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EYE-BALL Opinion on – Immigration and Asylum Seekers Part III – Cause and Effect …

Immigration and Asylum Seekers
… Part III …
… Cause and Effect …
28th June 2012.



This ‘asylum seeker’ debate is and has always been a responsive policy action.   Australia is a land and a country build on immigration.  Since the Bush Administration went to war in Iraq in the early 2000’s the refugee problem throughout the muslim world has exploded.

In all Wars refugees displaced become a global problem – humanitarian efforts to house, feed, and protect these refugees has been the distancing policy of all Western Governments.  Australia is one of three Nations around the World that has a commitment to take in genuine refugees that make a small indent to the current 45 million displaced persons around the globe.  The USA take in about 100,000 a year, Canada is second and Australia third with a number around 13,750.    Any other Nations intake is less than 1,000 – and that leaves 99% still living in squalored conditions and desperate.

Some of these refugees have wealth and use that wealth to find ways to escape their lives in an effort to start new lives.   This is where the ‘people smuggler’ enters the equation – he seeks to make a profit to help these desperate people get to Australia.   Bob Katter was half right when he spoke to the House last night – he said – “… these refugees were surviving on $3000 type income – they come to Australia they immediately earn $35,000” – these are Bob Katter’s numbers.

Bob Katter does not get it – nor does most of the Parliament … they debate a way to stop the boats to try and prevent loss of life – they present a solution to redirect boats and their occupants and have them processed offshore.  These Boat people are the wealthy refugees jumping the que rather than live in refugee camps waiting their turn to be processed.

The likelihood is that these boat people have criminal, terrorist, and other activists among them.  Australia is right to be wary in the process of checking the bona-fide credentials of the refugees.   To do any less would be negligent and invite terror onto our Nation under humanitarian circumstances.

What can be done when faced with an angry electorate sick of seeing and reading about the tragic loss of life of these asylum seekers risking the sea voyage to get to our shores?  Redirecting them to off-shore processing is deterrent value at best.   It does nothing to help the 45 million displaced persons.

The UN does not have the financial resources to take care of and protect these refugees – it is their problem initially and up to them to find Nations who will take them in.  it obviously is not working.   The muslin ‘tag’ is a mistrust sell to the western world.  They have a right to feel that mistrust.  But the humanitarian instinct felt by ordinary people who see the loss of life creates an emotive response demanding Politicians do something about it.

Hence the charade of the last two days in our parliament.  It is a show – it is a mime – despite the noise and emotional offerings – they all know that there will be no outcome … raising point score cards on speech content and  deliverance by all the Members of both Houses is a complete waste of time.  They know it – they know that how much emotion pours forth – the vote will not pass the Senate.   This makes it an easy decision to call our Politicians ‘cowards’ – people not worthy to hold office – for if they are not prepared to cross the floor to vote their conscience it all accounts for nought … nada … absolute crapola.

The solution is in a complete review of immigration policy.  We are a Nation that has room – that has resources – that has a population that by in large are compassionate as revealed by the public outcry forcing this Government to take the action it has over the last two days.

Gillard is a dumb politician – she only has one eye in this debate – her way or the highway.   The fact that there is not an ALP caucus Member not prepared to cross the floor o such an issue rings loud and clear that Democracy is for sale – every vote in the House and Senate now has a price – survival for each and every MP – they dare not cross the floor, yet that walk would bring such dignity and public support that it could liberate all Members of Parliament and bring undon this illusion that Party Leaders are all god almighty and their will shall never be challenged.

Prime Minister RUDD came to power in 2007 and one of his first agendas was to dismantle the Howard Nauru solution to asylum seekers.  He and his Government believed there was a more humane process and instigated an on-shore processing policy.  Some 20,000 asylum seekers later has rendered that policy a monster failure.  Not on its intent – but in how the media and Opposition has created negativity on the costs and resources invested to maintain this policy.

Gillard since 2010 has promised to deal with the problem – the High Court bounced her and her Immigration Minister Chris Bowen off the court because the Bill they put up did not afford protection to the asylum seekers once they were under Australian protection.   It proved that Bowen is out of his depth and that Gillard has no understanding of the Law even though she is a lawyer by trade.

The cost since ALP came to power in dealing with the asylum seeker problem hs become a $1.2 billion cost as opposed to $20 odd million under the last days of the Howard term.

If there was any seriousness in stopping the boats – nd as Wilkie raised in the House last night – it has to be by having the peopel smugglers left with nothing to sell.   This is a World problem and cannot be solved without a UN and Member Nation solution.

In all of the debate thus far – very little attention has been given to the ‘queue jumping’ aspect these ‘boat-people’ are undertaking – for every one that does get into Australia – a genuine refugee in a camp somewhere else around the world is pushed back.   The ‘people smugglers’ troll these camps and seek out those with wealth and make the offer – given the conditions these people live in the risk is acceptable, they are prepared to die than continue to live in the camps.   Those without the ‘wealth’ to pay for the ‘dice with death’ in a different format remain and form part of the 45 million people who will live and die never having a chance to live their lives as we live our lives.

do you think George Bush, Tony Blair, and John Howard made contingencies for these war refugees when they made the choice to go to war in these Nations.

The ‘War on Terrorism’ has no winners – and most of the 45 million displaced persons is a by-product.   After WWII the world open its doors to allow immigration – why is it now refusing to do so.   Is it the ‘muslim’ threat – what threat, define the threat, fear in itself will defeat all – in the face of a threat or a perceived threat bravery can be the only option.  Sadly in this debate – bravery is being mistaken for cowardice.


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