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EYE-BALL Opinion on – Is “OIL” over …?

Is “OIL” over …?
15th July 2012.
Areport published in Saturday’s ‘Weekend Australian’ carried a story about a new energy revolution unleashed in America.   It concerns how America has found away to ease its dependency from off-shore oil imports.  America has a stated aim to become completely energy dependent and the new extraction methods for shale oil gas deposits is seen as their way to a cleaner and more secure energy future.

That story is re-published below:

US unleashes energy revolution

| Publisher: The Australian | Date: 14th July 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

GEO-politics are shifting in favour of the West.

A ONCE-IN-A-CENTURY transformation of the world’s energy chessboard is under way, with the advantage shifting unexpectedly in favour of the US and Europe. As Brad Norington reports from Washington today, the development has arisen from the technical ingenuity of US energy companies, which have found a way to extract vast, high-quality oil and gas deposits trapped between layers of shale sediments deep below the earth’s surface more efficiently. The energy revolution is unfolding in states spanning the “Green River Formation” — Colorado, Utah and Wyoming — and in Texas, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Dakota.

Until recently, such supplies were regarded as too difficult and costly to access. Europe’s shale oil and gas reserves rival those of the US in size, but with present technology would be less economical to exploit because much of the supply is below high-density population areas.

After decades of tension over the security, price and politics of Middle East oil, the new development will have major geo-political and economic consequences. Shale oil production has already seen the US cut imports of oil for vehicles and industry from 60 to 45 per cent of its usage. In the long term, energy economists expect it will become self-sufficient in energy and eventually export it. The US is now better placed to try to retain its economic supremacy, even as China and India continue to rise. It will also be in a more powerful strategic position in the Middle East and in relation to Russia. Europe has been thrown a lifeline to reverse its decline and Canada should become a major producer.

The oil and gas-led energy revolution will also alter the course of the climate change debate. Inevitably, fossil fuels will remain a dominant source of energy for the foreseeable future. And responsible governments will encourage the trend because burning shale gas and oil produces lower greenhouse emissions than coal-fired power. After moving ahead of the the world to impose a carbon tax that is twice Europe’s carbon price, when the US has backed away from such an impost, Australia will be disadvantaged if other nations increasingly turn to shale oil and gas. The Gillard government and opposition strategy of paying dearly to subsidise uneconomical solar and wind power is looking increasingly unsustainable.



In Australia the ‘fracking’ experiment has run into environmental obstacles – the gas release has leaked into the water table in QLD’s Bowen basin and agricultural and graziers interests are concerned about secondary underground water contamination.  To research this story I went to the Fracking industry in America which is the base of the story above.

As part of the research I found and watched a 2010 produced program called ‘Gasland’. It’s an Academy Award documentary about the ‘Hydraulic Fracking’ industry currently underway in America and before several Senate committee hearings at both State and Federal level.  I downloaded the 2 hr Documentary from Kickass Torrents – linked here … [you’ll need the Bit Torrent program Vuze or Bit Torrent to assist with the downloadlink to Vuze free download…]

The Doco is about American Industry and consumers problems caused by the Fracking practice and the by product water contamination caused by the chemicals used in the process.

Ex Vice President Dick Cheney – and his connections with Halliburton where he was CEO before he became George Bush Jnr’s running mate – is connected through this doco as having used his political position and connections with big business to assist with the Fracking legislation bypassing the existing legislation protecting clean water, waterways and water table supply.  If this is so – then Cheney is as guilty as Al Gore when it comes to misleading the public for personal interests.

The raw footage in this doco is unbelievable in that the by-product of this Fracking industry has contaminated large areas of American agriculture and parkland to almost uninhabitable for both humans and animals.

Yet – in Australia State Governments are in a rush to sign away ‘Fracking’ leases to Oil and Gas companies.    If you watch this Doco – i.e. ‘Gasland’ – you will become an environmentalist in an instant.  To think that American State and Federal Governments have allowed the Fracking Industry free reign to drill and extract the natural gas, and as pointed out in the above story, are embracing the new gas deposits found between shale oil plates,  the unknown long term impact on water quality and water tables is still and remains an unanswered question and a serious threat.

The US Congress continue to have meetings on the impact of Fracking and the Doco producer Josh Fox, was arrested as he tried to attend the Committee hearing with his cameras – read this story here …

This original story produced above and tucked away in ‘The Australian’ has generated a desire to do more research on this subject.  As part of that research I am currently working my way through the US Senate Energy and Natural Resources hearings and notes of Fracking – you can join the search for knowledge at the US Government Senate Energy and Natural Resources website here … – type in Fracking as a search item and begin to understand how Democracy and big Business works.

This story ain’t over ….


Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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  1. david the pragmatist
    July 16, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    fracking gas companies and cost and environment and stranger danger and corrupt governments and communism and the chinese and the terrorists and the banking and finance scandals and political correctness and the justice sysytem, pedafiles, catholic priests, ect ect…………..more importantly…….is there an afterlife?

    Now if there’s not, what are we worried about. Children live 2/4 years in Africa, ours get all sorts of diseases and die early, humans killing each other for religious beliefs and the world can’t feed half the population….no afterlife, your dead, your finished, no more, why worry about all these issues, just assume that the laws of nature, big finance and business are looking after the system in some manner, Al Gore was a hero, now he’s something else. He got rich giving us the warning. It was only 400 0dd years ago we had the Spanish inquistion, I suspect Eye Ball back in those days would have been at the head of the lynch party, murdering the Jews, burning the women…….oh come on!! thats a bit harsh isn’t it.
    Well is it? the scare mongering and the radical decisions is something he loves to get into. I cannot see him at the back of the mob urging caution! Comeon lets get the bastards, the Pope said its alright, so we have God on our side!

    You know, I don’t know the anwer, just let me say that a number of big companies who have invested in this medium would have done their homework and I suggest that more went into that than the guy that made the doco. When you analyse the story and know nothing about it you would think this is very current news. Well its not, this emerging situation has been happening for the past 5 years plus and Canada is actually one of, if not the largest oil producer in the world. You would also think that coal is a thing of the past (its so not)and shock and awe solar and wind power is too expensive.

    Come on who’s writing this shit, its yesterdays news. Lets get on with our hedonistic ways and hope like hell that reincarnation does not exist and we don’t have to pay in a future life.

    You know if we could prove there is an afterlife and we do reincarnate the whole attitude of the planet would be entirely different! we would be much more responsible in this life if we knew we were accountable in the afterlife with the prospect of coming back again and trying to correct past indescretions.

    The laws of nature are very decisive, there is no way we as a race of people have ever learnt anything by avoiding what we have been told, we have to learn the hardway.

    Lets get on with it!!!

    PS the planet is very resilient, it has survived at least 7 life ending events in its history, I am sure it will survive the next fuck up we can dish up.

  2. July 16, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    The stuper you suffer is as all humanity suffers … you think a butterfly flapping its wings cannot have cause and effect half a world away – the incideous reference to your comments above make you a cynic with first class honours … you seemed immune to the problems until they impact on you personally and I give you the example –

    Snoop-Poop – yea thats right the sports commentator you treat with disdane and who told you 12 months ago that Sandow was a dud – and now in our last conversation you conceeded the point – Sandow is a dud …

    Now if it takes you 12 months to come around to agreeing with the opinions offered hereto – I can cop all the bluff and bluster you put up as a show of iggnorance … but please … can I just ask you to pause before you quill your responses and ask yourself – does this comment do my creditability any disservice – what future understanding will I have that makes this comment stupid?

    David – as much as I want to respect you and your opinions – my frustrations at some of the personalised stupidity just make me want to piss all over you – if not only to make you realise that the sniff from downwind of where you are coming from gives us all fair warning … please try to stay ahead of the curve …

  3. david the pragmatist
    July 16, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    I see we are back on the curve. What is your obsession with the curve?
    It interesting that you refer to a NRL analogy and snoopy etc. Did i notice similar misgivings from Snoopy this year during SOO.
    Anyway who cares about that shit, the main perspective is unchanged in reference to what i comment on. If you do not want me to comment then say so. if you are so worried about being told your shortcomings rather than have the sychophants you normally have supporting you, so be it.
    Just remember that I am the only one that challenges your myopia and I will continue to do so until you tell me I am no longer welcome. Just remember the day you say that you admit I am right about your hipocrosy and you have surrendered! White Flagged it! yellow bellied!
    Cracked under the pressure! admitted being beaton by a better man! gutless!, jelly legged!,
    pooed your pants!, messed yourself! cried like a baby! tail between your legs! limp dick! chicken little! big girl! impotent!erectile dysfunction! do you get the picture whimp!

    PS I dont think you react well to personal criticism! do you?

  4. July 16, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    You give new wisdom to the understanding of what ‘ranting zombie’ with psychopathic tendencies sounds like … should you be pitied, defiled or sent to purgatory … but then you don’t believe in an afterlife that has ‘hell’ as the destination.

    Read your last post and tell me if it does not sound like someone going off the deep end with anger and rage as a motivation – and all over an opinion piece about OIL and Fracking …

    Vent your rage, take your best shot – shadow boxing is a sport and is practised by those who hate to lose … you should take it up.

  5. david the pragmatist
    July 16, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    if the cap fits wear it. It sounds like you maybe suffering some rage. I am quiet relaxed as exemplified by Big Punter who says I am destroying you in the ongoing debate.
    Ah well Ian I suppose its back to the asylum for you!
    Maybe you should go out and find a couple of easy marks such as that silly woman who used to support you….what was her name? cowgirl or something?

  6. League Leg End
    July 17, 2012 at 12:37 am

    My Father is a good man,
    He goes to church on Sundays,
    He prayers to the Lord, to give him strength,
    To beat us up on Mondays.

    Mr Pragmatist, you could not win a sausage at a butchers picnic. Take any hope you can, You just disperse energy. Just go away, with your high brow holier than thou crap. You are very tedious and monotonous.

    Tip buddy;
    We enjoy this banter. It is thought provoking. You will never understand what you don’t understand. When you realise you simply don’t understand, you might start to understand the joke is on you.

    Go away!

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