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EYE-BALL Opinion on – What are we doing in Afghanistan?

What are we doing in Afghanistan?
15th July 2012.
Monday night’s ABC  ‘4 Corners’ program is about the Afghan opium trade and what drug traffickers are doing in full view of NATO and coalition forces.

That story is re-published below:

Drug traffickers ‘executing farmers, taking children’

| Author: David Weber | Date: 15th July 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

Shocking evidence has been uncovered of people in Afghanistan being executed or forced to give up their children to repay drug traffickers.

The issue is explored in a disturbing documentary to be shown on Four Corners on Monday night, and is an indirect result of NATO policy.

NATO forces are encouraging the destruction of lucrative opium crops in favour of farmers growing food.

But while the opium crops are destroyed, the farmers’ debts to the traffickers remain.

The documentary shows that farmers in Afghanistan are being executed by drug gangs because they cannot pay the debts.

Children are also at risk.

The giving up of children to pay debts is a custom which has been practised for many years in Afghanistan, but the documentary shows drug gangs are now exploiting the tradition to devastating effect.

Amina, 14, has found herself used as a tradeable commodity.

She is in hiding, constantly moving around Afghanistan on foot to avoid being taken by drug traffickers.

“I’m at home because of the smugglers. They gave us money and we can’t repay them. Now they want to take me by force,” she said.

Dire ultimatum

Amina’s farmer has been warned: pay up or hand over your daughter.

Like many Afghan farmers, he is tens of thousands of dollars in debt to drug traffickers.

“My father wanted to sell me to drug smugglers but I didn’t want to get married. He beat me. My father would beat me and pull my hair,” Amina said.

“He would kick me and my mother and would threaten to drag us out of the house.

“My father had taken money from them and then promised that I would marry that man.”

The reporter for the story Opium Brides was Najibullah Quraisi, who journeyed deep into the Afghan countryside to reveal the personal and social devastation the opium eradication program is causing.

The producer was Jamie Doran, who explains what happened to the girls they tracked for the documentary.

“The situation is exactly the same. The two girls who were free are still free we’re glad to say but they’re having to move constantly to stay one step ahead of the traffickers,” he said.

“Will they survive? I don’t know.

“Eighty-five per cent of the population live in the country mainly uneducated.

“They’re at the beck and call in many ways of the Taliban, the Taliban controls huge areas and the Taliban get most of their funding of course from the drugs traffickers.”

Opium Brides can be seen on Four Corners on ABC1 at 8:30 on Monday night.


There is only one question – what are our armed forced doing in Afghanistan?

In the 10 years Australian troops have been deployed in Afghanistan, 33 soldiers have been killed, and 230 wounded. Afghanistan has been at war and as a major opium source for the world – no military occupation or assist has managed to stop the flow of this trade.

Clear your mind, ask yourself, in 10 years of military aid and assist, the opium trade in Afghanistan – their only export to the rest of the world and source of national income – is still a thriving business.

Which is the bigger story – the parents of children being killed and their children forces into slavery – American, British, and Australian forces protecting Afghan assets that have an end product that exports opium to the rest of the world.

It might not be as simple as that – but you can’t imagine that this has not been talked about at high levels and allowed to continue.

You want a story that compromises Australian troops in Afghanistan – this is it …


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  1. david the pragmatist
    July 15, 2012 at 5:17 pm

    This is very interesting and disturbing BUT
    Why do we want a story that compromises our troops?
    What is your objective?
    Why have you paraphrased this like a member of the media who has found a golden nuggett and like a ray of sunshine exposed the crassness of Afghanistan.

    I have news for you…..nobody wants our troops in Afghanistan and anywhere else if it can be helped. There are all sorts of complicated reasons for, why and against and I am not going to get into the justification argument.
    I am sure I will be berated for my ignorance and lack of enlightenment and you will never the less go into your naturally biased double negative explainly the evils, not for a minute thinking of anyone other than you found another story to showcase ineptitude from all concerned.

    Just expose it for what it is and leave the difficult decisions to people who have to make them!

    Leave the troops alone and let them get on with the idea they are actually doing good.
    Which they are for any number of reasons.

  2. July 15, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    There you go again … our troops are dying, getting wounded leaving loved ones to fend on their own – they go where our Politicians say to go – but to assist the national harvest of opium that causes so much destruction on a world stage – you focus on a negative story about our troops …

    Fruity Loops aside … and turning to the base of the story – the Drug Lords are abducting children and killing parents to get to them under the notion of protection of our troops and NATO … and you think that is not important to broadcast to a wider audience …

    Comeon David – suck a little harder and clear that head … it might just allow you to grow a few more brain cells.

  3. david the pragmatist
    July 16, 2012 at 7:31 am

    The glass is always half empty.
    My opening paragraph said it all and your subsequent tirade was as predicted.
    Growing brain cells is something I have no control over (wish I could). Just like the Afghani war.
    Its a shame that you, who have far more brain cells cannot look to being more positive and use that superb brain of yours in more constructive ways. Notice I said superb brain and not intellect, because essentially you waste the intellect.

    Do ever wonder why no one takes any notice of you,think of the parable of “the boy that cried wolf” its because no one can rationalise your venom and spite. When you go into long winded and venomit displays of making your point you never look to rationalise the situation by identifying all the issues. I have said this repeatedly and its why when you ring to say down load this or that story that I sigh and say “what is he on about now?” Who’s barrow is he pushing now? Credability something you lack because you are so adamant about your position that everyone else is a fool if they do not see it your way.
    Let me rationalise it by saying I do not always believe I am right, I sometimes surprise myself
    by being correct after posing a question to get an alternative view.
    When you attack a process you are the judge, jury and executioner and nobody dares offer defence at the risk of being rediculed. I am open to ridicule! and look forward to having an alternative view pushed my way.

    Have a look at your blogs and note the reactions you provide ie grateful thanks for everyone who agrees with you and vitrolic for anyone that doesn’t.

    You critise and threaten any personal or disparate views directed to you but hipocritically do worse in response. Open your forum away from a personal crusade and look for interaction and alternative views!


  4. July 16, 2012 at 8:42 am

    There is just no getting through to you is there … and I suppose that is exactly what you say in reverse …

    Your first paragraph states:

    This is very interesting and disturbing BUT
    Why do we want a story that compromises our troops?
    What is your objective?

    The reason for the story was on two fronts – the horror of Drug Trarrickers abduction children and murdering their parents to do so – and it happening in a country where Australian troops are supposed to be there helping the indigenous population against tyranny.

    Yet the outcome has been that the opium trade is still dominating and impacting on the way peopel live their lives – so the question .. what are our troops doing in Afghanistan?

    It that is to sensitive for your pattet then give over and shut the fuck up … anybody can understand the horror and abhorent context in which this question is posed … can they not?

    You can either be ahead of the curve … or chose to be blissfully ignorant and stay behind the curve and be led by public opinion and the mob … which are you David?

  5. david the pragmatist
    July 16, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    Half way through the second world war the jews were being massacred and allied troops were represented, including Australia. Would you have written “what are our troops doing there”, obviously no good, send them home.
    Nothings ever as simple as it sounds. I go back to my opening points which you were nice enough to reprint and will not say again. Other than to say what is your agenda?

    I’m interested in your analogy of being ahead of the curve. How do you get to the head of this curve, by following you? then I would only be second, not the head of the queue.

    PS public opinion I am not led by, I much prefer to express my own views, or haven’t you noticed?

  6. big punter
    July 16, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    oh david you get 9 out off 10

  7. Budda Balls
    July 16, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Big Punter,

    You know what a dead fish means when it turns up on your doorstep Why give the guy sustenance and encouragement,you know what he is like with a green light.

    July 16, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    First – ‘ahead of the curve’ – you get there by having more and better information, by knowing more about the subject matter than the person who is only doing lip service to someone else’s opinion …

    Nobody believes you have to accept or believe what is offered here – it’s an opinion and to try and intimidate its expression is a fools game …

    Now – if you were to counter all that is offered here as an opinion – with an opinion of your own – i.e. go out on a limb and expose yourself to ridicule for your stated opinions, as opposed to being a woodpecker looking for the easy chip after following behind the squirrel who already broke the tree trunk … then creditability might be forthcoming…

    The banter grows wearisome … and only because the rocks you throw up the hill fail to have an impact.

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