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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – Olympics Comment Part III – Sports Minister Kate Lundy and her Gender Equality –

August 13, 2012
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– Olympics Comment  Part III –
– Sports Minister Kate Lundy and her Gender Equality –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop | 13th Aug 2012 |
The Australian Sports Minister Kate Lundy is an amateur – both at the game of Politics and in the arena of sport.

The SMH ran a story today on Lundy’s big hope emanating from the games – ‘to push for an end to gender discrimination’ … who the fuck is she kidding.  To help readers understand from where Lundy is coming from the SMH story is copied below:

Lundy, Opals to push for end to gender discrimination

| Author: Samantha Lane | Date: 13th Aug 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

THE second-class treatment of Australia’s female Olympic basketballers was tip-of-the-iceberg evidence of the gender discrimination that still exists in sport, which the federal Sports Minister, Kate Lundy, leaves the London Games determined to rectify.

Her claim, on the eve of the closing ceremony, that ”basketball is not alone” came as the Opals captain and Australian team flag bearer Lauren Jackson, and her teammate Kristi Harrower, felt free to discuss the furore over the male and female teams’ different travel arrangements after they completed their competition with a bronze medal.

Most of Australia’s national women’s team flew to London in premium economy class while their male counterparts travelled – as a general rule – in business class.
Kate Lundy, Sports Minister for Australia

Harrower said it was time for the Women’s National Basketball League to establish an active player union to work with Basketball Australia, while Jackson said she would happily brief Basketball Australia’s new boss, Kristina Keneally, on how it is for women in the game.

Senator Lundy said Australian sports, despite their progress, remained guilty of ”systemic discrimination”. ”Basketball is not alone,” she said. ”And though it’s easy to point to them because of the issue of the business class travel … we have other sports that I think still have some work to do.

”Rugby is one that has an opportunity. It now enters into the Olympic family with the Sevens coming on for Rio [in 2016], and that presents a fantastic opportunity for rugby to embrace the women’s game.”

Senator Lundy cited Hockey Australia as a model national federation in terms of its gender equity programs and predicted that, in the aftermath of the Olympics, she would lead ”an increased focus on the sport that women play within our Australian sports system”.

”Post-Olympics, if we’re going to be genuine about building on our strengths for our next edge, women and how we support the sport that women play, will be a big part of that.”

Basketball Australia has announced a three-month review.

”There are reviews after every major tournament and it’s one of those things where we’re like ‘here we go, we’ll tell them exactly how we’re feeling and see what changes’,” Jackson said. ”It’s on BA. There’s only so much you can say or do.”

Jackson said she was optimistic with Ms Keneally at the helm: ”I think that’s a huge bonus for us. I think she’s very pro-women, she’s pro us getting exactly what we deserve.”

…read more …

It will only be at an event like the Olympics were women get to share the ‘big’ stage of sport – sport is a ‘mans’ domain in the true sense.

Always has been and always will be.

The expansion in womans sport – as with the ‘womans equality movement’ is driven by many things – they both emerged as mainstream political adjustments everybody had to make in the 70’s so as not to be seen as ‘sexist’.  The politicians mostly had to suck it up, then came the Corporate world, and then the filtering down to the management line and the equality in the workplace.   Women’s team sports picked up on in the 90’s and is still going strong.

With reference to the above Kate Lundy story – Lundy needs to take herself a lot less serious.  She needs to understand how ‘ratings’ dictate sporting heroes – ratings dictate all things and as a Politician she should know this.

For example – womans tennis is a fashion show for underwear at best – sure we marvel at some of the past greats,  but the last womans final in the Australian Open Tennis lasted less than an hour – the score was 6-3 6-0 and who can remember who played?

How can a ticket to that final be worth the same as the Mens final that went for 4 hours and was a gladiator contest.

So it is with all sport – women prefer to watch men play sport, men prefer to watch men play sport.

Women playing sport is all about a political correctness.  I enjoy watching a contest – and in women – you get that in swimming, but only at the highest level,  basketball the same and yet again only at the highest level – netball, and why that is not an olpymic sport is hard to understand … but more common women’s sport like, cricket, league, soccer – well sometimes you get a freak who can play as good as men … but I’m still to see it.   Who would watch this sport on a commercial TV station.  If they played in a swimsuit it would have appeal but then they would be either sexist or degrading to women.

Hang-On – didn’t we not just have an American Football series out here with women dresses in swimsuits or something more revealing?

The women’s tennis tour as said is about the ‘grunt’, the underwear, and makeup unless you’re a Williams,  or similar amazon playing at being nice but unable to escape the hormone mix that is always on display.

Women are also good at skill-set sports, gymnastics, synchronised swimming, but once again that is all eye candy for male viewers and very sexist and degrading for women.

Women’s athletics is also watchable if only to appreciate how some women can train and dedicate themselves to a sport that plays havoc with their ‘cycle’, and has lasting effects on their ability to have children.

Look – ‘gladiators’ don’t cry when they get beat – they’re either dead or maimed for life.  In the modern contest – death of disability is not the price for losing – women athletes ‘cry’ on camera and do so because the people watching want to see the emotional pain they are feeling.  Even some men cry – hell how soft have we become?

All this crying represents a whole different contest going on out there and it has nothing to do with sport.

Stephine Rice is the ‘drama queen’ of Australian sport – her ‘flirting’ media expose with Sullivan leading into the Beijing Olympics had all of Australia besotted before she had any success to prance upon – since then the drama outside the pool has been her bread and butter …

For reality’s sake – Kate Lundy take a step backwards … in professional sport which is where the Olympics are these days – if athletes want to travel above the ticket price Australian Olympics is prepared to pay – it should be on their dime – if they want Australians taxpayers to fund their careers, training, competition, and travel costs – what is it that they do to deserve it?

National Pride aside – reward ‘Gold’ and other medal performances, cover their expenses for the last four years in a pro-rata format for success if they are successful.  Anything less will help us pay off our National debt.   Athletes like 400m runner Stephenson who has another agenda entirely, just should not be on the team.

We understand the mandate of the Olympics is to compete and to compete fairly, and equally.   I don’t recall reading about a drug test positive at these games during competition – if that’s the truth than one can say that these were the ‘cleanest games’ in several generations, and congratulations to the athletes for being so fair.  Or, was it that the drug testing just was not up to standard, nor too interested in catching ‘drug cheats’.


Below are the top medal Nations at all Olympics going back to 1948.   Use it as a source to trip up your friends.

London 1948:

Helsinki – 1952

Melbourne – 1956

Rome – 1960

Tokyo – 1964

Mexico – 1968

Munich – 1972

Montreal – 1976

Moscow – 1980

Los Angeles – 1984

Soeul – 1988

Barcelona – 1992

Atlanta – 1996

Sydney – 2000

Athens – 2004

Beijing – 2008

Link to current London – 2012 Medal count …:

EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop …

  1. League Leg End
    August 13, 2012 at 3:36 pm

    A trite misogynist while making some valid points, particularly Women’s tennis. They do not attract anywhere close to similar product sponsorships as men, then why is prize money the same?

    As Australia does it’s soul searching, we truly must keep things in perspective. We still reaped above our share of total medals. We are roughly 1% of the developed world’s population. On a per head of population basis we outperformed USA, and China. This time Bitain outperformed us. That is our history, be it Edwin H Flack in 1896 or overall harvest in Beijing or modern Athens. Our sailing team are the current heroes, while the swim team did not get close to world rankings before hand, or therefore expectations. This is like 1976 when Rowdy Gaines upset our super fish in the 1500m Jenny Turrell was claimed to be overeating, and men’s hockey faltered, and the rowing eight carried the weight of the nation, and then we consoled ourselves in NZ’s better performance. It is strange how the proper name of the super fish (Steve Holland) escapes you. You only remember winners. That too is the destiny of Eamon Sullivan, and possibly James Magnusson. They are expected to keep the legacy of those before them including Thorpedo. In 40 years time their grandchildren will talk of their deeds but not many others. They need to live with that. Wasted chance.

    One thing for certain is that post Montreal the AIS was created. It worked then. It would be foolish to repeat it now. Times have changed. Indeed throwing more money at the issue is totally wrong. I support a HECS style tuition payback scheme for those who make heaps from product endorsements. Look at our current cricket crop, paid fantastically even though not really that successful. I think part of the issue in London is the same. Those who really let themselves down did not have enough fire in the belly. In yesterday’s marathon the commentators made remark that often the world’s best chose to retire early for another marathon event just around the corner, in coming weeks. The sponsorship and prize money is bigger. It is not sport as we understand it but a business decision.

    We all love amateur sport, but that ended 3 decades ago. Usain Bolt wants us to follow him on twitter. We only marvel at his athletic capacity, not what he ate for breakfast, or where he is, or who he is with!

  2. Gerry Hatrick
    August 14, 2012 at 8:30 am

    The Olympics are many things, including big business, and an orgy of self indulgence of IOC officials, and too often the competitors become nothing but victims in the hurly burly of media. Mere lambs to the slaughter.

    A friend wants to know why Rugby, AFL and Cricket are not contested. They are played by as many nations as badminton, and a whole host of other obscure events. Dressage is simply so expensive and not main stream, it requires massive application, but is hardly mainstream, is it really sport, it would be as close to sport as gambling on horses. More correctly the thorough bred industry.

    Of course the argument against Rugby and cricket are similar to those like tennis and soccer. They have massive international competition with less conflict of ideals in Wimbledon and World Cup. That friend simply refuses to partake.

    For mine if Australia could channel the vast sums into science and engineering they currently channel into winning gold medals what a wonderful place it would be.

  3. August 14, 2012 at 9:25 am

    Ana Mears said during her interview with Channel 9 after she won gold that she sees Olympic competition as inspiring to all walks of lives. She said that it helped people from all walks of life deal with challenges in their personal lives – it was a very insightful interview.

    When you count the cost of the Olympic Games – and measure that up against World aid – is it a miscarriage upon humanity?

    The Billions paid in TV rights – the advertisers – and as Gerry Hatrick pointed out the IOC delegates and their debauched lavish lifestyles – are all symbolic of an era long passed – the Financial Armageddon still looming large encourages escape when you can get it – the Olympics is such an escape but for how much longer?

  4. August 14, 2012 at 10:40 am

    SMH gave us a story today about the first medal winner failing a drug test – three days after her victory and hours after the closing ceronomy …. read story here …

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