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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl on – Gillard, the Unions & the Media – – All match’s made with the Devil!!!

July 21, 2012
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– Gillard, the Unions & the Media –
– All match’s made with the Devil!!!
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 21st July 2012 |

The Australian Union movement has a proud history in Australia’s story.  Union membership in Australia stands near 1.8 million, each contributing a minimum of $10 a week or thereabouts.  That equates to $932 million of Union members funds collected a year.

The AWU – Australian Workers Unionis the largest Union in Australia and the oldest. The AWU has 135,000 members and been in operation since 1886. Its weekly membership donations equate to $1.35 million and in a year they collect some $70.2 million.

On the expense side – they employ 200 staff across 45 offices – assume $100k rent for each office, and a salary of $75k for each employ – that erodes some $19.5 million – and leaves $54.5 million for what?

Political donations and influence – and of course the gravy ride for the Union executive swaying the votes of Union delegates and Political heavyweights to get themselves and their mates appointed to the ALP Party executive fast track.

The ALP political donations list for 2010-11 show a donation total of $37.1 million. These are the official donation lists – there are of course other donations made independent of the official list. Individual Unions run their own ads during election campaigns and these are funded directly by the Union movement independent of the official ALP donation lists.

If these expense/revenue ratios work for all the other Unions – recent concerns over how Union Members funds are being used and spent are warranted.

Trying to find a Union balance sheet without considerable expense is not simple – but based on the simple numbers outlined above it would not be hard to live a life beyond your wildest dreams if someone a bit twisted was in charge of all these funds.

There is no independent oversight for most of these Unions, they have Auditors but that is more a rubber stamp that a true independent and external Audit.


For a very long time Rupert Murdoch has used his sway and media clout to play puppet-master all over the World of Politics.  His editorials and opinion mouthpieces have sucked in the public and swayed political influence to Rupert Murdoch’s version of how the World should be run.

We all got a glimpse of how Murdoch plied his staff to get the ‘dirt’ and sell his version of the News in the UK – well when Gillard trumped him over the AWU Fraud scandal raise by Glenn Milne and published by ‘The Australian” in Aug 2011 – what was she using as leverage?

We already know how the AWU slush fund she helped set up for her lover, and then father to an unborn child when she was a Partner with Slater and Gordon.   She survived the scandal unscathed – and used the coy and sheepish phrase – ‘I was young and naive’ … how can you be a Partner in a reutable Law Firm and be ‘young and naive’?

No – she had some dark secret she used against Murdoch and the Fairfax Media group to have the AWU story pulled. Whoever finds that nugget will have found the poison to sink many a career.

Who would publish it if News and Fairfax have agreed to never again run the story?  At what point would they walk away from their agreement with Gillard?

Of course the bigger angle here is the ‘con’ being played upon the Australian public. To refresh again the Alan Jones interview with sacked 2UE broadcaster Mike Smith – that interview is presented below:

Julia Gillard and the Australian Workers Union:
| 2GB Interview – Alan Jones & Mike Smith | July 20, 2012 |
| Link to On-Line Interview broadcast. |

Let us now walk a little further down the Union connection with Gillard, particular the AWU – in a story published in the SMH today – Paul Howes and Joe Ludwig, National Secretary and President laid claim to a promise to – ‘act to keep Gillard in the PM position’.

This story proves yet again where Paul Howes sits when it comes to deciding who leads the ALP.  It is sickening to think Howes can be so brazen about the power he believes he has.

He is also a dumbass because he does not realise the Australian Public will not tolerate having their choice of Labor Leader taken from them, or for his Unionised power hungry ego to play thug and bully across the ALP landscape.

Howes is no Bill Kelty – and Joe Ludwig knows all about the AWU fraud Gillard was connected with – yet he wants to support her – just how morally bankrupt are these people and the Australian public will call it for what it is.

The SMH story is published below in part:

We’ll act to keep PM in her job, says union
| Authors: Phillip Coorey, Lenore Taylor | 21st July 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

AS SPECULATION about Julia Gillard’s hold on the prime ministership intensifies, the bosses of one of the nation’s largest trade unions have pledged to support her.

Paul Howes, the national secretary of the Australian Workers Union, and Bill Ludwig, its national president, insist the union will play an active role to shore up her leadership if necessary.

“In 120 years the AWU has never run dead on the leadership of the ALP and it never will,” Mr Howes told the Herald. “To say that we are neutral on the leadership is pure fantasy. We are 110 per cent behind Prime Minister Julia Gillard and that will never change.

Mr Ludwig said the union remained “solid” in its support for Ms Gillard. “We have always backed her as prime minister. That has not changed at all and it will not. Anonymous sources who say otherwise are wrong – plain and simple.”

Their support is countered today by the Fairfax columnists Robert Manne and Mike Carlton who say Ms Gillard is leading Labor towards annihilation and must be replaced.

The AWU, a right-wing union, corralled about 15 aligned MPs to vote for Ms Gillard in the February leadership ballot against Kevin Rudd. But since then, its MPs and other senior Labor figures have been given the clear impression that the union – while still formally supporting Ms Gillard – would not be as active in defending her in another ballot.

Mr Howes and Mr Ludwig’s public comments suggest they could still try to press MPs to back Ms Gillard should the leadership issue recur after Parliament resumes on August 14. But as the Herald reported yesterday, the MPs are less fearful of threats or lobbying because they stand to lose their seats anyway if Ms Gillard remains leader and the polls do not change.

Their remarks come as lower house independents, on whose votes Labor relies to form government, warn they could trigger an election if Labor’s leadership speculation does not stop. Rob Oakeshott said if Labor MPs ”forget that being in office means delivering policy outcomes for Australia, then they leave all of us with no choice but to do what we can to assist in bringing an election on”.

Another independent, Tony Windsor, warned that “a change of leaders would be a high-risk strategy that would open up the option of an early election”.

Union leaders also warned yesterday that they would be less inclined to campaign in favour of a Rudd-led Labor Party.

”The willingness of the unions to campaign in the next election will be dampened if Kevin Rudd was leading the party rather than Julia Gillard,” a senior source said.

As attention again focuses on the leadership, Herald columnist Carlton joined those calling on Ms Gillard to go for the good of Labor. “Time to pull the pin,” he writes today. “Julia Gillard is leading the [ALP] towards a catastrophic election defeat, probably the worst in its federal history. For the good of the party and the good of the country, she must quit the prime ministership or be prised out of it.”

Writing in The Age today, Manne comes to the same conclusion. “It is as certain as anything in politics can ever be that if Julia Gillard leads Labor to the next election, Labor will suffer perhaps the worst defeat in its history, worse even than 1931 or 1975,” he writes.

The NSW Right faction has split between Ms Gillard and Mr Rudd. The NSW Labor branch opposes a change but believes caucus members should make up their own minds. When Mr Rudd challenged in February, every significant trade union backed Ms Gillard. Since that ballot, which Ms Gillard won by 71 votes to 31, MPs have shifted away from Ms Gillard as the polls have failed to improve.


The AWU and Gillard story resurfaced again a month or so ago – and it’s had a good run this week – and still the mainstream media walk away from it like it was toxic sludge … what does Gillard hold over the Media proprietors that has them so intimidated?

Makes you feel unsafe right – as if we will ever know the full story … all we can do is keep chipping away at the truth and believe that others who do know will come forth and tumble this whole house of cards – Unions, Media, and the Government … now is that treason or seditious behaviour?

EYE-BALL’s – Harry’s Growl

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