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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – NRL Round 21 – Upsets galore – The Run Home …

July 30, 2012
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– NRL Round 21 – Upsets galore
– The Run Home continues –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop | 30th July 2012 |
There is only five (5) round left and after the upsets over the weekend – the final eight makeup is becoming a lottery.

The ‘run home’ produced after Round 20 has been updated below.   The green highlight represents a correct selection, the red indicates an incorrect selection.

Snoop-Poops ‘The Run Home’ – with thanks to Rookie Bookie …

  1. Canterbury 30 points (+156) – Cowboys (h), Knights (a), Broncos (h), Tigers (h), Raiders (a), Roosters (h) – Prediction W – WWWLW = 40 pts
  2. Storm 28 points (+155) – Saints (a), Panthers (h), Titans (h), Broncos (a), Sharks (h), Tigers (a) – Prediction – L – WWWLL = 34 pts
  3. Rabbitohs 28 points (+77) – Tigers (h), Titans (a), Manly (h), Sharks (a), Eels (h), Knights (a) – Prediction – L – LWWWL = 34 pts
  4. Cowboys 26 points (+83+ winning margin tomorrow night) – Bulldogs (a), Manly (h), Warriors (h), Saints (a), Knights (h), Sharks (a) – Prediction – L – LWWWW = 34 pts
  5. Broncos 26 points – (+82) – Eels (h), Raiders (a), Bulldogs (a), Storm (h), Manly (a), Panthers (h) – Prediction – L – LLLLW = 28 pts …
  6. Sharkies 25 points (-11) – Panthers (h), Warriors (a), Knights (a), Souths (h), Storm (a), Cowboys (h) – Prediction – W – LLLLL – 27 pts
  7. Manly 24 points (+33) – Warriors (h), Cowboys (a), Souths (a), Knights (h), Broncos (h), Titans (a) – Prediction – W – LLWWW = 32pts
  8. Tigers 22 points (+4- whatever they lose to the Cowboys tomorrow night) – Souths (a), Eels (h), Saints (h), Bulldogs (a), Roosters (a), Storm (h) – Prediction – W – WWLWW = 32 pts …
  9. Warriors 20 points (+25) – Manly (a), Sharks (h), Cowboys (a), Panthers (h), Saints (a), Raiders (h) – Prediction – L – WLWWW = 28 pts
  10. Titans 20 points (-22) – Roosters (a), Rabbits (h), Storm (a), Eels (h), Panthers (a), Manly (h) – Prediction – W – LWWWL = 28 pts
  11. Knights 20 points (-34) – Raiders (a), Bulldogs (h), Sharks (h), Manly (a), Cowboys (a), Rabbits (h) – Prediction – L – LWLLW = 24 pts
  12. Raiders 20 points -(39) – Knights (h), Broncos (h), Panthers (a), Easts (h), Bulldogs (h), Warriors (a) – Prediction – W – WWWWL – 30 pts
  13. Dragons 20 points (-58) – Storm (h), Roosters (a), Tigers (a), Cowboys (h), Warriors (h), Eels (a) – Prediction – W – LLLLW = 24 pts

The final 8 would then be: (Use 2nd Number With Adjustments for incorrect picks in Round 21 results.)

  1. Bulldogs – 40 – 40
  2. Rabbitohs – 34 – 36
  3. Storm – 34 – 34
  4. Cowboys – 34 – 34
  5. SeaEagles – 32 – 32
  6. Tigers – 32 – 30
  7. Raiders – 30 – 28
  8. Broncos – 28 – 28
  9. Titans – 28 – 28
  10. Warriors -28 – 26
  11. Sharkies – 27 – 25
  12. Knights – 24 – 26
  13. Dragons – 24 – 24
  14. Roosters – 17 – who cares …
  15. Penrith – 16 – who cares …
  16. Eels –  14 – who cares …

The Sharkies v Panthers match was decided in the 79th minute with a referee call about a restart kickoff going the 10 meters – Panthers score from the ensuring scrum to tie the game and then win in extra time.  Replays show the linesmen was nowhere near the 10m line to rule and replays are contentious.  If Sharkies miss the eight – that ref’s call will most likely be the reason.

The top four have not changed, the seventh and eight spot is not a three-way battle between, Broncos, Titans and Raiders with the for and against deciding.

Given the form of all the teams outside the top four – this season’s contenders are those sitting atop the table at the moment.  Teams outside the top four are just gonna make up the numbers with five rounds to go.

EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop …

  1. July 30, 2012 at 11:38 pm

    The current NRL ladder after Round 21 – has the Titans, Knights, Tigers, and Dragons all sitting on 8th spot at 22 points with for and against ranking them in order as above. There are two teams – Warriors and Raiders a furtherr 2 points back . There is a three point gap between the teams equal on 22 pts to the 7th placed team on 25 pts, and then three teams all equal on 26 pts …

    Never has the competition been as bunched is it is noww and League fans are in for a ripping finish to the season propper.

  2. rookie bookie
    July 30, 2012 at 11:42 pm

    I have heard of a university professor in Switzerland who is attempting to create scientific study of extreme events. I can see possible uses in weather or other areas but not financial outcomes. Gambling is much to do with Mass Psychology. Parramatta and Penrith and Newcastle were going through their issues in the first half of the season, and now they have turned things around. On paper each team has potential, before the season Knights were considered favourites for the premiership. On paper Titans have a great pack, but in rounds 2 to 6 lost five on the trot due to weakness in the inside backs. The media were baying for Scott Prince. Penrith definitely had personality issues, where Luke Lewis announcing he is leaving, is clear, then you have Sandor Earle released to Canberra, Penrith are now somewhat more competitive, and Sandor is performing well at the Raiders. You have similar with the winger Perrett from Easts switching to Bulldogs mid season. He has a new lease of life and is scoring tries again.

    Many thought the Storm were over rated in rounds 1 to 9. Bellamy was crushing teams rather than developing strategies. All was based around the 3 stars, and now the whole team has a malaise, not just Cronk or Smith. The return of Slater did not fix it.

    I do not call what has occurred as upsets. Knights are playing terrific footy, a mix of solid defence in the middle, and attacking prowess through Boyd and Waigama and Uate. That was what made them pre season favourites, but their forwards were not working. At this stage, Broncos are falling off through injury and suspension and tonight they met a newly inspired Parra who have learned to win. Simply enjoy their footie. Winners will always enjoy just a bit more. Just ask silver medalist Christian Sprenger. Feeling good with 25m to go, so he lifted a notch and won silver, taken 2 secs of PB this year.

    Most gamblers want to follow trends that may have already reversed. Will Melbourne deserve to $1.40 against another lower ranked team like Panthers next weekend? Tigers go up against Eels next weekend, do you focus on the momentum of the past 3 weeks, or competition placing? The Eels are motivated by shedding the wooden spoon, Tigers simply want to get back into a winning way. Save their season. Wests went well for 2 periods yesterday, and if they fall off next week again against the Eels, Eels will beat them as well.

    The issue for me is who can sustain this for 5 more weeks and have a realistic shot at the title come the semi’s. The congestion at 8th spot is not helping to pick the ultimate 8 or top 4 either.

    You have highlighted how one tough ref’s call helped Penrith and hurt Sharks. That is part and parcel in the game. Over time, it is always there. Each team gets some breaks, and gets broken at other times. As a gambler you either quit gambling or adjust your perspective. As a supporter you also learn to cope. Did Qld really deserve their 7th consecutive SOO this year, it simply doesn’t matter. Look at the scoreboard (or history books) until next June there is nothing that can change.

    I am enjoying the buzz, but it is hard work. Last Friday I heard a fella tell a TAB operator, I want $200 on Saints all up Easts. I thought about it, But Titans are certainties. In the first 25 minutes they were not certainties. That is footie. That bloke had $200 to $1800 odd, but in the end it was just a rush. He blew his outlay.

  3. rookie bookie
    July 30, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    Again this year it is looking possible that a team with 12 wins from 24 games will be in the last 8. It is really tough to be eliminated on for and against. It is just as goofy to have 1/2 the comp qualify for the playoffs. You will always have under performing teams making up the numbers.

  4. Gladio Gent
    August 14, 2012 at 9:44 am

    hey great job

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