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EYE-BALL None of the AboveEYE-BALL None of the AboveSince before the 2010 election – The EYE-BALL has been pursuing avenues to bring about a change to the voting options on the ballot paper.  Those efforts concern including a ‘None of the Above’ vote choice on the Ballot paper for all free political elections in this Nation.

I accept the ‘compulsory’ requirement in our voting system … I just believe that when you are asked to cast your vote, and you do not know any of the candidates on the ballot paper, and you do not agree with the Party policies they represent, you should have the opportunity to truly vote your conscience – as opposed to having to vote informal, or make a choice of the lesser of two evils.

Our AEC Laws do not allow for this type of vote … and those who do not want to vote for any candidate, are forced to vote informal if they do not want their vote to count. There is no way the AEC can decipher from the intended informal ballots as to what percentage made a mistake in filling out their ballot paper.

The amendment sought in the after math of the 2010 election with an 11$ informal vote count – more than the GREEN vote – can be read via the linked submission below. This submission was sent to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters (JSCEM), and was intended to present to the AEC an alternative in having the deliberate informal vote registered as some form of ‘protest’ vote.

Hopefully with the tally of this part of the informal vote being made clear – our political and electoral system will provide clear messages to both candidates and political parties over the voter dissatisfaction.   It was hoped that the submission would raise issues like voters wanting to know who their candidates are and know what they stand for – as opposed to being party aligned hacks and/or puppets doing a lip service on behalf of a political party.

The Joint Standing Committee for Electoral Matters Submission can be read by clicking the link below, (PDF file):

Submission_None of the above Campaign


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The EYE-BALL’s “None of the Above Campaign”

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