.

What would be wrong with having them join a workforce to earn their keep?

Why not integrate them – every policy since Howard has them contained in detention centers and cut off from Australian society – it has not stopped them coming.

The ‘Howard Solution’ claims to have slowed the arrivals to a trickle – and the Rudd plan was a green light for them to start-up again.  The numbers support this – but Howard’s policy was one of the reasons Howard lost the 2007 election and his own seat.   Australian’s had developed a conscience over this policy and they spoke at that election.   They wanted on-shore processing.

There was nothing humane about the Howard Solution, and there is nothing humane about this new Gillard policy.   Rudd’s initial dismantling of the ‘Howard Solution’ was the right thing to do then, it is still the right thing to do now.   We just have to find a way to make it work.

The argument for the rush is to stop more deaths – this is the biggest lie put upon the Australian people – we accept 15,000+ deaths from tobacco every year – this 1000 asylum seeker deaths over a 5 year period is even less that the road kill in this Nation.

Alcohol related deaths, drug and substance deaths, all pastime and addictions taken up and pursued on a voluntary basis – they account for extremes of deaths greater than those asylum seekers lost at sea.   That is not to say that we should discount any death – it is just that we should look at these matters in a more honest perspective.

The policy should be about making it easier for asylum seekers to get to a destination that welcomes them – what this policy is saying that we don’t want to make you feel welcome – we don’t want you here in the first place.   That is the thinking and that is the problem.

The policy should be about expanding our Immigration intake – but the reality in that suggestion is seen as political suicide.  I say it is hypocrisy and the height of political cowardice.  A Leader stands by their convictions – anyone who reads a poll before they vote on a policy have no right serving in Government.

The fact is that as elections near – all politicians pay close attention to polling data – they don’t want to make a mistake so close to an election that could blow up in their faces.  Again I say – Political cowardice and it is an infection and disease that this Government and Opposition suffer from.

Gillard is such a poor Politician – her ‘my way or the highway’ attitude renders her incapable of collective debate.  She’s a modern-day Stalinist … without the human genocide, but with a genocidal tendency of a different kind.

Let is put up some data –

Firstly – Attorney General Roxon has been lauding the High Court decision over big Tobacco and plain packaging.  The data surrounding the Tobacco Industry and its cost to Australians measures up as follows>

  1. Tobacco kills on average 15,000+ Australians every year, [Link to Source Data.]
  2. The health costs attributed to Tobacco are estimated in excess of $30 billion a year as at 2005, [Link to Source Data.]
  3. The tax collected from tobacco sales has fallen from almost $7 billion in the early 90’s to around $2 billion in 2008.   [Link to – Source Data.]

The point made is that tobacco is a voluntary pursuit – yes advertising targets youth and once addicted the path to an unhealthy life becomes a problem for all Australians to deal with in terms of health cost and resources.

Secondly – Road Deaths and the cost … [Link to Source data for chart and stats.]

The breakdown of road deaths by states and territories (year ending December 2011):

  • NSW 376—down 7.2 per cent;
  • Victoria 288—unchanged;
  • Queensland 269—up 8 per cent;
  • SA 103—down 12.7 per cent;
  • WA 180—down 6.7 per cent
  • Tasmania 26—down 16.1 per cent;
  • NT 44—down 10.2 per cent;
  • ACT 6—down 68.4 per cent.

We have become accustomed to this annual and it would seem acceptable death toll – the estimated annual cost in dealing with road fatalities and crashes is $27 billion.  (Link to Source Data.]

All authorities do to try and lessen the road toll is raise speeding fines – and that revenue and the way it is collected has a whole other debate that has nothing to do with road fatalities and crashes.

Thirdly – the Obesity epidemic and its cost on taxpayers,

Fourthly – the prescription epidemic pill poppers and its cost to taxpayers in subsidised NCHS medications …

Jumping on a boat to seek a new life in a new country is voluntary – and similar to all the other voluntary matters raised above.

The truth is that there are many other domestic and home-grown drains on our society that cost $100’s billions every year and make light of the immigration cost.  This new abomination rush job of a policy is all about winning the public support and reverse Gillard’s pool numbers within the ALP heartland.

Australia’s past legacies has shown that our generosity can be limitless.  The Brisbane floods appeal raised $200+ million – Cyclone Yasi had a similar response – here’s an idea – why not have an appeal for the Asylum seekers and let  Australia decide if they want to bring them onshore for processing.

This policy matter has nothing to do about funding costs – it is to do with political compromise to appease voters.   It’s poll driven.  And right there is the problem.

An inspirational Leader sells their policy and the Nation follows – Gillard ducks and weaves and poor Bowen is left like a shag on a rock.  Bowen grits his teeth  when forced to smile and say that he supports this policy change-up – he is not alone and many other ALP caucus members feel the same way.  They have been railroaded.

The end result is that Gillard has just rolled back the mandate the ALP were given by the electorate in 2007 – and handed the next Government policy they were going to implement anyway.  Who the fuck is she working for?

But there are bigger issues that nobody cares about.  What these refugees have been through is something most Australians have empathy for, but they would have no idea of the personal hardship and sacrifice that sees them now so desperate as to risk their own lives to make the journey so they can come and knock on our doorstep.

Our hospitable response is to jail them – and to strip away up to 5+ years of their life because they’re seen as queue jumpers.

Well – change the intake numbers .. and not from the 13,000 to 20,000 being suggested – or the 27,000 that would cost another $1.4 billion over 4 years … common – the numbers above are what we pay for people in this Nation wanting to kill themselves and place themselves on our health bill cost – surely the productiveness and motivation of these desperate people would serve as a better investment.

Whoops – what I wanted to say here was not endearing and has been re-edited …  please Mr Abbott and Ms Gillard – can you not shame this Nation any more over these asylum seeker policies.

One day when Australia has need of neighbours – I hope they all turn you and your lot away as you have turn these asylum seekers away.

Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

Links to Australian Parliamentary Website – MP’s

The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. Gerry Hatrick
    August 16, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    The writing is becoming more and more angry. But is it helping?

    There are some who believe Australia has already surpassed its optimal population. There are some who believe Australia should be using the mining wealth to develop new food bowls for the entire earth, for humanity. There are some who believe the pristine wilderness is more prosaic, make that sacrosanct. Then there is the humanitarian aid required immediately.

    Julia Gillard has now displayed over time a propensity for quick fixes rather than optimising solutions. In her words “The Little Doer”.

    This morning Malcolm (Chiselface) Fraser was again questioning the integrity and accountability of the Howard government. He is citing the invasion of Iraq, and consequence.

    Australians can be short sighted. In 2004 we gave John Howard a massive mandate because property prices and mortgage rates felt the middle classes were very sound. By 2007 when the cracks appeared, unwinnable wars, workchoices, not so healthy property prices or mortgage equation, change of government then sub prime (GFC) and what a manifestation.

    From only the humanitarian prospective lifting intake to 20,000 or 26,000 is very good. The next step is critical. Gaoling those refugees is expensive. Allowing those refugees to become productive and worthy citizens is divine. Checking their credentials is mandatory. From this base there is more to be done.

    Only that type of vision will fix the credibility problem suffered by all politicians. We of the electorate are not stupid. We make mistakes. That is human, From the scriptures, to err is human to forgive is devine. (many will say bordering on stupid), however there has to be some type of construct in all criticism. Is there a better way?

    Voting out this government, is giving a crazy mandate to the Liberal party again. What will that fix?

  2. August 16, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    Look at Rineharts want for mine workers and the Government considering granting special work visa’s to fill the void – is it only skilled labour she wants – or is it cheap labour?

    Why not use the immigration policy to get those workers here – one can understand the planning nad development of a regulated population growth of which immigration intake of around 200k a year forms its part.

    But as a Nation with abundant space and resources – Australia could quickly i.e. 5-10 years grow its population by 20% i.e. 5 million or so …

    Yes you have to find jobs, but that has already been suggested – massive infrastructure projects like daming the Burdukin and Ord rivers to supply water to central Australia – pumping effluent from the oceans to Central Australia, and creating a food bowl that can feed the rest of the world … it’s doable – its visionary, and it prepares this Nation for several generations of growth and prosperity. It can’t be done unles we import the labour …

    I swear that this Governemnt has no big ideas on the table like this – the NBN was Rudd policy – and since then all Gillard and Swan have come up with is new taxes , Carbon and the MRRT –

    Abbott and Hockey don’t offer an alternative – sadly there is no alternative and Australia will suffer for that void …

    Please – if someone thinks they can run this Nation please put your hand up.

  3. August 16, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    WOW – news reports about a Tampa style boat hijack have some of the above comments in the blog causing embarassment – genuine refugees do not do this and this behavour is not condoned.

    This is criminal and the person’s responsibe need to face the full might of the Law.

    This type of action will only make maratime rescues by non military vessels less likely if they risk hijack.

    If there is a militincy attached to these refugees or any other refugees – than that has to be dealy with before any refugee process.

    It is understood thta proving who these people are can be a lengthly process and one that often proves their status – but the ‘bad-egg’ is a problem that spoils if for everybody else. The deterient of a 5year wait in a locked compound is meant to serve as this deterient – the cost is prohibitive when measured against the outcome wait.

    Resentment will not make them good future citizens – and this is why the policy fails …

    It can be said that they launch these vessels from Indonesia – and returning the boats back to Indonesia is not an option – why?

    Indonesia have no real problem allowing the boats to launch toward Australia – and the ‘people smugglers’ seem to be thriving – if Indonesia shut down the ‘people smugglers’ surely that would go a long way to stop the boats?

    This all might sound a bit niave – and no more desperate than the Governments attempt to fix the problem – but humanity must dictate terms here – to err on the side that all must pass stringent tests and investigation, including children, is not an appropiate Australian, nor humane response.

  4. Gerry Hatrick
    August 17, 2012 at 7:08 am

    Attempting to move on in this debate, there is much.

    How few Australian’s appreciate our forbears were all once seeking redemption. Starting with the convicts, then several waves of immigration, firstly in the gold rushes, then post war refugees, Australia has become a wonderful place, but still a mixing pot of varying cultures.

    The concept of mandatory detention is intended to break the model of people traffickers and the unsavory associated drownings. Detention costs the Australian taxpayers dearly.

    The movie Red Dog was so nice in how it showed Hammersley Iron as a subset of post war immigration. All of those spics and wogs and dagos all loved Red Dog despite other differences. Those terms are not used anymore, and it might help to wonder why? Is it political correctness or simply those derogatory terms of the 1960’s are now truly assimilated? In that yarn the baddies were the caravan park managers. Trite.

    We have an agreement that Australia will lift their refugee intake. We want those new Australian’s to assimilate. They are free to add their culture to the Australian tapestry. They are not welcome to bring their feuds with them. Australia speaks English, and will continue to wonder what others speaking in foreign dialects are actually saying.

    Would those dispossessed new Australian’s be able to go out in the community and work for their existence wearing tracking devices? While their bona-fides are checked, it is preferable to be locked up! If their wants are true it is a very minor imposition. If their methods are devious, they will find it unacceptable. Those at Villawood who claim to be suicidal, would they accept such a condition?

    The next thought is around temporary visas. Essentially as things stand after 4 years there is a naturalisation process available. Why not use that period as an assessment phase. You are required to achieve these goals. You are required to live and work in remote areas where labour shortages exist. A truly enlightened government would find major capital works projects to harness the energy.

    When you strip away the current vilification of the carbon tax, there is really very little debate of broader issues. The 457 visa issues have gone very quiet over the last 3 months.

    I believe we could really lift the intensity and intelligence of the debate. That is expect of our politicians. Clever policy, structurally sound platforms, and shared vision. When was the last time a politicians even used the term vision? Paul Keating on winning the unwinnable election of 1993?

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