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EYE-BALL’s – ‘NONE of the ABOVE’ Campaign – The Consequence of Poor Political Leadership…

… The Consequence of Poor Political Leadership…
| EYE-BALL’s Australia Votes: “None of the Above” Campaign | 13th July 2012 |
EYE-BALL None of the AboveEYE-BALL None of the AboveThe World limps, mortally wounded after the financial shocks of the 2008-9 GFC. The World’s economy is on life support that can only come from continued Government stimulus programs and bailouts meant to help out the Banks that caused the GFC in the first place.

Citizens, Corporations, and Government’s are bleeding from river’s of ‘debt’ and an ocean of ‘corruption’.  Past and on-going measures taken by Legislators and put in place to shore up the Financial Markets have one purpose in mind – ‘save the Banks‘.   It’s a policy entrenched in the ways of the past – our Leaders still think ‘capitalism’ is the way of the future.

It is just plain wrong … wrong … wrong … and the problem is how does one convince the World they need to change their ways?

True ‘Capitalism” died many decades ago when Government and our elected Leaders sold out on behalf of the people.  Politicians became the front-men and ‘Ken and Barbie’ style sales merchants selling a business based on what we now call ‘Party Politics‘ and the commercialisation of Party policy for sale to the highest bidder with the biggest donation.

100 years ago the ideals of the Political Parties had moral intent and purpose – or that is what we read in history journals.  Their aim was to improve the quality of life for everybody on the planet, not just their own citizens, or their own kind.

In the immediate aftermath of WWII when humanitarian efforts were at their height – the very fabric and intent of what galvanised a World order against tyranny and Imperialism, now lays tattered, torn and faded away.   In the time since successive Administrations have forgotten purpose and the why early Democracy was formed to humanise a Global population.

In recent times Global Wars may not have been fought, but trade-wars are ongoing and impacting on Nations unable to help themselves.   These Wars are economic in nature and are designed to cripple a Nations ability to fund its programs – i.e. the Cold War victory to America came from the price of Oil being pushed down to $10 a barrel and the Russians lost their ‘cash-cow’ export revenues.  That political game forced the end to communism and the world believed it was a better place because of it.

Since then China has reversed the trade-war scenario and used it against America – pegging the Chinese currency to the US$ was the biggest political play in history in the last 60 years.

Returning to post WWII – Africa has been pillaged and raped beyond its own existence –  all in full sight of a so called caring world.  The Arab world has been ‘conned’ into providing the ‘black-gold’ so needed by industrilised Nations.  When it is gone – how will they survive apart from the mega wealth created by Kings and Dictators in those lands?

The ‘Cold War’, and ‘Trade-Wars’ may have not had statistical ‘war-dead’ or civilian casualties of war, but the global civilian body count as a result of the ‘trade-wars’ is still larger that all the military deaths in both World Wars and all the conflict Wars since.

During this period Governments have lost their way – a little over 45 years ago man set a far horizon goal – to land a man on the moon and the Yanks did it and the rest of the World marveled at their accomplishment.   What new far horizon has been undertaken for humanity on this planet in that time since?

Government’s of past era’s displayed integrity and had a moral compass.

America as a World leader has lost its way and is not alone.  Recent Leaders were self-serving egotists – Bush Jnr with his daddy’s wish to finish the War on Iraq he started in the early 90’s and a second term lame-duck President over the WMD fraud – Clinton also with his second term comatose by the ‘Monica Lewinsky’ blowjob in the Oval office and denial,  showed they were both men not worthy of such high office.

In 2001 and after 9/11 – a dark cloud descended upon humanity.  In its aftermath where America and the rest of the Western world practised self-interest, revenge, and an intent to teach others a lesson about attacking America blinded Western Leaders.

Australia was caught up in that when Howard accepted the ‘WMD’ lie perpetrated upon a global population looking for Leadership in the 9/11 aftermath.  The World turned to their Leaders and all that came back was a lie and a descent into a Political abyss that the World has never recovered from.

George Bush Jnr was not the start of the descent into weak and corrupt political times.  He was just a symbol of how far the moral compass of Leaders had turned from what was a righteous crusade started so long ago.

In recent decades political choices and decisions have not been made by the individual or based on their own private and individual moral beliefs – Politics has become a conference of opinions and vested interests groups all pressuring for their own agendas.

Clinton’s attempt to overthrow the Somalia Warlord was the humane thing to do – then why did he abandoned that cause?  It was because of the public opinion about military loss of life and it was too much for the political pollsters – policy driven by poll numbers is a dangerous road to travel yet that is where Democracy now stands.

The foundation of Democracy once based upon the belief that it represents Government of the people, for the people, and by the people, is now about who has the largest cheque book – Political Leadership for sale – going price about US$3 billion if the latest spend on the US Presidential race adds up right.

The business model for Political Leadership is about Party Politics – the scam is to offer bigger and shinier handouts to have people believe in a better option. It is not relevant at the time if it is a lie – it only becomes relevant if it can be proved to be a lie at the same time it is sold to the electorate – i.e. the $11 billion black hole in Abbott’s election promise’s in the 2010 election – proved after the Election to be a lie – Gillard’s promise of ‘no carbon tax under a Government I lead’, and what do we have, a Carbon Tax under a Gillard led Government.

Politicians lie and they do it so well – win Government by any means necessary – because once you are in power, then the promised land becomes your playground and you can spin it anyway you like to a lassoed media so eager to please for their own agenda’s.   Party Politics now comes before the good of the Nation and in that dulled spotlight of media spin – we all find it hard to see the sharks in the waters we are all left to swim with.

With Democracy’s hijack, so went out the capitalist ideals and in came the methods used to corrupt the whole political system.   The way of the World today is to get as rich as you can, anyway you can, and to can those who dare get in your way – and it all starts with the ‘faceless’ men behind the scenes of our Political Leaders and the Parties they represent.

The World has been dying this slow and agonising death for a long time, its been like a cancer eating away at the insides of Society and everybody pretended they were none the wiser.   They’ve all known – just as the electorate have known – nobody was prepared to call it for what it was – just like a patient who knows something is wrong but does not want to go to the doctor to have it confirmed.

All through this comatosed existence – the same people living in far off lands have continued fighting and dying against Warlords over basic needs like food and shelter.   The World now only looks on in mild concern – that concern being that they don’t want it on their doorstep – not the poverty, the children dying, or the murderous genocide, just so long as it stays ‘over there’.

Can anyone count the cost in terms of human life, family and loved ones lost, and all because Leaders of the World have given over responsibility to an underfunded and undermanned United Nations.   Governments have focused on their own needs and in doing so appeased any conscience drag by donating small GDP percentages to the UN to help.   What happened to the humanitarian instinct to help those who cannot help themselves?

The Australian Government has budgeted $370 million to host a G20 summit in 2014.  That’s almost $20 million a delegate and their entourage.  What aid could that $370 million provide – how many lives coud it save … $20 million a delegate – what the hell could they spend $20 million on per person in all good conscience.

The ongoing GFC event is not a natural occurrence – it was nurtured from man-made GREED, and yet more GREED.  It evolved from leadership mediocrity that in-bred more mediocrity and before we realised – the worst of the worst sat upon the dungheap of a political kingdom and played god.

The World is now more dangerous that at any time since WWII – danger from a tsunami of emotive anger all directed at Political Leadership and the perception that they are Government for the elite of society, and not for the people who need Government help the most.   It’s all about maintaining the quality of life for those who were and are living the best quality of lives. The concentration of wealth has always been a condensed and shrinking proportion of the worlds population. Poverty is the rising abyss and Government’s are at a loss to prevent its spread.

The World is undoubtedly headed towards an uncertain future – what do angry people do when a perfect storm forms?  The release valve has always been revolution. When things get to that type of situation – the value of life becomes unimportant for those within the struggle.   Personal sacrifice is the call to arms.   We’ve seen it in Egypt, Libya and Syria all in the last 12 months or so.

The value of any life should matter.   For all of man’s time on this earth, never has life been so cheap in far off distant lands,  who would have thought that the lack of food and water has been the reason why life is lost in this modern world.  The UN talks of humanity, of human aid, of warlords and conflicts where donated aid is the reason people die.  This is the ugly side the World order Political Leaders refuse to act upon.

The rawness that is the African poverty, the desperate plight of millions of people caught in War torn lands where children are stolen to wage war, you would think the World would care!   Yet Western Nations, their populations, and like their Leaders, only concern themselves with their own quality of life.

Past events in Greece and overnight in Spain – [See ABC Spain story here.] – and about to happen in other Eurozone Nations having to take austerity measures,  prove that this poverty disease is now spreading into Nations who 10 years ago were thought to be immuned to the poverty problem.   More and more are slipping below the poverty line, and having to find other ways to support themselves and family, many are learning how to and living lives off the proceeds of crime.

This is the most dangerous of times … when people begin to believe their life has no value,  even to themselves, then anarchy is only a doorstep away.

The demise of political will and morality can be traced back to the advent of Television – TV gave us unlimited entertainment, news, and advertising.   Prior to TV it was not all that important how a politician dressed, how he/she looked, and what their facial features looked like.  It was a time when ugly and awkward people could get elected.  TV and media changed all that.

Politicians began to watch themselves on TV as the News and Current Affairs programs broadcast speeches and Parliamentary proceedings. The Western World was suddenly able to see their Politicians live or on replay and the world of Politics changed.

Some 60 years later society demands that our leaders be youthful looking, they have dress style, and apply makeup to suit the mood and lighting before the cameras.  They are selling themselves as much as the policy they are about to give or debate.

This ‘glass-bottle’ existence is the same for everybody – one poor performance in front of a camera, or a discovered indiscretion can ruin a political career.  So of course they’re never going to expose themselves unless they control the environment and make sure all ‘land-mines’ have been removed.  We will only get to see the public image they want us to see of any of our Political Leaders – that has never changed.

This flows to vote record – never wanting to be seen as the unpopular standout against bad policy. It also galvanises the like minded into block factions within Party’s who will only change their vote in exchange for backroom deals that always have a monetary value for someone.

This is all done out in open and is commented on daily as the normal way democracy is carried out. The reality is that it’s no better than a Gangster meeting of Don’s sitting down to hash over the spoils and areas where they all have vested interests.


If disenchanted Labour voters don’t want to vote for any other Party and I know how that feels at the moment – vote ‘None of the Above’ on the ballot and deny them your $2.50 vote reimbursement.   You should only vote for candidates you believe in – not the top of the ticket.   We have compulsory voting in this Nation – the ‘None of the Above’ campaign is about a fair choice to express your true want in who to vote for.

The Joint Standing Committee for Electoral Matters Submission for a “None of the Above” ballot box can be read by clicking the link below, (PDF file):

Submission_None of the above Campaign

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The EYE-BALL’s “None of the Above Campaign”

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