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EYE-BALL’s – ‘NONE of the ABOVE’ Campaign – This Labour Party is Diseased …

– This Labour Party is Diseased –
| EYE-BALL’s Australia Votes: “None of the Above” Campaign | 12th July 2012 |
EYE-BALL None of the AboveEYE-BALL None of the AboveThe Australian Labour Party is dying by a thousand cuts – many think it already dead, or past revival.  Their Leadership and Ministry and caucus is a toxic sludge, immovable, arrogant, spiteful,  agenderised, factionalised, out of touch and  divorced form political reality, internally bankrupt of ethics and moral integrity, and the worst Government in living memory.  Once staunch supporters have already deserted in droves and they hang out there looking for somewhere and someone to lend their support.

It has taken almost two years for the Labour caucus to realise the electorate was speaking to them with the annihilation suffered during the NSW and QLD State elections.  The Federal branch of the Party should have been aware of the electorates discourse much sooner.  To call then ‘dunces’ is to be kind … to name them all of the above is about where the Labour base finds itself.  These Labour voters on the lam will never support Gillard even again, and it’s a guaranteed outcome that Gillard will go the way of RUDD before the next due election, or an early election will be called.

The ALP Union factions are the cause of all this dissent.  The recent challenge to the GREENS by Paul Howes and the New South Wales ALP secretary Sam Dastyar also added his comments.  [See ABC story here.] 

Labour stalwart Laurie Ferguson came out telling these ‘boys’ to grow up and think before they speak.   This is where the Labour Party is –  diseased from its inside – Paul Howes is not Bob Kelty, and this Dastyar wants recognition and sees himself as the rising star much the way Mark Arbib and Bill Shorten saw themselves  when they first came to Parliament.

There will be no comeback for Gillard or her Ministry – even DNA injected supporters have resigned themselves to a decade or so in Opposition.  The ‘Headless Chook’ has infected her deadly toxic brand all over Australia.

The poll numbers already have the Party machine trying to figure out where to get the funding to run the next election campaign.  A reduced vote of 15% at the polls will cost them $2.50 a vote … see below calculation:

  • 15% of (4,711,363 [HOR] +4,469,734 [Senate] ) of 1st preference votes @$2.50 = $3.44 million.
  • Link to – AEC Recent Federal historical rates for Vote reimbursement:

Does the ALP needs a saviour, or should they suffer the annihilation as retribution for the crap that have delivered since Gillard ousted RUDD?

Does RUDD want to return – and if he does will the Unions be booted once and for all from the power base they fight tooth and nail to retain?

Given the HSU and soon to be exposed AWU 1995 fraud involving Gillard – it’s a good bet that the Union factions will be forced to stay silent for a while.

The Gillard involvement in the AWU fraud with her then live in boyfriend who is alleged to have defrauded the AWU out of at least $500,000 and as much as $1,000,000 – claims she received proceeds from the fraud.  It has never been made public whether she paid it back.  She was then Partner in the Slater and Gordon Law firm at the time, and she set up the accounts for her boyfriend in which the defrauded monies passed through. [Read the full story here.]

Given the way that Labour Ministers turned on RUDD in the showdown earlier this year, the Opposition will have a field day come election time. With the ammunition the likes of Swan, Conroy, Bourke, Wong, Gillard, Bowen and so on provided about Rudd’s character and performance whilst PM … he would have to be a giant size squid to line up and take a beating from the electorate.

No – this is all on the ‘Headless Chook’, that ‘Red Head’ dumpling, that @$#%^&* and more … I thought George Bush Jnr was the worst ever Western Leader in the World during my generation – but that tag now goes to this friggin’ dumbass sheila.

How could this caucus have not seen her for who she was … the likes of Shorten, Howes, Arbib and the other faceless men need to be publicly humiliated. They threw the elected leader overboard and installed a puppet they had to have known was week – it proves their own weakness and poor character judgement.

Can anyone name one thing Gillard did that was a positive for Australia … RUDD at least has a half-dozen credits to his name and the ALP still don’t want him.

The electorate has turned viral against her and she still has not received the message … she has responded with spiteful inaction on asylum seekers, the Carbon Tax, the MRRT, where will it end.   If you were the Doctor treating the ALP – you would euthanise them.


If disenchanted Labour voters don’t want to vote for any other Party and I know how that feels at the moment – vote ‘None of the Above’ on the ballot and deny them your $2.50 vote reimbursement.   You should only vote for candidates you believe in – not the top of the ticket.   We have compulsory voting in this Nation – the ‘None of the Above’ campaign is about a fair choice to express your true want in who to vote for.

The Joint Standing Committee for Electoral Matters Submission for a “None of the Above” ballot box can be read by clicking the link below, (PDF file):

Submission_None of the above Campaign

Remember Voting informal is an option if compulsory voting is Law – If this campaign topic and vision interests you – please subscribe for updates via the RSS feed links below and E-Mail links provided in the right hand margin Admin section:

If you want to become an active supporter of the campaign ahead of the next Election due in the second half of 2013 – please get in touch via this E-Mail address:

  • Send E-Mail to the EYE-BALL – “None of the Above” campaign.


Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.


The EYE-BALL’s “None of the Above Campaign”

  1. Rookie Bookie
    July 13, 2012 at 1:13 am

    I appreciate your point. It is becoming clearer that nothing will see the government go to the polls early.

    Therefore the statement the death of a thousand cuts is so real.

    The trouble is;

    voting informal does not effect change, it only says I am not happy therefore I won’t participate, and

    those who do want to effect change, will endorse the opposition. There is no other alternative.

    By way of deeper thinking or concern, what is the 3rd option. I am often broached about the concept of a new party. I believe that too is virtually impossible. Katter’s Australia Party has some merit but will attract too many yahoos and rubber necks like all those who have gone before, and will struggle because of. Bob Carr has actually helped the government find some traction since assuming his casual senate vacancy. Both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott will not get mainstream support. Yet the Liberal Party will annihilate the ALP in that circumstance. It is a function of compulsory voting. Those who do not want any part of it are compelled to vote, They are fined if they don’t. They don’t understand much at all, yet still roll up and vote. They follow public opinion or their historical bias.

    Yes for the believers of ALP heritage it is very sad. For the believers of Liberal ethos it is simplistically “told you so” or simply “yes”.

    In this scenario each party is likely to look for change in the next 13 months. The writs will be issued in calender 2013. Most likely towards the end, after the August 3 years. As you point out, this will tend to assist the Opposition, a government too scared to face the polls. Judgement day.

    Where the betting is now $1.18 Liberal, $4.50 ALP to control the House of Reps, I have been toying with taking the longer odds. It is so typical of my previous gambling history – it scares me. It is a 2 horse race. Could there be another minority coalition? No.

    What could possibly turn this around for the ALP with or without Julia Gillard?

    A few more stupid claims from Tony Abbott like turning the boats back to sea? That would just see the Lib’s replace him.

    Something will change. But I simply can’t see it.

  2. July 13, 2012 at 6:41 am

    Rookie – the JSCEM submission was all about the ‘compulsory vote verses a none of the above’ option on the ballot paper. The question was – if we have to vote – at least give us a choice to say that we don’t want to vote for any candidate. The case was made yet the Politicians who sat on the committee gave it no sway whatsoever – completely dismissed the concept.

    With good reason – compulsory voting is required to fund election campaigns – if voters did not turn up because of the way they view politics $10’s millions of taxpayer funds would be lost to the major parties election warchest.

    The ‘none of the above’ is a protest vote – it’ll only happen once of twice and intended to make politicians look to themselves and realise just how disconnected the electorate is with the way politics happens in this Nation ..

  3. July 13, 2012 at 8:53 am

    I am not in total agreement with your comment: ‘voting informal does not effect change’ – for mine it’s an awareness campaign – the Government fines if we don’t vote, and thgen does not give us all the options on the ballot paper – they can’t have it both ways.

    The compulsory vote is OK – be it that the Government needs it to ensure voter turnout … and that is aboput the money each vote means as well … but when a voter looks at the ballot paper who does he see – the candidate or the party … and with onlt 70,000 membership of both major parties – the general public never get an opportunity to find outwho their candidate is. SO I say – force the politicians back out into the electorate, door knock in more than the marginal areas …and let the people get to know their local candidate in a way where they can form an opinion.

    More than 90% of all votes cast is a top of the ticket vote … that is too easy for Political Parties – they can sell themselves on the back of a Leader …and if so – the money form vote reinsbursments has not really been earned by the Candidate we vote for.

    Educating Australia to make their vote count and withhold the $2.5 taxpayer liability unless they know their candidate. They want our vote – let them earn it … we should not be just giving it away ….

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