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EYE-BALL Opinion on – Immigration and Asylum Seekers Part V – Where and how it all Began …

Immigration and Asylum Seekers
… Part V …
… WHere and How it all began …
3rd July 2012.



The media have been responsible for many of the injustices that have occurred over time. The lingering question is whether they were a party to the fraud played out and shaped public opinion – or whether they were as much a puppet to someone else pulling the strings.

The problem is that no mater what you watch – every media program producer, editor has an agenda. Nobody reports the news in a neutral way anymore – “if it bleeds it leads” … the vision is the story, regardless of the facts and truth behind the story.

An example of where vision images were used to front a story is the:

The Children overboard Story:

The “Children Overboard” story won Howard an election in late 2001 – it was all revealed to be a lie and deliberate misdirection was used to sway voters on ‘asylum seeker’ and ‘border protection’ questions. This was the greatest political swindle in many decades and nobody with visibility and connected to the fraud paid a price.

Watch YouTube evidence of this swindle and remember …:

John Howard, Peter Ruddock, and Peter Reith – The Prime Minister, and two of his senior Ministers all went on camera and perpetrated a lie on the Australian people for political gain.

Just on a year ago there was public outcry over the ‘asylum seeker’ problem causing yet more deaths that prompted the ABC’s – ‘The Leaky Boats” documentary.

It was used by the ABC’s Q&A program in a special presentation where “The Leaky Boats” documentary was showed before the panelists and audience. The Q&A part of the program is not a part of the clip presented below.

Please see the YouTube broadcast of this ‘The Leaky Boats’ Documentary below: [The clip runs for a total of 57 minutes and is recommended viewing – if not just to refresh where the ‘asylum seeker debate’ was 12 months ago, and where it was in 2001, it provides a different perspective on events as opposed to the narrow time frame that unfolded during last weeks debate on this ongoing ‘asylum seeker’ problem.]

When one gains the full perspective of how Australians were misled by Howard and his Ministers in late 2001 – who should have served time for the fraud they pursued – Australian’s have been on the wrong side of this debate in so many ways.

Public opinion was hijacked during the ‘Tampa’ incident that was the ‘Children overboard’ story.  Ever since all ‘asylum seekers’ have been viewed as seven parts criminal and three parts genuine people desperate to escape their misery.

Political Leaders during that era have cause this public mistrust and they need the full weight of blame to be levied on them in a criminal context.  Current Leaders have to look past the politics and the attitudes of Australians to find a solution that erases all the damage caused by past lies, deceits, and mis-direction.

Since 2001 – all Politicians have been guided by Howard’s actions in 2001 – Rudd’s dismantling of the Howard option was seen as a righting of a wrong – but since then the waters have again become muddied because the current Minister for Immigration is a fuckwit of the tallest order.  The High Court over ruling of his preferred option proves he is a bunny in this portfolio.

He has had a hard task to do – and Gillard appointing such a junior MP to such a high profile ministry shows the lack of depth in this Government.   As stated – Australia’s opinion about ‘asylum seekers’ was formed when Howard lied to the Australian public and backed up bt then senior Ministers Ruddock and Reith.  Undoing that lie has not been successful and very costly.   Who knows what it will take to un-ring that bell.

John Howard cowered away when the truth came after the 2001 election about the reasons why parents were throwing their children overboard.  He never admitted liability, or that he used an image and a opportunity to swing na election.

It can be said that the whole tragedy that has followed, the loss of live, the human sacrifices, and the disdain felt by the Australian public toward ‘asylum seekers’ has been a direct result of how Howard and his desperate Ministry lied to the Australian Public.

What should be a punishment for these individuals for the loss of the 800 odd lives since … in Egypt recently their former Leader was sentenced to life in prison, he narrowly escaped the death penalty when he used his Military to cause the death of protesters … Howard may not have been as direct in how these people died – buy he turned a Nation away from humanitarianism and that was an evil thing to do.

Howard’s decision was made in a pressured moment – he chose his own ego’s want as opposed to the humanitarian option and history should remember him for this more than any other good he may have done.

Ever since – every Politician will not budge for the Leaders position because it is an issue that they all fear – this is our Leadership – like Hitler hiding in his bunker in his last days – this Labour Government is cowered behind barricades and doing its best to avoid the spotlight.

That spotlight is bright and makes it hard for this Government to hide on any issue – their Bunker is all but destroyed and their time in office is now down to months, weeks and maybe even days if the cards all fall a certain way.

Here is the Gillard ‘Guilty List’ – being read before sentence – and all that is left is the drum roll and the hollow fall as she walks off the end of the plank.

  1. ‘There will be no Carbon Tax’ statement …
  2. The Speaker Peter Slipper appointment and recent fall from grace …
  3. MP Craig Thompson … his HSU fraud and the delayed FWA report …
  4. The Asylum Seekers and the stubbornness as a responsive advocate as opposed to a Leadership challenge …
  5. Her own AWU Fraud scandal in the mid 1990’s … and its cover-up by the Media
  6. Creditability of the ‘Climate Change Report’ – please see Andrew Bolts attack on ALP Minister Albanese on this matter below.

Albanese and Bolt get in on after about the 6th Minute …

Gillard’s new measure in setting up a Labour stooge Committee into the ‘asylum seeker’ debate and make recommendations is more time-wasting and shelling out paid positions for paid results.   She has a record on this – the Carbon Tax was a direct result of the Garnaut authored ‘Climate Change Report’ – its findings are far from being a absolute authority on the subject  – yet its cost and the implementation of the Carbon Tax as a part of its findings will create debate for decades to come.

But the last word on this matter is about human existence – what is Government about if it is not to do its utmost provide the following for its citizens and humanity as a whole – a healthy life, opportunity for an education, a secure and safe existence for all those that come under its control and protection, and to provide every assistance to others because we have enough to share …

We need to review all immigration possibilities in light of a future for Australia that none of these politicians even want to gaze upon.

Kerry Packer once said in front of an enquiry – ‘Australia should open its immigration laws – flood the Nation with immigrants because we have the space, the resources, and we need them.’  He was a man with vision and an understanding of the macro perspective – our current Leaders are pissants in comparison.


Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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