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EYE-BALL Opinion on – Australia’s Watergate – Gillard to go to Jail … if JUSTICE be served!!!


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Australia’s Watergate –
– Gillard to go to Jail … if JUSTICE be served!!!
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 20th July 2012 |
The statement that the World heard after Pearl Harbour – ‘this day will live in infamy’ – sounded the alarm leading to a darkness that descended over the World for years.

Well – today in Australian Politics – a story broke outside the mainstream media cycle that if acted upon, will make the ‘Kerr Dismissal’ pale into insignificance.   The ‘Watergate’ scandal sunk a US Presidency – this story will sink Gillard, and if Law enforcement and the Justice system do their job – Gillard will be one of many who serve time behind bars.

Australian icon and cartoonist Larry Pickering has been on this story for some time – as has a number of other ‘bloggers’ and fringe media publications.  Even this site has been pushing the story for months.

Pickering’s publication today has pushed the story even further – his commentary appears below:

| Author: Larry Pickering | Date: July 20, 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

Bob Kernohan looks tired. I sat opposite him slurping coffee in Lygon Street, Carlton. He has a kind face that hides his bitter resolve to bring justice to his beloved, bereft AWU Members.

He rails against current AWA Boss, Paul Howes, and his fatuous promise to clean up the union while he, Howes, continues to sit on the mountain of evidence that would help recover his members’ stolen funds.

Unfortunately that very same evidence would kill the AWU-anointed Gillard. So, as with the HSU, once again union members lose and the vile, unelected, political power-brokers thrive.

Bob rubs his forehead, “One day this will be a best seller Larry, there is more to this than Watergate.”

Revelations exposed in The Pickering Post last week have been verified by sacked radio host, Michael Smith, to 2GB’s Alan Jones this morning.

Michael Smith, among others, was sacked for attempting to run the story on his radio program.

The “Pickering Post” interviewed the players in this dirty little game and came away with a clear picture of extortion, fraud and corruption that led all the way to the door of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Gillard is now protected by the very same unionists who put her there.

Paul Howes and Bill Shorten, assisted by Stephen Conroy were the driving force behind the Gillard coup. While members of Caucus were conducting doorstep interviews saying, “don’t be so silly”, “there is no challenge”, “it’s just another media beatup”, it was union boss, Howes, who was at the same time, brazenly announcing the successful knifing of Rudd on the ABC’s Lateline.

ALP Members of Parliament were entirely unaware of union moves to oust Rudd.

Never has there been more visible proof that the Gillard Government is ruled totally by unelected unionists. ALP democracy has been hijacked and corrupted in this way for 60 years. It must stop.

The knifing of Rudd was not, in itself, enough to crown Gillard. Gillard then had to succour the Greens and bribe treacherous Independents to form a make-shift government, a government that is arguably the worst in Australia’s history.

The true hero in this sad saga is Bob Kernohan. He has tried over many years to recover union members’ funds misappropriated by Wilson and allegedly Gillard. He has been bashed and intimidated by union heavies protecting Gillard, he is broke and an outcast. It is bloody cold in Melbourne and he worries about his next power bill.

He represents the epitome of a good union boss; a diligent minder, tirelessly looking out for workers’ interests. Labor blue blood runs through his veins.

Unions are now threatening to withdraw funding from the ALP if their wishes are not met. It is they who decide who the Prime Minister will be and who, if anyone, will replace her.

Let’s look at the involvement of Gillard in the fraudulent activities of her lover, Bruce Wilson.

The Kerr Street house, owned by Bruce Wilson and Ralph Blewitt, was paid for with funds diverted from the WA Government via construction company Thiess. Gillard set up the receiving account knowing full-well that it was an “Association” account and not within the rules of the AWU.

Gillard was an Industrial Lawyer and was aware the AWU did not know the fraudulent account she set up even existed. Yet the AWU was a client of her law firm.

The account was: AWU Workplace Reform Association Inc. (whatever that means). There were a further 12 accounts that appear to have been involved in fraudulent activities.

A handwriting expert has verified it is indeed Gillard’s handwriting on the above fraudulent account application.

Gillard was living with Bruce Wilson in the Kerr Street house. Union officials have confirmed that, when they visited the house on union business, even on weekends, Gillard was running around in her dressing gown. Although she owned another house in Collingwood it was known by one and all that she was living with Wilson. She was at one time pregnant to him.

Her employer, Left-wing Law firm Slater & Gordon, were also aware of the illegal accounts. They did the conveyancing on the ill-gotten house and lent Wilson a further $138,000 in a mortgage to complete the sale.

The fraud surfaced in May of 1995 when renovation contractors working on both Wilson’s and Gillard’s house complained of not being paid.

Immediately realising the gravity of the situation, Gillard raced into AWU offices with handwritten receipts. We cannot identify if the receipts covered all the expenditure nor can we identify the source of the funds Gillard used. But the question must be asked: “Why should Gillard have been concerned if she was not aware of anything untoward?”

Slater & Gordon sacked Gillard anyway as they were likely to be dragged into the political backwash. They then refused to release any documentation regarding the case. Peter Gordon resigned.

Wilson was sacked, along with his partner in crime, Ralph Blewitt. A peeved Ralph Blewitt, not having been paid his severance pay of $12,000 for many years, wrote to Gillard as PM asking for his money. Gillard’s Office wrote back threatening his arrest by the AFP if he did not go away. It worked, Blewitt dropped his claim. It appears Blewitt (who isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed) at least knew of Gillard’s involvement.

Bill Shorten knew of the Wilson/Gillard alleged fraud before AWU Boss, Bob Kernohan, did. Kernohan hit the roof. Shorten advised him to keep it quiet, Kernohan refused.

Shorten has also tried to keep quiet the HSU fraud concerning Craig Thomson. As Minister he has appointed Administrators to the HSU East Branch in order to shut down another whistleblower, Kathy Jackson.

Subsequent AWU Boss, Ian Cambridge, wrote a damning affidavit itemising particulars of the fraud. Gillard promptly promoted Cambridge to her Fair Work Australia Bench. Cambridge has not uttered a word since.

So, the whole filthy affair is starting to come apart at the seams. Wilson, who is broke and camped in Newcastle, wants Gillard’s blood for the way she has betrayed him. Kernohan is tired of receiving bullets in the post and being bashed.

Simpleton Blewitt, and his wife, have been paid by a Melbourne law firm to fly back from Malaysia, where he is hiding out, to give evidence on behalf of a group of other people who also want Gillard’s blood. He is in Melbourne now. Stay tuned.

The mainstream Press won’t touch this for fear of Gillard’s retribution. She has made that open and clear. I have been warned not to persist with this story. I told them to get fucked so I fully expect to get bashed myself now, but little do the union hoods know who I know.

Good luck boys! Do you want my address?

read story on-line …


Reading this story created a thirst – and among the comments posted to this story was a link to Alan Jones’ 2GB interview with Mike Smith broadcast today – that interview – some 30min long – is just absolute listening.

The interview can be heard on replay using the link provided below.

Julia Gillard and the Australian Workers Union:
| 2GB Interview – Alan Jones & Mike Smith | July 20, 2012 |
| Link to On-Line Interview broadcast. |


This Interview goes for some 30 minutes and reveals detail that any Public Prosecutor would want in building a case. The fact that the case would be against a sitting prime Minister begs the question – is Justice equal for one and all?

It proved to be so in a fashion for Richard Nixon – he did no jail time – and Gillard may escape true justice herself – but for her to remain as our Prime Minister and Ambassador to the World – the Independents have to cross the floor – to either hand power to Abbott, or advise the GG that they no longer support the Prime Minister.

This could all happen as soon as this weekend if the story gathers attention – the 2GB interview happened this morning and the news cycle on commercial and ABC TV, radio tonight did not go anywhere near the story. There are a few key points to note:

  • What did Gillard use as leverage to have the Glenn Milne story published by News Limited retracted and an apology published?,
  • And also have the Fairfax owned 2UE’s Mike Smith story pulled 10 minutes before it was due to air and having already been approved?
  • Why have Slater and Gordon not offered opinion of Gillard’s creditability to hold the PM office?
  • Why has the ALP MP’s who know of the AWU Union affair back in 1992-95 and the more recent HSU Thompson affair – not come forth to expose Gillards complicity in both these affairs, given that sacked Attorney General has waited this long to raise the AWU matter in the House for his own personal agenda, as opposed to his responsibility to uphold the integrity and moral behaviour of all MP’s that he knows to be corrupt and criminally implicated in a fraud?
  • How many ALP MP’s and Senators have been aware of this history and kept their mouths shut?

This is the very heart of the matter – not only can the ALP defend their position or actions – every MP and Senator has to confess their knowledge and resign their position if they held knowledge on what transpired – if not first hand, but also secondary or heresy information they failed to act upon.

WHere this goes from here has to involve the GG, the highest Court in the Land, and the Australian Federal Police, just who has been corrupted in those 2nd and 3rd options will dictate how this plays out.

Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

Links to Australian Parliamentary Website – MP’s

The EYE-BALL Opinion …

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    The Feminazi Lament

    In the 19th Century they were termed Suffragette,
    In perseverance they achieved education and the vote,
    Late 20th Century the pendulum had swung,
    For sins past, the male must be subordinate to the feminine rung.

    Espousing of the sisterhood holding true to belief,
    Sperm banks replacing men, Oh what a relief,
    Tour habitual drinking and smoking must stop,
    Don’t forget to get me some paracetamol from the Shop!

    They blame their mothers for the faults of their brothers,
    In their sons they make the same mistake.
    Cajole him with favours “he will be my idyllic man”,
    So his sisters despise him, so evolves the mandrake

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