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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl – Harry’s Political Updates … 3rd July 2012.

July 3, 2012
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Harry’s Political Updates …
July 3rd 2012.

This Editions Headings:

| July 3rd, 2012 | Click on Heading’s below to go to linked story. |

  1. Andrew Bolt – “Journalistic Gunslinger”, “Shock-Jock with a Megaphone”, or just another mouthpiece?
  2. Aussie Beach TV – Carbon Rescue – a comic look at Carbon
  3. Craig Emerson proves his Asylum Membership!
  4. Alan Jones – Not the most popular personality we all think he is …
  5. How Serious are the threats against Julian Assange?
  6. Larry Pickering’s Latest Cartoons …


Andrew Bolt:

The Bolt Report frontman is Andrew Bolt – ‘Gunslinger” – “Journalist Shock-Jock” or is he just a megaphorinic Alan Jones clone? Bolt was a regular on the ABC’s “Insiders” program and I would cringe when he orated his personal views on any matter – he had this aloofness that told the audience than I am smarter than all of the other panelists.

To be honest – given the cringe factor measure on the current “Insiders” panelist’s Bolt was a lightweight. So in the last two weekend Sunday Mornings I’ve taken to watching the YouTube replays of The Bolt Report and am far from impressed and I want to tell you why.

Labour Ministers are intimidated by the Bolt style of questioning – Bolt thinks its engaging – but it is outright bullying. Labour Minister Anthony Albanese is the only ALP Minister to appear on The Bolt Report- I did not see any earlier appearance (s), but I saw the Sunday program replay and it is available below via a YouTube replay. The segment last about 11 mins or so – and Albanese does not come on until about the 5-6th minute.

Please watch the interview and read on …

Albanese had no control of the interview – does this make Bolt a great interview – NO. Unless Bolt received an answer to his question that lead to his follow question, he charged in and hounded Albanese to the point were the interview had no value whatsoever to the viewer. Bolt wanted to be in charge from the outset and this is his failing as a News/Current Affair anchor. He did on “Insiders” and the other Journalist paired with him were insecure enough not to want to challenge him on air.

Andrew Bolt has a popular following – but like all things these days – if people like to continue to watch, if they don’t the switch channels.

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Aussie Beach TV – Carbon Rescue …

Found this YouTube link from a Facebook friend – Aussie Beach TV are doing their bit for the Carbon Tax debate – after watching it will not be the Carbon Tax you will be pondering about – questions like Education spending and just how dumb are Australian youth – it raises more questions than it answers – but it does offer come comic relief to the seriousness of the debate.

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Craig Emerson proves his Asylum Membership!

Craig Emerson – Labour Government Minister went loopy yesterday in a prop interview to get himself some media coverage as a ‘pop star’ – it created laughter all around the Nation and today the story is about ‘one who flew the cuckoo nest’.

It is priceless ans as long as YouTube provides the feed, his performance can be view below:

What was he thinking – maybe he still pines for the bedchamber comfort his PM once provided him … maybe he thinks that he is PM material – but the Peter Garret moves are lost on Mr Emerson.

He had to have had the Journalist in on the set-up – the pause for the boom-box windup have to have had them all in anticipation bliss – until of course he started to groove and move his mouth with some sound emitting – it was obviously cut short in broadcast terms – no known whether the PM stepped in to tell her ex lover to shut the fuck up or whether Emerson’s aide got in first to stop the footage.

Anyway – the levity was welcome and now begins the fallout …

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Alan Jones – Not the most popular personality we all think he is …

Alan Jones – hero to many, a ‘fuckin’ lying scumbag to others.

This supremo of Megaphorinic shock jocks has a large following – call him the Pied Piper of Australian opinion – where he goes many follow blindly and into a maze of confused and ‘here one day and gone the next’ voiced opinions never looking back to see the carnage left behind.

Well just to prove that there are people out there who think of his differently – watch this…

Watch this on-line here.

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How Serious are the threats against Julian Assange?

Julian Assange has sought asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy for good reason.  His fear of an extradition to the US from Sweden should he comply with the court order issued some weeks ago is a debate that although serious – has lost its public appeal.

The history of Wikileaks can be read at the Wikipedia resource page using this link – but this site is so much more.

Recent events concerning Assange’s freedom have escalated and now he is a fugitive from British and Swedish justice.

His legal team made a statement at a press conference called to address his asylum request – it appears in full below and can be read on-line at the Wikileaks website here

Press Statement: By Julian Assange Defense Fund Outside the Ecuadorian Embassy

| Friday June 29th, 16:00 | Link to On-Line Story. |

Thank you for coming – My name is Susan Benn from the Julian Assange Defense Fund.

I have spoken to Julian today and he is in good spirits. He is grateful for the support shown to him by the people of Ecuador and so many others from around the world.

Yesterday Mr. Assange was served with a letter from the Metropolitan police service requesting that he surrender himself to the Belgravia police station at 11.30 this morning.

Mr Assange has been advised that he should decline to comply with the police request. This should not be considered any sign of disrespect. Under both international and domestic UK law asylum assessments take priority over extradition claims.

The issues faced by Mr. Assange are serious. His life and liberty and the life and liberty of his organization and those associated with it are at stake.

The United States Government has instigated a grand jury investigation against Julian Assange and other “founders or managers” of Wikileaks. Australian diplomats have described this investigation as being of “unprecedented scale and nature”. There is irrefutable evidence in the public record of subpoenas being issued and witnesses being compelled to testify against Mr. Assange. WikiLeaks, the ACLU, the Center for Constitutional Rights and other groups have been fighting these subpoenas and other issues arising from the investigation in multiple US courts. US officials have said in open court that the FBI file about the investigation has now reached 42,135 pages. The US department of justice admitted yesterday that its investigation into WikiLeaks proceeds. It is only a matter of time before US authorities begin extradition proceedings against Julian and other leading members of Wikileaks on various charges including conspiracy to commit espionage. There are credible reports that a sealed indictment has already been made against Mr. Assange. Under US law a sealed indictment can only be made public once Mr. Assange is in custody. For an US official to otherwise acknowledge the existence of a sealed indictment is a criminal offense. The Independent newspaper’s diplomatic correspondent reported that informal talks between the US and Sweden have been conducted.

It should be made clear what would happen if Julian was extradited to the USA. The United Nations special rapporteur for torture, Juan Mendez has formally found that the United States has subjected Julian Assange’s alleged source in this matter, the young soldier Bradley Manning, to conditions amounting to torture. The UN found that the United States subjected Bradley Manning to “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment”. Mr. Manning has been charged by the US government with the capital offense of “aiding the enemy” in relation to his alleged interaction with Mr. Assange. Bradley Manning has been detained without trial for two years and was placed into solitary confinement for 9 months in his cell for 23 hours a day, stripped naked and woken every 5 minutes. His lawyer and support team say these harsh measures were to coerce him into implicating Julian Assange.

So it is clear that there is a legal process in place which will result in taking Julian to the US, which if allowed to succeed would violate his basic rights.

It is accepted by the UK Supreme Court that Julian Assange has not been charged with any criminal offence in Sweden. It is also accepted that he was by told by Swedish authorities that he was free to leave Sweden. And it is also accepted that he has continuously offered to be interviewed by the Swedish authorities here in the UK, should they wish to do so. Although it is normal procedure, Swedish authorities have refused, without reason, to make the 3 hour trip to London and to interview Julian causing him to be trapped in the UK under virtual house arrest for 561 days and an additional 10 days in solitary confinement – all without charge. Instead they have issued an INTERPOL Red notice and extradition requests.

Julian and his legal team have previously sought assurances from both the UK government and the Swedish government that they will guarantee safe passage after the completion of legal interviews with Mr Assange and both have previously refused, although we are hopeful they will look at the matter again. The Swedish executive publicly announced on June 14 that it would detain Mr. Assange in prison without charge.

Once in Sweden under such grave restrictions it would be impossible for Mr. Assange to exercise his asylum rights.

Mr. Assange did not feel safe from US extradition in the UK. We are all too aware of the abuses of the US-UK extradition treaty. Although Mr. Assange has been trapped in the UK, under dangerous circumstances, he at least has had the freedom to apply for political asylum.

It is in this context that Julian has made the difficult decision to seek refuge inside the Ecuadorian Embassy to ask for asylum.

Julian will remain in the Embassy under the protection of the Ecuadorian government while evidence for his application is being assembled and processed.

For further accurate information about these issues, please see:


Thank you.

Rest assured – personal freedoms and the freedom to speak out against Government’s in any form is under serious threat.

Documents being reproduced by the Wikileaks site cover many era’s and areas of Government and Corporate activity.  I doubt whether any more than a few thousand have read them all – in fact I think that the scope and vastness of the data being leaked and republished is so huge that the very thought of downloading and reading all the files the files would seem pointless.  Believe me I tried – and to be able to make any type of connection or relevance based on my knowledge base – these files were absolutely useless to me.

Each of the release’s target some area where context and relevance would seem to be within the eyes of the beholder.  It is these targeted areas who are up in arms about the privacy and ‘national security’ issues that are being raised and talked about.

All that this threat talk has done is raise awareness that there must be something in these documents that seems like ‘corruption’,  or some other misendeavour happening between Governments and their vested interest’s involving Corporations doing business with those Governments.

The following YouTube clip gives you some idea of what Assange is facing if he is extradited to the US.

Watch on-line here.

In the next clip – Julian Assange’s journalist worth is on display –

Watch on-line here.

Link to “The Julian Assange Show” where all his interviews can be viewed.

There is much to this ‘Assange’ story that remains in the domain of the ‘intelligence community’ and therefore outside the ‘need to know’ circle.   It is again about the winning of the media cycle – if the US can get a hold of Assange without threatening his ‘civil rights’ and ‘freedoms’ afforded under the US Constitution, then the US Government will do whatever is necessary to try to win that battle. How Diplomacy works is beyond the knowledge and conception of most people – but intimidation among allies is most common and is used to keep them in line.

Australia is apart of this equation and our presence in Afghanistan is evidence of this.  Our Government won’t call it by its proper protocol – but Australia needs America more than America needs Australia.  Yea – that’s right we suck up to the ‘big-dog’ and there ain’t anything we can do about it.

Assange challenged that process by releasing ‘sensitive’ documents that exposed how some of this was achieved.  The World immediately took notice – Governments screamed because they were exposed believed their world was tumbling down – their methods were now on public record and in many ways it changed Diplomacy and the way it had been working.

Keeping a unsecure documented record of all memo’s, letters, and confidential files has now changed – for a period the World was concerned at the content and how Governments were responding – but 2 years later who cares – and that is the crux of why this world is where it is.

Before mobile phones people had to wait to make a call – either when they got home or at their lunch hour – news of the world took a day or so to arrive – and we liked to read about the stuff we wanted to find out about in a lazy fashion in out own time in our own home.

These days everything is instant – want to make a call – instant – want 24/7 news – instant – and the problem with all that is it is all now about the ‘Headline’ and the vision that goes with the story or text message.

Attention spans are shrinking and the importance of the message is no longer the Headline – it’s the knowing – the visual impact and recall – and hence the detail is no longer necessary unless the story is of real interest.

Assange’s case is right at this juncture – it’s his problem and the profession world understand what is at stake – the rest just don’t give a fuck …

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Larry Pickering’s Latest Cartoons …

Oor favourite cartoonist and satire blogger has had a run in with Facebook Administration – a few weeks ago they ban him form posting for three days – they also threatened to take him off-line permanently if he did not remove cartoons depicting our PM wearing a monster strap on black dildo.

This was Larry’s personal attack on how of PM is ‘screwing’ all Australians – it was bloody good and his Facebook support base went to town on Facebook and other mediums to confront what Facebook had done. Larry is still to write his full story and it will be worth while reading when does – but for ‘left wing’ comments to his stories and cartoons – this site has enough to entertain you for a while.






If you noticed – the ‘black dildo’ is back – Larry was banned for three days a few weeks back for images of the ‘Red Head Dumpling’ being portrayed wearing the black belted dildo … Larry took down most of his wall photos with the dildo strapped around her waist. Bravo to Larry for standing up … his Web page is linked here – and his Facebook page here.

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Please – if any of the opinions expressed hereto raises concerns within your own belief about how this Nation is being managed, or of any other concern, please contact your State content to your Federal Member via an e-mail or a telephone call to express your concerns.

You’ll find the House of Representatives (HOR) and Senator e-mail addresses via the links below to the Australian Parliamentary website Members and Senator profiles. It is an important aspect that in our form of Democracy, that the people be heard – we should ensure the Government Representatives hear our opinions. If we stay silent, then Democracy is not served.

Use the Federal Member and Senate links below to find your Local Member. If you prefer, you can just post a comment below and let your views be heard.

Link to other most recent Harry’s Growl Posts.


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