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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl on – Australian Gangsters Inc Part I – Gillard and the ALP by another name!!!

July 26, 2012
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– Australian Gangsters Inc Part I-
– Gillard and the ALP by another name!!!
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 26th July 2012 |
Godfather Gillard:
The Prime Minister of Australia is a Gangster – her Cabinet Members are mostly all Union carrying hoods and partners in ‘Gangsters Inc’ – and running this country like it was mafia hood-land – all according to recent reports.

If these media reports be true – including reported stand-over incidents including a caper where the PM of Australia allegedly ‘blackmailed’ and intimidated the Heads of News Ltd, and the Fairfax Media empires to pull the previously reported AWU fraud story – her Gangster title is deserved.

The reports claim the PM rang the CEO’s of these major Media empires to have pulled, retracted and apology published over a legally approved story that went to press in the Murdoch press the same day.  That story covered her involvement with a fraud against the AWU whilst she served as a Partner with Melbourne Law form, Slater and Gordon where it is alleged she helped set up the false AWU bank accounts used to funnel the fraud monies.

Some research into the UNION movement across Australia reveals almost a A$ billion of Union dues are paid into Union accounts ever year.  Most of these Unions have no real accountability or independent audit process to verify how those Members funds are used.   Gillard is accused of Union fraud back in the early 90’s and she has escaped accountability for that fraud ever since.

Recent revelations and exposures connected with the Health Services Union (HSU) – and its past Secretary Craig Thompson in the House of Representatives have highlighted in luminous detail how Union funds can and are being used and abused by Executive Management.

Gillard’s fraud case has similar extortion overtones to the HSU case – and a fight is brewing between the Union Faction support for Gillard as the puppet Leader, and the ALP members who want to divorce the Union and return the party to more traditional policy and roots.

Gangster Gillard has many enemies – and she puffs herself up to face the ‘media-throng’ as regular as her ass shits – she struts like a cock-less rooster and nags at her diminishing followers how good a job she is doing.   Trouble is that her support Her protection all have limp-dicks – people like ‘Goon-head’ Swan,  ‘Dickless’ Shorten,  ‘Blow-Hard’ Conroy,  ‘Dried-up’ Roxon,  and a host of other over achieved underachiever’s all lined up in a row behind ‘Gangster’ Gillard.


There were two stories yesterday and another over the weekend all calling Gillard for the chop-block. The first was a Mike Carlton story in The Weekend Australian – see below:

Labor’s Choice is Rudd of Oblivion!
| Authors: Paul Kelly| 25th July 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

EVENTS of the past 10 days affirm that public destabilisation of Julia Gillard’s leadership is institutionalised, which has two results: it further guarantees Gillard cannot recover in the polls, but it cannot alone meet Kevin Rudd’s core requirement for his return to power.

Labor risks being torn apart. Emotions and animosities are getting hotter. Briefings on the leadership are rife. The Labor tragedy is that Gillard’s prime ministership is being cancelled from within by a mood of anger and despair, yet the mechanism that permits a successful Rudd return does not exist. Not yet.

In Washington last week at the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue, Rudd was serene and his usual hyperactive self. As delegates moved in and out of formal sessions taking calls from Australia, Rudd seemed the calmest man in the room.

What is Rudd waiting for? For the Labor Party to sink into the depths of despair. In truth, it is only when Labor is absolutely desperate that it can form a collective view on the historic crisis it confronts. That may or may not happen.

…read more here …

Unlike with Howard, this time it’s easy to write it’s time for PM to go
| Author: JANET ALBRECHTSEN| 25th July 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

A FEW years back I wrote a column that began with the words “This is one of the hardest columns I will write”. It was time for then prime minister John Howard to go.

Like most leaders, he did not see it that way. Howard was not short of self-belief. Neither is Julia Gillard. But, by contrast, this is the easiest column to write. It is time for Julia Gillard to go. If she does not leave now, her place in history will be marked by dishonour.

Many of us once admired Gillard for her tenacity, political nous and intellect. Those days are long gone. Branding herself as a fighter is all Gillard has left. When the PM described herself as a fighter at the recent NSW state Labor conference, it was telling that her punchy speech did not mention winning the next election.

A fighting spirit is a great virtue in many circumstances: for the soldier on the battlefield; for the victim of cancer; for the deserted wife battling to care for children; for the parents of a disabled child demanding better services from government. But for our embattled Prime Minister, it is no longer a virtue. Her fighting on has turned a virtue into a vice. Far from looking courageous, Gillard looks stubborn, arrogant and deluded. Her desire to pitch herself as the Rocky Balboa of Australian politics, another “new Julia” if you will, is seriously foolhardy. The new, new Julia looks more like the captain of the Costa Concordia. With poll numbers at 28 per cent, the party is sinking.

… read more …

PM must go or the party will be over

| Authors: Mike Carlton | 21st July 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

Time to face facts. Time to pull the pin. Julia Gillard is leading the Australian Labor Party towards a catastrophic election defeat, probably the worst in its federal history. For the good of the party and the good of the country, she must quit the prime ministership or be prised out of it.

I write this with a heavy heart. Like millions of Australians, I had great hopes for her. When she replaced Kevin Rudd in June 2010, it seemed national politics had shifted up a gear to a new maturity.
As Rudd’s deputy, Gillard had been a standout

in the super-ministry of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, ridding us of John Howard’s hated WorkChoices regime. The Building the Education Revolution program was hers, too, a nationwide success despite the howls of the Tories and their media claque. She drove policy and got results. Our first woman prime minister came to the job with the intellectual and political heft to do it well.

Those qualities remain undimmed. She has negotiated the minefield of minority government with consummate skill. For all the media blather about a dysfunctional body politic, her government has steered no fewer than 374 bills into law in this Parliament, an astonishing result in the face of the wrecking ball negativity of the opposition. The national broadband network, the carbon tax and the Mineral Resource Rent Tax are sound and progressive Labor initiatives. After the neglect and sloth of the Howard years, we are now seeing record investment in the vital infrastructure of highways, railways and ports.

... Read more here …

With each of thee three stories – no mention is made of the AWU Fraud story involving Gillard. These publications, The Australian, and the Sydney Morning Herald, flag bearing Australian media publications of both News Ltd and Fairfax Media, have held up their deal with Gillard and her Gangster Government and not run any story about the AWU fraud case. But by other means they have attacked Gillard’s Leadership credentials.

Latest polls have Gillard’s ALP rating at 28, down three points in a week – most political commentators have her gone by September – but the big question is who will replace her. This post is not about that but how a Gangster thug like Gillard could pull the wool over so many good people in the ALP party? How could such a vile and corrupted person rise to the position of Prime Minister and tarnish the respect and honor such a position holds?

This dragon lady deserves to be before a Judge and jury determining her criminal involvement in fraud, blackmail, legal responsibility and fiduciary allegations, to name but a few charges that Public and Crown Prosecutors could begin investigating immediately.

Talking about it, or screaming it from the rooftops will make it happen.  Whatever she holds over News Ltd and Fairfax is so powerful they turned themselves into turnips overnight over this story.

Getting Glenn Milne  or John Hartigan from The Australian to talk should not be that hard if called before a Royal Commission.  Truth is all that is asked for here … and if the voters are denied that truth – then Democracy in this Nation will fall to all time lows.

Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

Links to Australian Parliamentary Website – MP’s:

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