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EYE-BALL Opinion on – Media Spin – Paul Howes … his tortured past …

– Media Spin – Paul Howes –
… his tortured past …
27th June 2012.
Anews feed came across my desk this morning that spiked interest – it concerned Paul Howes and a report that he had done an interview with “Womans Magazine”.  The interview was paraphrased in the SMH story and prompted further investigation.

Paul Howes is the National Secretary of the AWU – Australian Workers Union– and is most famously known for his role in toppling Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in June 2010 and supporting Julia Gillard as the new PM.

The SMH story had a slant – written by Andrew Hornery it is reproduced below:

Howes lifts lid in bone-shaker interview

| Author: Andrey Hornery | Date: 27th June 2012 | Link to SMH On-Line Story. |

TRADITIONALLY it was when a political aspirant went to the ballot box that the proverbial skeletons in the closet got a good rattling, and usually by one’s opponent. But there has been nothing ”usual” about the rise and rise of union boss Paul Howes, a man widely billed to one day become prime minister and who is quite prepared to rattle a few of his own skeletons along the way.

In the July edition of the Australian Women’s Weekly, out today, 30-year-old Howes walks down that well-worn political path of welcoming a women’s magazine into his home to show a softer, more human side by opening up about his personal life.

However, after reading the toxic spray directed at his former stepfather, PS is unsure if he achieved his desired result.

”My stepfather’s an awful human being – he’s one of the worst human beings I’ve met in my life. He just humiliated me [ever] since I was a little kid. I hated him. I despised him,” Howes tells the magazine.

”My mother and him got married when I was five and I lived with them the whole way through.”

While not going into the specifics, Howes says: ”It’s hard to analyse it more than calling him a bad man.”

Yesterday, Howes remained apathetic how his stepfather would react to his comments, telling PS: ”It was what it was … I was just telling the truth.”



Now this all seems a little bit like the man we know – or at least we think we know. Howes has made some ‘clangers’ in recent months in relation to the Qantas layoffs and the Foreign Workers Gina Rinehart wants to bring in to work on her new ‘Roy Hill’ mining venture. However when I did a little more digging I find the following intro at the ‘Womans Weekly’ website on the same story.

Paul Howes: My gut-wrenching adoption secret

| Author: Helen McCabe | Date: 27th June 2012 | Link to On-Line WW Story. |

I’ve known union boss Paul Howes for a few years, but it wasn’t until last year, talking to him and his wife Lucy about The Weekly’s campaign to make adoption easier for Australian couples, that I learned his story.

Paul was adopted. He was born Benjamin Patrick on August 23, 1981, to a 21-year-old woman who surrendered him reluctantly.

But Paul’s adopted family didn’t bring the happiness the young woman would have hoped for.

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His adoptive parents divorced when he was young, and when his mother re-married, he didn’t get along with his step-father. When he was 14, he was living on the streets.

His is one of the great success stories — from living rough, he rose to the head of the Australian Workers Union, and a potential future Labor leader.

When he became an adult, and could afford it, Paul set out to look for his birth mother. It took him five years and thousands of dollars.

After much searching, he found her; she was living in the next suburb, with children of her own. Meeting her, he says, was one of the most “gut-wrenching” moments of his life.

He learned she had kept baby photos for years. She would cry for a week around his birthday. The relationship between mother and son is new, but strong.

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Paul told me his story last year, but he and Lucy thought for many months before they decided to share it. Their decision was prompted, in part, by Paul’s strong feelings about the state of adoption in Australia.

He believes, like The Weekly, that it should be easier for couples to adopt: that there should be one body to handle all queries, rather than many in every state, and that it should be free.

Read more of this story in the July issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly.



Well – from the same interview transcript the SMH’s Hornery lived up to his name when he got ‘ornery’ about Paul Howes and his hatred for his step-father.

I won’t buy the ‘Womans Weekly’ magazine on principal – I don’t buy any print media full stop – and as Paul Howes goes – my opinion is that he cooked his own goose with the electorate when he supported this ‘Headless Chook’ of a Prime Minister we have to live with for the moment.

But to be fair – the WW story when compared with the SMH slant does not mix well.  To me this is the Media spin being offered up by Journalists or their Editors with an agenda.  Where does Hornery get the license or mandate to announce:

But there has been nothing ”usual” about the rise and rise of union boss Paul Howes, a man widely billed to one day become prime minister

Three months ago Bill SHorten was the anointed ex Union Boss to become the next PM.  The WW story appears to be about Adoption policy that Paul Howes feels strongly about from a personal experience.  All Hornery wanted to do was focus on the ‘hatred’ Howes felt for his step-father.  My first impressions on the SMH story was a negative emotive response – yet on reading the WW paraphrased content – I became angry at the slant of the SMH story.   Pisses me off that the media plays games like this.

This is a perfect reason why media content in this Nation cannot be trusted in any way.  You just don’t know who is pulling the strings and what their agenda is.

Be wary all …


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