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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – NRL’s Parramatta are Delusional – Comparing Ricky Stuart with Jack Gibson ???

July 28, 2012
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– NRL’s Parramatta areDelusional –
– Comparing Ricky Stuart with Jack Gibson!!!
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop | 28th July 2012 |
The big secret os out – Ricky Stuart has signed a three year deal with NRL Club Parramatta.  The hype around the ‘biggest known secret’ in League all year was confirmed yesterday.

The drama does not end there – Stuart still wants to keep the State of Origin Coaching position or ties with the roll.

Stuart’s coaching performances to date being compared with the signing of Jack Gibson as Parramatta Coach has to make Parramatta’s Chairman Roy Spagnolo look and sound like a goose.

‘Stuart the best Eels signing since Jack Gibson’

| Author: Michael Chammas | Date: July 27, 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

Parramatta haven’t wasted any time heaping pressure on new coach Ricky Stuart, declaring him the best signing since Jack Gibson.

“I think it’s huge,” chairman Roy Spagnolo said.

“It’s probably the best signing we’ve had, probably since Gibson.

“For us it’s a really positive way to go forward and return the club back to its glory days.”

The Eels officially unveiled their coach for the next three seasons at a press conference inside Parramatta Stadium this morning, but his appointment could’ve been mistaken as a sideshow, with Stuart left to answer questions about his future as NSW Origin coach.

The Eels say they haven’t spoken to Stuart about the possibility of coaching at both club and state level, with Stuart to meet with the NSWRL next week.

While the decision is out of Stuart’s hands, with the NSWRL yet to decide whether they will renege on their policy to appoint a coach with no NRL attachments, Stuart admits he feels strongly about the role.

“Let me tell you, if they don’t make the right decision over the coming weeks in regards to NSW, Queensland will go on to win 10 series in a row,” Stuart said.

“It’s a very important decision for NSW rugby league and if I can assist in that decision, I most definitely will, because I care for Origin football, I care for NSW and we’re not far away.

“I want to win for the players sake, for NSW, as much as anybody.”

He also wants that at his new club, admiring the attitude of all involved, who seek nothing but success for Parramatta.

“When I sat down with Roy and Bob [Bentley], I could see how committed they were to their football team and wanting to win,” Stuart said.

“It’s a big club out here, it’s a big challenge, and what I was excited about was the people who were involved are all desperate to be winners, and I like that attitude.

“For anyone who knows me, as soon as I adapt to new colours, new club, that’s my club – that’s the way I feel.”

… Read more …

A grub like Stuart thinks he can do both jobs, SOO and Parramatta – greater coaches have tried and failed – i.e. Craig Bellamy during QLD’s recent 7-0 series wins.

Stuart wants the cash, the payola – nothing but a greedy grab.  The man’s ego is beyond his capability as a coach – and for the record what is his career coaching record – working backwards: [Extracted from Wikipedia.]

  • State of Origin 2011-12

On 17 November 2010 Stuart was appointed as the state’s first full-time coach of the New South Wales State of Origin team for two years with a get-out clause for the 2012 series should Stuart return to NRL coaching. Stuart remains as the last man to ever win a State of Origin series for New South Wales with Queensland having dominated ever since.

Stuart coached the Blues for the 2011 series, which was lost to the Maroons by two games to one. Stuart, however, achieved his promise that the Blues would win at least one game that series, that being Game II. The Blues’ win in Game II brought belief amongst the NSW media and fans that the five-year losing streak would end, but New South Wales was beaten in the third and deciding Origin match by a scoreline of 34–24.

Stuart continued in the NSW head coaching role for the 2012 series, which was once again lost by two games to one. For the second consecutive year however, New South Wales won Game II in Sydney.

In the 2012 series he again lost 2-1 with the decider game going to the Maroons 21-20 thus giving the Maroons a 7-0 series winning streak.

  • Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 2007-10

In 2007 Stuart took over from Stuart Raper as head coach of the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks with a two year contract, which was then extended to the end of the 2011 playing season.

But on 24 May 2010, with 18 months left on his contract, Stuart announced his resignation from the end of the 2010 season,ending yet another tenure prematurely and at loggerheads with club executives,members and players, handing the job over to current Sharks assistant coach, Shane Flanagan.

Despite the Sharks making the preliminary finals in 2008, Stuart’s time with the club was marred by a horror year in 2009. Not only was the club in dire financial straits but the Cronulla Sharks club was also tarnished by media allegations about a 2002 group-sex incident involving former Sharks players, player Reni Maitua’s dismissal after testing positive to drugs, removal of the captaincy from key player Paul Gallen, accused of racist remarks despite evidence of his non-racist stance, several unsavoury incidents involving now-disgraced CEO Tony Zappia (including his assault of a female staff member and involvement in an insurance-fraud fan donation scandal).

  • Australian Test Coach 2005-08

In December 2005 Stuart was appointed as coach of Australian national rugby league team, replacing Wayne Bennett after Australia’s loss in the 2005 Tri-Nations final to New Zealand by a scoreline of 24-0. This meant that Stuart had to stand down as coach of the New South Wales State of Origin team. Stuart enjoyed success with the Kangaroos: winning the Anzac Tests of 2006 and 2007, as well as the 2006 Tri-Nations. In addition, at the end of the 2007 season, the team won a one-off Test against New Zealand.

At the 2008 Rugby League World Cup the Kangaroos dominated their opposition and Ricky Stuart took the team undefeated to the final against New Zealand. Despite their favouritism, the Kangaroos lost 20–34. Afterwards he was reported to be so incensed by the defeat that he verbally attacked Geoff Carr, the Chief Executive of Australian Rugby League, claiming that tournament organizers and match officials conspired to cause the Australian loss. The next morning he had a chance meeting with Ashley Klein, who refereed the final, and Stuart Cummings, England’s director of referees, at their hotel. He is reported to have verbally abused both officials in front of a number of witnesses, calling Klein a cheat, and of being physically and aggressively intimidating.

Following an outburst at officials Ricky Stuart stood down his position as Australian coach and was handed a $20,000 fine.

  • Sydney Roosters 2002-06

In 2005, Stuart was appointed coach of the New South Wales. His coaching approach continued the Phil Gould legacy of matching the Queensland passion by focussing the NSW players’ pride in the jumper and achievements of those who have worn it before. Although Stuart only coached the NSW side for just one series, the Blues managed to win the series 2-1 after having lost the first match in high drama.

Stuart began his first grade coaching career in 2002 with the Sydney Roosters, taking over from Graham Murray and winning the premiership in his first year as coach. The following season he took the Roosters to the 2003 NRL grand final but they lost to the Penrith Panthers. The 2004 Stuart-coached Roosters side was also beaten in the Grand Final, but the team struggled in 2005 and 2006 despite the high calibre of the player roster. Stuart’s contract was terminated and he left the Roosters two weeks before the end of the 2006 season.


Stuart was a ‘grub’ as a player, niggling and always trying to get under the opposition’s skin – much in the mould of Priddis and the like. As a Coach at the Roosters where he had success – he was mentored by Phil Gould and it was Gould’s break with the Roosters in 2005 that saw Stuart’s Coaching career take a dive. Without Gould to hold his hand Stuart has no creditability as a coach as proved since 2005.   His record as Australian Coach – is best summarised by his egregious un-sportsman outburst at having lost the final against New Zealand.

Yet Parramatta in yesterday’s signing openly state that he is the equal of Jack Gibson’s signing … why do stupid people show such disrespect to one of the games greats.

The same Parramatta Administrators were saying the same about Chris Sandow after his signing last season for $550k from Souths … the Rabbits sold a dud and Parramatta were too stupid to understand what so many fans knew. It is the same with the Stuart signing.

The history of Parramatta’s recent Coaches reads like a graveyard of career ending choices –

Brian Smith had a stink at Newcastle after the Parramatta gig – he was unsuccessful there and then went to the Roosters – where he coached them to a losing Grand Final performance against St George in the 2010 final.

Taylor went to Souths and no longer coaches an NRL side.

Hagan quit NRL coaching and joined the QLD State of Origin coaching staff and been there ever since.

Anderson is now a commentator on ABC’s Grandstand and other media outlets.

Kearney was sacked a week ago by Parramatta – and it is not known what his intentions are.

Stuart will be just another name on an empty list of coaches who came and then went without delivering Parramatta fans the flag they have been searching ever since Jack Gibson gave them three successive Premierships in 1981, ’82, ans ’83.

Stuart is no Gibson, not now and never will be … but then what would the current Eels Chairman Roy Spagnolo know about history if he is so eager to pronounce Stuart’s signing the equal of Jack Gibson’s signing.

Stupid … Stupid … Stupid … Parramatta deserve all the crap that is still to come their way if this is how they compare greatness.

EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop …

  1. ParraFan
    July 28, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    Stick it to the wanker. Parramatta fans have been short changed yet again!

  2. david the pragmatist
    July 28, 2012 at 6:29 pm

    I am sure at some stage of this exercise over the next year or so I will have to hear I told you so.
    Some points of relevance to your rant are:
    The best signing since Jack Gibson is the quote, your inference was better than Jack Gibson and as usual you never let the facts tell the story.
    Let me say that as far as coaches go then Stuart is probably the most important since Gibson…..Monie, Hilditch, Cronin, Smith, Hagan,Anderson and Kearney are some of the comparisons to make.
    As a parra supporter I live in hope, simply Kearney was not going to make it, his player selections lacked credability and he had no way out. Stuart initially will not be warmly greeted by supporters but he is a medicine that the club needs, there were not a lot of alternatives.
    He will bring a credability and attract better players to the club. He will identify issues that need to be addressed and he will rebuild from the bottom up, Parra do have the biggest junior league in the competition and these teams have been as bigger underperformers as the the first grade.
    The real test of Stuart will be in his 3rd season on. His record shows that it is at this stage that he starts to lose the support of his supporter base. We can only hope he has learnt from past errors and has matured in this sense. The life of any club coach is probably only five years. Gibson never stayed longer than 4. Bennett had a unique situation but ultimately his benevolent dictatorship had to come to an end. Coaching is a combination of many things with regard to leadership, a great leader knows when to delegate and when to step in and when to mentor. In the modern era not many understand what true leadership is, most certainly not Snoopy who has still not graduated from high school.
    Leadership is earnt , sometimes feared, sometimes hated but always respected for the endeavours undertaken and for the good of the many, but meeting the demands of the few at the same time.
    Wether Ricky Stuart can do that is yet to be seen, but let me tell you that he will never be influenced by the likes of Snoop Poop and similar whingers who are always at the head of the lynch mob and then running with the foxes after hunting with the hounds.

  3. Jinxer
    July 28, 2012 at 6:29 pm

    How can Stuart hope to hold the SOO position? Your call is so right in him being a money hungry grub. If he couldn’t do in two years, whayt makes him think he can do it in three or four? Feel for you Parramatta fans who have another three years with this dickhead as you loser coach.

  4. July 28, 2012 at 6:47 pm

    The douchebag speaks with a broken heart – his beloved Parra is in tatters – I went with him to see Parramatta win their last Grand Final in 1986 – he is a fan and ever since his heart has been broken every year.

    He bleeds red when you challenge his support given he moved to QLD 30 years ago .. . you would think his life would have been so much more rewarding had he taken on the Broncos as his club … and the moroons … his life would not be the weekly negative asshole every Monday and Tuesday getting over the weak Parramatta weekend performances.

    The ‘best signing since Jack Gibson’ retort shows how pathetic his comment is – what about the players who have signed for Parramatta in the interim – Players like Hindmarsh, Nathan Cayless, Luke Burt, Kristnan Inu and the many other players who went to other clubs and became noteworthy players … and then there is Hayne – is he not as good a signing as Jack Gibson – much better than Stuart.

    It’s pathetic when one-eyed supporters lose sight of the real goal … Stuart is rejected by every other Club wanting a Coach in recent years and Parramatta are so desperate they offer him a lifeline he has not earned. They have more money than sense.

    You say that Stuart will attract better players – we wait with baited breath … it’s bullshit – players will run away from Stuart. Luke Lewis was on the market and he rejected the Eels when the Stuart rumours were rife … he went to Cronulla.

    Just wish people would try to talk with some balanced argument and see things as they realy are. 12 months ago I told him about Sandow and what a dud he would be and he admitted to me only weeks ago how right I was … yet he still will not learn.

    With fans like this … they deserve more wilderness years …

  5. david the pragmatist
    July 29, 2012 at 11:47 am

    The signing was relevant to coaches, not players and the players you mentioned are Parra juniors which I do not regard as signings.
    The arguments you mainly expressed were about me and loyalty to the club I was born with.
    If Snoopy new anything about life he would understand that once you have a child you cannot stop loving it, regardless of what they do. This said being a loyal follower of a team is no different, you just can’t change sides as Snoopy suggested.
    Now contrary to bleeding every year since 1986 I got complacent with 4 premierships in 6 years and it took me at least another 5 years, early nineties to start wondering will they ever get it back. Brian Smith cost us a premiership in 2002 by not playing Brad Drew for the whole Grand Final because he did not accept that Drew was the catalyst that got them there. Jamie Lyon was another player who did not like playing for Smith.
    The Grand Final loss to Melbourne was a great effort, mainly of Hayne’s back. Just the same I did not think much of Daniel Anderson as a picker of players at selection meetings and again like Smith was instrumental in losing quality players to other clubs Feliti Mateo,Krisnan Inu and the hooker that went to Penrith whose name escapes me being examples. Please note that Paul Gallen, Williams to Manly, Jeremy Smith, Reynolds, are just some of the recent players lost.

    I am sure many club supporters who know their clubs inside out could tell similar stories.
    It urks me that Manly who always had a bought team have now emerged with a wonderful club culture that breeds loyalty. Parra had that same wonderful culture once with such loyal players who would not dream of going to another club. These are the goals that Stuart needs to attain, premierships just happen on a regular basis after that. Winning the competition from this base is the real attribute a club can look to attain. Buying a premiership is an inconclusive satisfaction akin to buying a new mansion and living in the outhouse becuase you feel more at home.
    Now I know some of what I am saying is developing into a rant but I needed to say it so poor Snoopy may gleam an understanding of what club loyalty and following your team is about.
    I can only feel sorry for Snoopy who does not understand what hes missing out on.

  6. Jinxer
    July 29, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    You forgot Jason Taylor as both a player and a coach …

  7. Danny Crane
    July 30, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    Shoot em all, this Snoopy charachter is a wuss and the pragmatist guy is so soft I suspect he’s a girl. I like Ricky Stuart he reminds me a bit of me. Chubby (I like chubby sex but not with fat people) and arrogant and straight to the point, My wife Allan once said, don’t you ever give up Danny and I’d say not until the blue and golds win the premiership again.

    Look out boys we’re coming to get you!!

  8. July 30, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    The trouble with being a ‘transparent wanker’ is that we all get to see how big your donger is … sorry Danny … we all now know why you had to marry Alan …

    Dicks aside … Danny I thought you were a ‘Redsocks’ fan … Boston Redsocks that is – how do you get to be ‘yellow Eels’ …

    How ‘fat’ is ‘chubby’ Danny – we all know you like ‘midgets’ and any other oddball sexual fantasy you might dream of … but a distinction for clarification is needed – how ‘fat’ does one have to be before they’re not ‘chubby’ anymore …

  9. mmo
    August 7, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    sup I’m barbara I’m such a silly girl but I still really admired your work

  10. Danny Crane
    August 8, 2012 at 11:13 am

    Well Barbara, you seem a bit chubby to me,want to meet me on my balcony, Alans’ says he doesn’t mind, as long as he gets seconds.
    Come on Barbara, one for the boys!

    PS do you like riding in escalators or dropping your pants for a judge

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