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EYE-BALL Opinion on – Enough is Enough – At what point do you call American’s DUMB –


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– Enough is Enough –
– At What Point do you call American’s DUMB –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 2nd Aug 2012 |
T he World sits upon an axis as it has done since time began.  The only thing that can shirt that axis spiral around the sun, and upon its own day/night spin would be some type of a cataclysmic event – you would think.

America the brave, America the magnificent, America the World’s saviour, all statements we can all believe in as history has rolled by.  But what do you say now – America the immoral, America the debauched, America the greedy, America the corrupted – America has much to answer for and with its demise comes uncertainty for the rest of the World.

Four years ago a young brash Presidential candidate emerged to take on the heir apparent Hillary Clinton.  America has had a fetish with Families occupying the White House that goes back a long way.  In recent time it has been the Bush’s and the Clinton’s.

When you look at what both these families have left as legacy’s – you have to question why American’s focus on the narrow as opposed to the expanse.

American Politics was once the shinning beam for the world to follow – it has become this divide where the GOP and the Democrats – once united for a better America, now have strong and radical factional branches with their own agendas.

President Obama’s four years yielded a debt increase of almost 50% over the debt he inherited from George Bush Jnr.  In number terms it is in excess of $5 trillion – the same size of all of Americas debt at the end of Clinton’s term in 2000.   Yea – that’s right – in 400 years as a Nation, Obama has spent in his almost 4 years the same amount as the cost of public debt those 400 odd years created.  But he is not the worst …

The Table below presents the US Public Debt growth (%) for successive Presidents since Richard Nixon was in the White House.

Click on Table to enlarge in a new window.
Links to source data: US Public DebtUS Historical Debt …

The surprising stat from this Table is that it is the Republican Party (GOP) that has been responsible for the greatest Debt (%) increases.  Ronald Reagan presided over a debt explosion of 186% during his 8 year term.  Bush Snr only had 4 years yet was still responsible for a 47% growth in Public Debt.  And then George Bush Jnr made it a trifecta with an 86% increase.   In between Clinton was responsible for a 37% increase.

When Nixon signed away the ‘Gold Standard’ in 1972 – Americas debt stood at around $400 billion.  Some 40 years later – that debt has grown some 4405% – to $16 Trillion.  The US Debt ceiling is again under threat having only been lifted 12 months or so ago.

Surely the World is aware of this ‘manic’ spending by American Politicians – all to create the American illusion that allows Americans to believe they are the wealthiest Nation on earth.  Anything thing less as a self belief for Americans would be catastrophic.

For all non-Americans, to watch this once great Nation fall from grace is a tragedy.  It is pure stupidity and DUMB if not to overstate the obvious.

The US re-election silly season is again upon us.   Latest estimates have the cost of the Presidential campaign in excess of $2.5 billion per candidate.  This does not include all the other GOP candidates and their spend to get their Party’s nomination.  It is widely reported that Romney’s victory for the GOP nomination was because he outspent the other candidates by a factor of 3 or 4.

Just imagine – Presidents by the largest Bank balance.

How the World has turned since Reagan spent his way to beat the Russians and bring down the Berlin Wall.  In the end with Oil at $10 a barrel – Russia’s reserves dried up.  20 years later how the wheels have turned.  Russia is now a financial powerhouse and America is bankrupt.

Many reasons can be offered – but the simplest is that America believe in their self-hype and thought the party would never end.  The GOP have much to answer for.

The Democratic Party have not had the Congress to support their policies and this may have curtailed spending growth through the Clinton and Obama era’s.  But when the GOP get into the White House – the results of the above Table demonstrate what they do best – spend … spend … and more spend …

The Bush Presidents fought Wars, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, and then the War on terrorism.   It is this War on Terrorism that allowed all America’s Security agencies to open up the checkbooks – the CIA, NSC, Defence, FBI, and all the other unknown and covert agencies.

The right question is – did Bin Laden win the War after all?

Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

Links to Australian Parliamentary Website – MP’s

The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. league leg end
    August 2, 2012 at 2:10 pm

    The Olympic games gold medal tally reflects many social trends. Today the 2 Korea’s is a very interesting dilemma. Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Olympic success was always a contest between USSR and USA. Communist satellites played their part. Since then the USA had little competition until China started matching the USA’s investment.

    Also today it is interesting to note the part of France Italy and Spain. Some of the world’s worst economic cases compared to the USA. The progressive tallies are changing rapidly, but America is struggling, while Europe’s bankruptcy countries appear to be going well.

    The USA has cancelled the space exploration program because of cost. They are also contracting militarily while attempting to reconfigure resources to meet the ever present threats. There are several other observations. But given the ongoing contraction how has this affected their overall performance compared to that of China in the Olympic results. Per capita does not explain anything. China has over 4 times the population of USA which in turn has well over 10 times the population of Australia, so what does that mean in the case of either South Korea or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea?

    The Olympic games are a tiny snapshot of each overall economy but publicly so easy to note or observe.

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