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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl on – Shame … Shame … Shame … Murdoch Media to blame for the Global descent into darkness!!!

July 21, 2012
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– Shame … Shame … Shame … –
– Murdoch Media to blame for the Global descent into darkness!!!
Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 20th July 2012 |
The Australian Media have forfeited the right to be respected.

Given the actions of both Fairfax Media and News Ltd publications over their refusal to cover the story concerning Gillards involvement in the AWU fraud going back to 1992-95, the Australian public are being lied to and short changed.

This story had been researched, reported and published by News Ltd journalist Glenn Milne in Aug 2011.  It was approved for print by the Murdoch press lawyers.  Yet on the same day the story was published in “The Australian”, News Ltd boss John Hartigan received a call from PM Gillard.  It is alleged that she threatened both Hartigan, and News Publications, and the Fairfax Media with ‘damaging’ actions if they did not pull the story, offer a retraction and apology, and promise never to report on the story again.

According to the evidence presented in the Alan Jones interview with Mike Smith yesterday,  Gillard is a thief, a criminal, and should now be investigated to determine what scope of charges she should face in criminal proceedings.

Listen to interview below:

Julia Gillard and the Australian Workers Union:
| 2GB Interview – Alan Jones & Mike Smith | July 20, 2012 |
| Link to On-Line Interview broadcast. |

This detail aside – what is more frightening is that the free media in this Nation and their satellite networks have misled and denied the Australian public the ‘freedom of information’ that the media have access to and are supposed to print.

They acceded to Gillards demands under duress – and in that moment – the two biggest players in Australian Media, News and Fairfax, ceased to be creditable, of have any right to call themselves a news service.

Their actions demand they be stripped of any right to presumed creditability – that goes for all Print, TV, Radio, Current Affairs, Blog, and all other Political reporting sites owned and operated by both the News and Fairfax press.

The biggest story in half a century is unfolding in boutique Blog sites, Social Media Journalists, a Radio interview here or there, and through solicited commentary associated with these non-mainstream media outlets – and out mainstream media refuse to cover the story.

Both Fairfax media and News Ltd press have agreed to never ‘run’ the story or so it has been alleged by Mike Smith, former broadcaster with Radio 2UE who was sacked for wanting to present his story back in Aug 2011.

Mike Smith was sacked from 2UE – but fronted the 2GB Alan Jones show for an interview yesterday.  This interview – presented above – presents evidence and commentary that hold as serious an allegation that can be made against any Politician, let alone a Prime Minister.

The EYE-BALL Opinion has also posted on this matter – see link here … – and that goes to Gillard’s role in the fraud. This post is about the Media’s capitulation on ethics and standards and the most holy of principles all journalists, editors and media proprietors  operate under and understand – that being ‘freedom of the press’.

How can a press gallery function if Editors and Proprietors are dictated to by the Prime Minister – where is the separation of powers?

This single issue brings to question whether the Proprietors have the ethical qualifications to be allowed to own Media interests. This in itself should demand a Royal Commission into what happened, and the fault with that is that this ALP Government would stack the Royal Commission with ‘yes’ men appointed to give the Government a pass mark and the Media a soft glove slap for their ethics violations.

What is playing out in the UK with the ‘News of the World’ phone tapping has much to do with Gillards leverage in the happenings here when this story first broke.

There have been on and off rumblings about this story for many years – Gillard was unemployable after Slater and Gordon sacked her for her role in assisting and abetting the fraud as a Partnered employee. She has never worked as a lawyer since. Six months after her sacking she found employ through former Vic Premier Kerner’s friendship in John Brumby’s Victorian Labour Government – and from there she managed to get herself pre-selected and the rest is history as they say.

What background checks did the ALP do to vet Gillard before her pre-selection?  For that matter – what checks did the media do to investigate this story at the time when it was raised in the Victorian Parliament?  How did Gillard escape any scrutiny over her past and connection with this Union fraud?  All questions the Australian media have to answer.

This story is far from finished – and if the Alan Jones interview with Mike Smith does not get the story some mainstream attention – then we are all well and truly stuffed and in the hands of egomaniacs twice removed from the asylum.

Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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