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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – The NRL’s Bronco’s Finals Hopes – Round 20 Report – Defence OK – Attack pathetic …

July 20, 2012
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– The NRL’s Bronco’s Final Hopes –
– Round 20 Report – Defence OK – Attack pathetic!!!
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop | 20th July 2012 |
The Broncos 14-10 loss to the Titans tonight prove again that despite their 390 ‘for’ points scored tally – that has then currently 3rd on the Ladder, but possibely 6th by the end of the weekend matches if Souths, Cowboys and Sharks all win – their hold on a finals berth is far from guaranteed.

I’ve made no secret of my Bronco support – but I’m their harshest critic … in their total game time this season they have dominated field position and tackles in the opposition 22 by a large margin.

Week in week out I look for improvement in their attack when pressuring the oppositions line – it just does not happen. The kick is about the only way they can score – the line is always flat with no options, there is no structure with forwards running dummy lines, it is just bash and barge with ball movement side to side. It is so predictable and pathetic and so unlike Broncos play patterns.

This is a coaching problem – whether Lockyer’s departure has Griffin playing them this style is unlikely – Cory Norman has proved his potential in defence but it is his lack of vision in attack that has this team at sixes and sevens when trying to set up plays.

The 390 points scored has them 6th on the ladder of points scored – they would have the top ranking for all teams for tackles in possession in the oppositions 22 zone.

The Broncos forwards have kept them in this season’s competition. Cory Norman showed early promise in attack early in the season, but as the season has progressed his options have become ultra conservative.  He does not appear to have the organisational skill.  Wallace has been great in defence but even his attack is all about the kick.

The backline injured player list of Yow Yeh and Copley, would not make a lot of difference.  The Wingers are short and can’t jump and have no upmh up the middle coming out of their own 20 zone …

It has been their defence that has won them matches and going forward into the money end of the season – unless their attack gets some punch and creates some doubt in the opposition defence – they’ll crash out in the first weekend of finals – if they make the finals.

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