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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – 2012 State of Origin – Game 3 and Series Review

July 5, 2012
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– 2012 State of Origin –
– Game 3 and Series Review –
5th July 2012
All is well again within the Rugby League Universe – QLD winning their 7th straight series seems to be the natural order.  There are many but’s – and despite what other might say about the outcome and its controversies – Rugby League was the winner last night.

I congratulate NSW for ‘closing the gap’, for having ‘self-belief’, for giving of themselves in ways that previous NSW teams have not found the courage to do.   That is not to say that previous teams were not worthy – but up against a ‘Champion QLD Team’, the NSW players need to learn a few more things before they take their time at the helm of Rugby League domination.

There were some telling moments last night that were a factor in the result – .

  • Carney’s kick off that went out on the full after QLD had scored to get the scoreline back to 8-4 with NSW leading – that mistake led to another QLD try and gave the lead back to QLD – 10-8.
  • Bird’s yet again ill-discipline in throwing the first punch at Tate that led to QLD’s first try – nobody doubts Bird’s contribution to the NSW effort – but in both Game 1 and Game 3 – NSW’s dominance ended with his indiscretions.
  • The NSW halves poor kicking game – a feature throughout the series – two of the NSW tries came from kicks by Farrar, and there was only a single bomb put up by the halves and to Tate’s wing late in the game.  Tate has proved infallible under the bomb all through the series.
  • The NSW props – heroes in the first and second games – were overshadowed by the QLD older and much more experienced props.
  • Both Farrar and Creagh’s concussions during the first half had to have had an impact on their game time performances.
  • The most ineffectual player on the field was again Mitchell Pearce – why NSW keep persevering with him is beyond understanding.  With Thurston moving back to the first receiver role – Pearce’s defence was caught out more than once – and in attack all he offered was a stand and pass option – he never ran, never took the line on – and for such an important positional role, the rest of the team had to deal with that handicap to start with.

On the bright side –

  • Both Morris boys came of age last night and proved they will be stars at this level into the future –
  • Jennings despite his mental problems proved again that he is the new ‘zip-man’ and if the centers received quality ball they could have been so much more.  He proved elusive all night when he went looking for the ball.
  • Brilliance firstly from Farrar to Brett Stewart, and then again from Farrar to Morris for tries shows that there is brilliance therein – sort the halves out  – Carney to half back, and any number of five-eight combinations would work … might also improve the kicking game.
  • The props in Tamou, and Grant proved themselves and the framework for the forward pack for a few years to come.   Watmough, Scott and Creagh have proved previously they are not up to this standard – yet they went with them again – their mental scars have to be a factor.

NSW played their hearts out – and there it is – the heart beats – and when it tastes losses the way NSW have in recent years – the pain and the anguish feeds into the self-belief.  For the first time in the this streak of seven consecutive wins – Queenslander’s were concerned about the win – both before the game and during the game.

The game gave us everything – first an 8-0 scoreline to NSW when QLD had all the ball and field position – then the QLD fight back to lead 16-8 at half-time.  Then NSW score first in the 2nd half which they had to do and again against the run of play to leave QLD 16-14 in front.

Then two things happened – whilst QLD were again having dominant field position and ball possession they took two penalty goals when at any other time in previous matches and series – they would have gone for the try.  That gave QLD a 20-14 lead and it looked over and then cam the Morris brilliance and the Carney conversion.  That conversion says much about Carney – stick with him.

Each of those two penalty goals meant a number of things –

  • QLD’s fatigue factor after such a grueling forward battle –
  • QLD’s hesitation in their belief they could crack the NSW defence given the amount of possession they had enjoyed in their oppositions 20 zone.  This impacted and demonstrated respect toward the  NSW team –
  • QLD believed they could control the game with a four and then a six point lead.  The fact that it then became 20-20 with ten to go meant QLD were vulnerable – and from there NSW should have won the game –

These are areas where NSW can improve – they don’t quite yet believe they are better than QLD – on paper they are not and the essential context here is that QLD is a champion team and NSW have still to learn that craft.

“Fatty’ called in the Game preview when he said if Thurston is Man of the Match – QLD’s wins and that was what happened.

Congratulations to both teams – to the coaching staff’s – to Channel 9 for the hype and coverage – and to GOD who must still believe that QLD deserve to be on top …

So until next year – Snoop Poop signs of o SOO with these parting words – look up NSW – it ain’t all bad – as each year goes by you are a year closer to breaking the streak …


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  1. david the pramatist
    July 5, 2012 at 10:59 am

    good to see you are growing, like NSW and now understanding the ingredients that make the difference.

  2. July 7, 2012 at 8:07 am

    … smug wanker … given all the grief you offer these comments are ‘peace pipe stuff … I haven’t said I like NSWelshmen yet … so don’t get your hopes up – neing humble in victory is a sign of great things to come … and then there is the NSW hubris directed at QLD in the 50 point drubbing that led to this winning streak … when that is forgotten by QLD’s you might have a better than even money chance to again be victors – but let it ne a lesson … he who dances upon fallen herros deserved their own fate …

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