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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – Olympics Comment and NRL Round 22 – Points galore & The Run Home …

August 7, 2012
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– Olympics Comment & NRL Round 22 –
– Points galore & The Run Home continues –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop | 7th Aug 2012 |
Comment: – The Olympics:
The Channel Nine coverage has been the worst in living memory – and on that point I have been pondering a few things …

Snoop-Poop has a sports background.  Even since he was a teenager sport became his life.  His sporting career included playing at the highest level in many sports.  He was a professional Squash player, has represented QLD in Cricket, Swimming, Rugby League, Athletics – i.e. Discus, Javelin, Shotput.  He has played at the elite level in amateur Golf, played top grade baseball, soccer, tennis, table tennis, badminton, and basketball, was successful in short stints at volleyball and the beach version, dick measuring, and gollie throws, and many other assorted and lesser known sports.  He deems himself eminently qualified to make the following statement about the 2012 London Olympics and Australia’s performance.

Silver medal is not gold … when athletes are required to front up to Grant Hackett or Gian Rooney and the like after failing to perform in their event – it is bad TV – it is distracting to the athletes focus, and it is a media intrusion.

If anything or anyone has to be blamed for the Swim Teams lack of performance – social media, and athlete profiling is a good place to start.

Look at the women swimmers nowadays – all with their facial makeup, fingernail artwork, and trimmed body hair – who are they selling themselves to?

The TV camera picks up everything and these female athletes are thinking endorsements and the $ signs attached to how they look on TV.   Their managers are front and center telling them they have to smile and look good for the camera.

It’s absolute bullshit – Channel Nine and any other broadcaster have etched their way into Olympic Management and gained clauses that give them exclusive access to athletes after their events.  It the interviewer had some respect and understanding on the sport they were covering – it might come across better.

Shame on Grant Hackett and Gian Rooney – they should have known better,  they placed their media careers ahead of the athletes they should have been able to identify with.

They of all people should have understood that putting Magnuson under the microscope after his first olympic event and his disappointment in his performance fucked his whole meet.

If the athlete wins Gold then OK – but Channel Nine’s problem is how do they sell SILVER to an Australian audience – and the bigger problem is that the athlete has to go in there and smile for the camera and answer dumb ass questions from presenters trying to sell the Channel Nine coverage.  Disgraceful …

I bet anyone that as soon as the GOLD drought started – Channel Nine execs were telling their presenters to talk up the SILVER performances, and put a positive spin on it.

It’s all about the money as they say – GOLD performances translate to higher ratings and cash flow for everybody. Channel Nine could not sell an empty Olympic ad spot at the moment given the way things have gone.

As an athlete you want time after your race – a time to reflect and measure the performance.  A time to let the emotional buildup of four years of hard work sweat and sacrifice take its course.

But contractual obligations endorsed by Olympic Management  with Broadcasters and on behalf of athletes –  have them fronting a microphone seconds after they have competed.   The presenter is trying to get in the athletes head to extract an emotional moment all in the name of ‘good TV’.

This does more harm to the athlete then you can imagine.

This circus of ‘tears for TV ratings’ has evolved over many decades.   TV has demanded a bigger piece of the athletes as a trade-off for paying for TV rights.   It works in most sports – but not the pinnacle of events – The Olympic Games.

Pure moments in Olympic history should be glorified – i.e. Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, the UK Cycling team, the absolute heroes in sport – mediocre performances or less than personal bests should not be hung out in public view allowing viewers to console themselves over their disappointment with the scraps of a spent athlete to feed upon.

Chanel Nine are guilty of trying to build a ‘success illusion’ behind what will be Australia’s worse Olympic performance in many decades.

Pre Games expectation of 15 Gold Medals by the Australian Olympic Admin sold us all a dump – and much of the disappointment back home is because of unrealised expectation.

Buy the rumor – sell the fact – a trading strategy for all purposes.

Please – let athletes be athletes – they are not media stars and if they are – then their athletic performance will always have been less than it could have been.

For example – Stephane Rice – she knew her preparation was what it was – so did her coaching staff and the Swim team Management.  Yet the weight of a Nation was placed on her shoulders – the disappointment will cost her sponsorship and that will be why she retires if she does. Rice has made a social media career out of swimming – that distraction and the income it brings has been what has allowed her to continue in the sport.  Her shoulder operations – if it was not for the money would she have continued?   Athletes always get found out by their performances.  There is nowhere to hide in the arena.

While the money flows, athletes will do what they do.  When poor performances prevail and the money stops, the real reason why athletes become athletes and do the sport comes back to why they did it in the first place – personal pride and achievement.   You ever ask yourself why do people climb Everest –

The modern world of sports takes more than it gives back.


There is only five (4) round left and after the upsets over the weekend – the final eight makeup is becoming a lottery.

The ‘run home’ produced after Round 20 has been updated below.   The green highlight represents a correct selection, the red indicates an incorrect selection.

Snoop-Poops ‘The Run Home’ – with thanks to Rookie Bookie …

  1. Canterbury 30 points (+156) – Cowboys (h), Knights (a), Broncos (h), Tigers (h), Raiders (a), Roosters (h) – Prediction WW – WWLW = 40 pts
  2. Storm 28 points (+155) – Saints (a), Panthers (h), Titans (h), Broncos (a), Sharks (h), Tigers (a) – Prediction – LW – WWLL = 34 pts
  3. Rabbitohs 28 points (+77) – Tigers (h), Titans (a), Manly (h), Sharks (a), Eels (h), Knights (a) – Prediction – LL – WWWL = 34 pts
  4. Cowboys 26 points (+83) – Bulldogs (a), Manly (h), Warriors (h), Saints (a), Knights (h), Sharks (a) – Prediction – LL – WWWW = 34 pts
  5. Broncos 26 points – (+82) – Eels (h), Raiders (a), Bulldogs (a), Storm (h), Manly (a), Panthers (h) – Prediction – LL – LLLW = 28 pts …
  6. Sharkies 25 points (-11) – Panthers (h), Warriors (a), Knights (a), Souths (h), Storm (a), Cowboys (h) – Prediction – WL – LLLL – 27 pts
  7. Manly 24 points (+33) – Warriors (h), Cowboys (a), Souths (a), Knights (h), Broncos (h), Titans (a) – Prediction – WW – LWWW = 34pts … (Error in Cowboys Game – had both teams losing)
  8. Tigers 22 points (+4) – Souths (a), Eels (h), Saints (h), Bulldogs (a), Roosters (a), Storm (h) – Prediction – WW – WLWW = 32 pts …
  9. Warriors 20 points (+25) – Manly (a), Sharks (h), Cowboys (a), Panthers (h), Saints (a), Raiders (h) – Prediction – LW – LWWW
  10. Titans 20 points (-22) – Roosters (a), Rabbits (h), Storm (a), Eels (h), Panthers (a), Manly (h) – Prediction – WL – WWWL = 28 pts
  11. Knights 20 points (-34) – Raiders (a), Bulldogs (h), Sharks (h), Manly (a), Cowboys (a), Rabbits (h) – Prediction – LL – WLLW = 24 pts
  12. Raiders 20 points -(39) – Knights (h), Broncos (h), Panthers (a), Easts (h), Bulldogs (h), Warriors (a) – Prediction – WW – WWWL – 30 pts
  13. Dragons 20 points (-58) – Storm (h), Roosters (a), Tigers (a), Cowboys (h), Warriors (h), Eels (a) – Prediction – WL – LLLW = 24 pts

The final 8 would then be: (Use Last Number after adjustments for incorrect picks in Rounds 21 and 22 results.)

  1. Bulldogs – 40 – 40 – 40 –
  2. Rabbitohs – 34 – 3638
  3. Storm – 34 – 34 – 34 –
  4. Cowboys – 34 – 34 – 34 –
  5. SeaEagles – 34 – 34 – 34-
  6. Tigers – 32 – 30 – 30 –
  7. Raiders – 30 – 28 – 28 –
  8. Broncos – 28 – 28 – 28 –
  9. Titans – 28 – 28 – 28 –
  10. Warriors -28 – 2624
  11. Sharkies – 27 – 2527
  12. Knights – 24 – 26 – 26
  13. Dragons – 24 – 24 – 24
  14. Roosters – 19 – who cares …
  15. Penrith – 16 – who cares …
  16. Eels –  14 – who cares …

When one looks at the scorelines over the past two rounds – Round 21 had a total points scored of 387.  The margin between all eight results equalled  121 – and average of 15 points a game.

At a time when history shows that defence wins games at the business end of the season – this season is seeing a host of runaway games as the season closes.  Teams in the top eight are being beaten by lower teams by big scores – i.e. Parramatta beating Broncos 42-22,  St George 26-18 over the Storm in round 21.

Round 22 saw the big scores and margins continue – this week the Warriors were belted 45-4 at home by the Sharkies, Broncos continued their exit from the top 4 going down to Canberra 28-12 in Canberra and never looking in the hunt.   Parramatta officially pulled up stumps on their season after two giant killer wins over the Storm and Broncos before the Tigers had a night out winning 51-26 last night.

Total points scored across the weekend’s matches equalled 344 – with a margin value of 162 – an average of 20pts.  Last week the the margin average was 15pts – rather than games becoming more competitive as the season climaxes – one sided games are the norm.

There are now 5 teams on equal 22 points (as at Sunday night) – and 8th spot with for and against having the Titans at the head of the pack.  Two ponts behind at the Warriors but you’d be a brave man to back them to make the eight after the Sharks loss.  On 7th on 26 points are the Broncos looking for an early season end – they look anything but final 8 contenders, their season highlight – well it was QLD’s actually with the SOO series win.  Broncos coach gifted 4 competition points when he rested key players after SOO matches – the only coach to do so in a formal way.

Griffin has had a shocker year – his halves have been asleep all year in attack and their conversion rate when in the opposition 22 is the worst in the comp.  He has played a winger in Copely all year until he was injured in round 20, when his defence was worse than Michaels who the booted and signed with the Titans two seasons ago.   The forwards have done their job – Hodges and Reed in the centers with the misfiring halves have been the problem.   Very disappointing for fans.

EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop …

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