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EYE-BALL Opinion on – Albanese and Gillard defending Peter Slipper …

– Albanese and Gillard defending –
… Peter Slipper  …
14th July 2012.
The Leader of the House (Albanese) has adopted a position to align himself with Peter Slipper’s Crown defense against staffer Ashby’s ‘sexual harassment’ allegations.  

Suspended Speaker – Peter Slipper:

Slipper is a self-made political leech.  A product from a privileged life with opportunities few ever get.  Yet – when his parliamentary record is measured – he represents the worst possible scum ever to sit in our NAtional Parliament.  How could someone like this escape the Party vetting process – the Liberals endorsed him time and time again with full knowledge of the type of person her was.

Albanese has stood time and time again in the House and defended this man.  The Liberals – the Party responsible for his endorsement – are now themselves delving into teh ‘dirty-tricks’ bag to have Slipper thrown out of Parliament over the ‘Ashby Sexual harassment allegations.’

The Crown is defending Slipper – and could there be a worse responsibility – because they are named as 1st respondent on the charge sheet.  Slipper gets another free ride on the taxpayer dime.   Gillard – herself a guilty party in her own Thompson type fraud – stands behind Albanese’s position because she wants to hold onto teh keys to the PM position.

This Gillard led Government have successfully hijacked the debate over Slipper’s credentials and the case before the courts.  The victim who bought the allegations – Ashby – and regardless of how he has been manipulated into bringing the charges before the courts – is now himself on trial.  Albanese and Gillard are openly supporting Slipper against the charges before the courts – a position that has the electorate’s disdain.

One wonders whether Ashby lawyers, now revealed as having Mal Brough as an advisor with his own vested interest in having Slipper booted from office – have overeached.  The investigative nature of this behind the scenes cat and mouse game has revealed that perhaps some high placed Liberal MP’s were also advising and plotting to have Slipper set up.   With both Party’s employing ‘spin-merchants’ to protect the damage from spreading too far, the public’s interest has waned.  This suits the Government during the winter recess period, and the Coalition are equally happy with the scandal being off the front pages.

The lesson – when skullduggery is planned be wary of the motive of all participants.  As an outcome – It might just be James Ashby who is tossed overboard as this game plays out.  Regardless – Albanese’s defence of Slipper with Gillards support resonates an agenda of survival at any cost and with that – this Governments creditability rests with scum and grubs.

Slipper’s history is there for anyone who wants to do the research – the ‘taxi’ vouchers associated with this matter are on public display and have largely been forgotten, and with Slipper gone from the House – out of sight out of mind is about the sum of it all.


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