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EYE-BALL’s Herman on – Shang Yang’s good governance – or is it good faith?

August 6, 2012
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– Shang Yang’s good governance –
– or is it good faith?
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Herman | 6th Aug 2012 |
Shang Yang [see Wikipedia Reference:] is credited with having said:

“When the ruler and officials are lax in executing the laws and allow private interests to take over, there will be chaos. Therefore establish laws and clarify duties, and do not allow private views to infringe laws. Then you will have good government.”

Yesterday while researching another aspect of moral hazard, particularly relating to the Libor scandal, I re-discovered the above quote.  Very simple, the wisdom of the ages. Shang Yang of the dynasty of Qin was defeated and died in battle in 338BCE and was ultimately drawn and quartered.

While the simplicity of the quote is Confucian, we will always wonder about what was lost in translation. Shang Yang is generally thought to have lived in pre history, or at the dawn of ancient history when writing allowed us to keep records rather than rely upon unknown legend or fable.

My point is, while this is so simple in theory, why is it so hard to put into practice. It has been a wisdom for 2350 years. The shortest answer is that through evolution we need to keep the basic truism foremost in our minds. For each progressive step there is over belief, a new insight, a modernism that totally destroys the old, challenging the wisdom. We are not iron age, we are of the information age!  We have mobile phones, note pads and powerful computers, microcomputers. The age of the silicon chip. Today we land an exploration device on the surface of mars.

No matter what issue you want to analyse the question is there. Take Kofi Annan’s resignation as special envoy to Syria over the weekend. With Russia arming Assad’s forces, and others arming the opposition forces what is the point in seeking a ceasefire. There is civil war and chaos.

Domestically our Treasurer and Acting PM last week gave the John Button Memorial Lecture and chose to use the lyrics of Bruce Springsteen to show in contemporary ways how the sectional interests of Gina Rinehart, Clive Palmer and Twiggy Forrest debase greater good. Then today the opposition leader termed Wayne’s Swan’s position as a jihad to counter the opposition to the MRRT. Far too much spin, and is it said at all in good faith? It festers uncertainty and disbelief in good government. Yes I stand by free speech, but call rubbish rubbish. Call junk junk!

We could apply the same logics to the last moments of pre winter break Parliament when we sought a consensus or bi-partisan solution to onshore/offshore processing and more importantly a humanitarian solution to the tragedy that is now the boat people arrivals. Did the Government, or the Opposition, or the Greens really display any good faith? Was polling more considered as they framed and debated their uncompromising positions? You can even wonder about the role of Rob Oakeshott. His independent position in parliament is very tentative. As a result uncertainty and chaos continue, thankfully there has been no subsequent mass drowning.

I have been saying for some time that while the opinion polls are saying that this Gillard lead ALP government is finished, it is only a matter of time, I don’t think so.

As Wayne Swan puts forward his claim to be subsequent ALP leader after Julia Gillard and the Tony Abbott lead Liberal opposition awaits their turn, with snide reassurances to their party faithful, the winner of the next election will connect with the middle ground. They will restore good faith with the marginal voter. If neither party can do so there will be continued chaos.

Believing in sanity is in itself insanity.

EYE-BALL’s ‘Herman’ …

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