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EYE-BALL Opinion on – Julia Gillard – Prime Minister … the Leader who Trashed a Nation!!!

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– Julia Gillard – Prime Minister …
– the Leader who Trashed a Nation !!!
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 19th July 2012 |
The Australian Prime Minister has to make a decision in the interests of a Nation – will she fall on her sword?

Gillard is a cornered vixen lashing out at whoever knocks on her door.  She is awaiting the same ‘tap on the shoulder’ she gave Kevin RUDD and she is running from the deliverer.

She has to know her days are numbered and when her minnows come out saying her support is strong i.e. Plibeseck and the like – they do a disservice to the Australian Nation.  Not only will she be remembered as the first female Prime Minister of Australia – she will also be known as the Leader that trashed her own Nation and broke the Australian Labour Party (ALP).

Yea – that’s right, the ALP has been run by the Unions for a 100 years – and in the past those Union Leaders were men who had solid Labour values.  In the modern era of Unions – Kevin Rudd saw what they were doing to the Labour Party and he called them out on it.   He refused to have the new breed serve in his Ministry and it was the likes of Arbib, Shorten, and Howes that saw Rudd dumped and Gillard elevated.

In the two years since – true Labour voters have deserted the party in droves.  The NSW election was a whitewash and Labour was decimated, the same happened in QLD – winning only 7 seats in a 75 seat Parliament.  The Nation polls have the primary support for the ALP at 30% and unable to recover.

The Labour vote is still out there – unwilling to go to the Coalition because Abbott is not a viable option – but they will if Gillard remains at the helm.  Labour know they will serve at least two terms in opposition after the next election.  If Gillard leads them into that election – the ALP will be no more.  The Party will fracture and splinter Party’s will form.

This is the legacy of people like Shorten, Arbib, and Howes … Arbib quit his Senate seat because he wanted more time with his family – yet he took a high profile position in the James Packer empire.  No – he cashed in – he saw the carnage of NSW and QLD and decided his work was done.   A squib, coward, a stinkin’ douche-bag with no moral fibre whatsoever.

Gillard now sits atop her own ‘dungheap’ and the stench around her is toxic – her minnows edge bit by bit further away …

Gillard’s Legacy:

  • The Schools spend – $40 billion cost for $20 billion value –
  • The Carbon Tax – complete waste of effort and money –
  • The Minerals Rent Resource Tax – MRRT – whatever they collect – the high A$ v US$ value has stripped $3-400 billion from Australian Exports since this Government came to office.
  • The proposed $370 million spend on the 2014 G20 – averages out at near $20m a delegate and their entourage –
  • The reinstatement of Politician pay rises after the Rudd freeze during the GFC –
  • PM salary increase from $340k to $600k+ in 2011
  • Budged deficits since 2010 = $56.1 billion – 2011 = $51.1 billion – and to Apr 2012 = $31.2 billion.  Taking a mean average of the surplus/deficit for May and June for 2010 and 2011 – plus the Carbon Tax handout in June 2012 – the 2012 budget deficit will be near – $45 billion.
  • So – on PM Gillard’s watch the National debt grew out by $152 billion

On these calculations – this ALP Government since 2007 – and adding the $3 billion deficit for Rudd’s term for 2008-9 – the total cost to the Australian economy has been somewhere in the $600-$700 billion.

To break this down and to be more specific – the Prime Minister and Cabinet Annual report for 2010-11 has the following information. PDF file linked here …

  • The total revenue budget allocation plus other revenue for the PM’s office increased from $135m to $175m – and increase of  30%
  • The employee expenses increased from $70m to $88m – an increase of 26% – now this can be broken down as follows – an $18m increase is equivalent to hiring 450 new staff earning $40k a year.  If the whole $88 million were translated to staff employed at $40k p/a – that means that some 2,200 people work for the PM … it’s an army.Really – the $40k pa is the problem, the PM earns $600k or so plus all her perks, her Chief of Staff is a big earner – near $1m if rumours are correct. No – working for the PM is the best financial gig around – includes the overseas travel if you’re high enough up the food chain. Who are we to judge if all those staff are needed or the salaries they earn are justified.

Here is a bit more data – when John Howard came into the PM role in 1996 the PM budget was $51.7m – see PM 97-98 with 96 figures report here …

When he left office in 2007 – the PM budget was $147.3m up from $99.6 in 2006. The Staffing costs were $63m in 2007, nd $44m in 2006. That was an increase of 43%.

Since Howard’s 2006 result – PM staff costs have gone from $44m to Gillards $88m in 2011 – and we are awaiting to 2012 numbers in a month or two.

That 2006-2011 increase represents 100% increase in staff costs.  Now any corporation with a staff cost increase like that had better be productive or a big earner to justify the bonus payments.  Who audits these staff cost increases?

Meanwhile – the private sector and rest of Australia fights for wage increases of 3-4% per year. People should know where the best gig is is all I’m trying to point out.

So I say – this PM has trashed this Nation and the longer she stays in the PM position – Australia’s prosperity suffers.

Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

Links to Australian Parliamentary Website – MP’s

The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. Jinxer
    July 19, 2012 at 11:00 pm

    Awesome new layout – and a great post. The bitch needs to hear the voice of the people.

  2. July 26, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    I believe the government is very poorly advised. I think they show too much contempt in media interviews. I believe they could still turn it all around.
    But they need coaching.

    On Monday the PM was asked about Chris Richardson’s comment on the mining boom having peaked and therefore leaving a hole in the budget estimates. Our PM dismissed the question without explaining herself, using words to the effect, the budget will return to surplus!

    She should have said several things. Consumer confidence is brittle enough without reckless speculation. Treasury economists are constantly modelling such things and they have not set off the alarm bells. In that scenario our dollar would fall and as they say when one door closes another window opens.
    I am far too busy addressing today’s issues without getting too far ahead of myself. Most importantly the media asks these silly questions and set the agenda, so put them in their place.

    A different example is Wayne Swan and yesterdays CPI. He tends to think simplistically, and expects that everyone else shares those simpleton views.
    A quarterly CPI of 0.5% can be annualised to 2% or you can consider the now
    12 months on 12 months at 1.2%. Multiply yesterday’s number by 4 and compare it to the underlying 12 months to show momentum. The momentum is up. It stopped falling in the March quarter. Falling inflation goes hand in hand with a slowing economy. Try to make comments that are inclusive. Social policies may need to be fine tuned in the circumstance. Food prices were constant, petrol prices were falling therefore as the Carbon tax cuts in what is driving CPI? On November 24 2007 K Rudd really captured the moment when he said I might have an extra iced vo-vo. Many Australians are hurting, so stop the simpleton hurrahs.

    Where Carr has called Abbott’s comments regarding Chinese State owned enterprises buying up Australia, is he for real. Abbott would have won points for that media coverage. Please explain yourself Mr Carr, are you doing clandestine deals with China? Why are Abbott’s comments so patently dumb? The electorate understands what Abbott said.

    Finally on ethics. I state without reservation which ever party promises to clean up parliamentary ethics and do so with conviction will walk into office in the subsequent parliament. The latest Temby report on HSU and Williamson shows how governance needs to be addressed. It makes the allegations on AWU and Bob Kernohan credible. Temby has said prosecuting Williamson is possible. Of course it is, he has breached faith. Sweeping this muck under the carpet, does not make it go away.

    Finally Abbott loves to bash the unions so I can’t understand why he isn’t calling for a Royal enquiry. Senate investigations simply are not working.

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