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EYE-BALL Opinion on – Immigration and Asylum Seekers – … The Hangman’s noose of Politics Part I…

– Immigration and Asylum Seekers –
… The Hangman’s noose of Politics
Part I …
27th June 2012.



Tragic is one word that can be used for the loss of life over the weekend in the latest boat to sink whilst making a hopeful voyage to a new future in a far off land.  There are many others and enraged Politicians on both sides of the House have used them all in past days.

This is emotive debate and given the backdrop of where this Parliament is – this ‘people smuggler’ debate is as close to the political pulse as is Lindy Chamberlin’s recent verdict over baby Azaria.

Gillard is in a fight for her life to hold onto the PM job from within her own party.  Abbott is a smug bastard and knows the blow torch slow roast of Gillard is almost done.   He is not the Government – the Government is an alliance between Gillard and Bob Brown of the Greens., and some Independents.   Brown stated his agreement was with Gillard and not the ALP – he was very clear on this matter.  Since Browns exit – the new Greens Leader and Gillard have not come out publicly and stated any new alliance – it’s all been assumed.

Gillard has the votes to enact policy – continuing to distract everybody by blaming Abbott is an extension of Gillard’s own failures to form any kind of workable policy on this matter.  If Gillard or her Immigration Minister Mr Chris Bowen had any Immigration policy to replace the Howard policy – it ain’t working.

One of my favourite bloggers wrote this piece yesterday and I want to share it:


| Author: Larry Pickering | Date: 26th June 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

There is one fact overlooked in the boat debate.

It is Gillard’s partner in Government, the Greens, who won’t allow her inane Malaysia solution. It is they who are in Government with her. Not the Opposition!

At the risk of agreeing with the Green gophers, it is impossible to rationalise Malaysia as a solution. But their alternative, open door, onshore processing solution is indicative of their complete loopiness.

Gillard is trying to wedge Abbott into supporting something he would never support in Government. So why the hell should he support it in Opposition simply because Gillard can’t rally her own troops to do so?

This is really jaw-dropping stuff. Gillard deliberately trashed Nauru when it was clearly working as a disincentive to the boat trade. Numbers alone were testament to that!

Does Gillard really expect Abbott to emulate her smugness and ignore a High Court ruling, ignore the fact that Malaysia is NOT a signatory to the UNHCR, ignore the stupidity of this “people swap” nonsense and ignore documented evidence that Malaysia is currently, systematically persecuting refugees? And should Abbott also ignore the fact that Nauru was a previously proven solution?

There is only one person to blame for this catastrophe… and that’s Gillard. Her arrogant pride continues to cost hundreds of lives of men, women and innocent little children… and she sleeps well in her expensive, safe bed.

She has no nightmares, no graphic visions of children’s contorted faces as they silently accept an awful death in the arms of their mothers.

Alan Jones’ suggestion of taking this excuse for a woman out to sea in a boat, putting her in a sack with a few Besser blocks and dumping her overboard, is starting to look an appealing solution.

She could then experience what innocent children are experiencing… probably tonight.

Is it any wonder this woman is detested by so many?



Now – Larry does not pull any punches nor should he when people are dying in their hundreds – it is a matter of humanity and honour that Australia should be doing something to fix this problem on an immediate scale.

Gillard has had two years – since her defeat in the High Court over her Malaysian policy 12 months or so ago – there has been little progress made.  This recent loss of life has reignited the media and Politicians have responded – but do you think they really care?

Both Gillard and Abbott offered up sympathy voice exchanges and words in the House on Monday and Tuesday – but as soon as the charade was done it was straight back into the Slipper news story of the day. There is just no interest by the majority of Politicians to fix this problem.

Who has the right answer – Howard’s off-shore processing handed the visible problem to someone else and after his ‘children overboard’ comment that won him the 2004 election – all based on a lie – Howard and his Nauru policy stopped the boats. The electorate was in outrage with the policy – they wanted a more humane response – Rudd enters the game and scraps the Howard option on the basis of its inhumane handling of desperate people.

Since then there has been nothing positive put in place to deal with this problem.  Replacing Rudd – a known humanitarian – with Gillard who will be remembered for her ‘Jobs, Jobs.,Jobs,’ slogan and little else,  is just not smart enough to develop policy that will stand up in court and fix the problem.

We all now the debate – we all have compassion for the loss of life – the Politicians want it to go away – the detention centres are a slow bleed in political terms that will leech and scour both resources and the electorates patience.  A solution has to be found.

Well he is an option –

In the GFC stakes – Gillard and Swan talk of how our economy is the envy of the World – well shut the fuck up and put it to good use – make immigration policy about Australia’s future – we have the resources, land mass, and savvy to make this Nation the food bowl for the World.

Dam the Ord and Burdekin river systems – pump the water to Central Australia, turn the sewerage effluent away from our oceans and pump that back to central Australia as well. All that is needed is a 2 million or so workforce to market garden and build the infrastructure to produce and process the food.

Along the way all the farms will have drought proof water supplies – the miners can value add to their business with off shore labour force working smelters and the like.

For gods sake – have some fucking vision that extends past a Prime Ministers tenure and the perks and allowances they get when their booted from office.

It’s been a hell of a long time since any Government anywhere in the world looked forward – here is a little known fact – there is no population ceiling on World population – there are estimates put out by the OECD on sustainable populations – but so much has gone into the climate change debate – you would think that population capping would be an automatic extension to that debate.

For fuck’s sake – people are dying in desperate bids to escape thier lives made from misety and persecution in far off lands entrenched in war and ethnic cleansing.  Wake the fuck up and open the gates and allow these people to have hope and allow Australians to show their generosity and compassion.

You’re one dumb mother-fucker if you can’t see the vision in this option.


Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. June 27, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    On the back of second boatload of asylum seekers lost at sea – the House has bought forward debate on the Oakshott Bill – it’s been ongoing since 2:00pm and now at 4:30pm and still ongoing the chamber is almost empty – it seems that as each Member gives their oration – they leave the chamber …

    How fucking stupid – each Member is speaking to influence the vote on the Bill but the House is empting … Brean is speaking at the moment and the camera is focused on him – but every now and then you get a camera fan and you see the vacant seats …

    This is a fucking joke and if these Members were serious in finding an answer and hearing debate – why leave the chamber … they do a disservice to their position … what could be more important than to remain in the Chamber and give their ear to all the Members Speakers … this is Australia’s shame – a Parliament who talk the talk – but few can walk the walk …

  2. June 27, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    I’ve continued to watch this debate all afternoon and into the night as the time approached 7:00pm and an end to the days proceedings – it’s ‘noise’ as has been referred to several times. There is no solution unledd Gillard yield on the Malaysian solution – Abbott will defeat any House Bill in the Senate that does not includ ethe Opposition introduced ammendment scrapping the Malaysian solution.

    The High Court spanked the Government over its original Malaysian Bill – the current Bill has Independent Oakshott’s name and mirrors the original Gillard Bill with High Court recommended ammendments.

    the Greens Brant has spoken against both the Oakshott bill and any ammendment before the House – which is where the trouble is in the Senate …

    Gillard is playing Politics – Abbott is playing moral outrage at sending people to Malaysia without a UNHCR refugee signatory – on an issue such as this as more lives were lost today – this Parliament does not have a conscious as its heart. The Players that matter onlt have eyes for polls and the Leadership of the Nation – one maintaining its position and the other within a bees dick every day of bringing it down.

    Do not be fooled – Malcolm Turnbull was the most creditable speaker to the Bill today – he said:

    The PM’s position is to hold out for the perfect solution, whilst disregarding a good solution that will work …

    Watching ‘The Drum’s’ take of the days events – I’m not a regular viewer of this program – once again allowed me to see the void in commentator opinion … hell its frustrating just how far the quality of Politicians and the media reporting has fallen.

  3. the parable
    June 28, 2012 at 9:59 am

    This site reported after the Qld ALP were roundly thrashed last March quoting an Adelaide cleric, the more a government clings to power, the more we distrust them, the more we are reluctant to support them.

    Yesterday the lower house of federal Parliament was all high drama. At 2pm the PM sought leave to introduce the debate and the speaker wanted to vote on that application without hearing from the Leader of the Oppposition. Sanity was restored when the PM allowed the Opposition to speak. At first the Opposition Leader appeared to be uncertain of his party position. As the debate unfolded both parties resumed partyline rhetoric, and frankly Australia was the loser. Had both parties been able to invoke conscience votes, then sanity might prevail. Human rights demand this.

    Now the mainstream media will bring focus to the upper house as the Greens are expected to vote with opposition to defeat the bill. As Mr Pickering highlights “Complete Loopiness”.

    Through all of this, today Liberal party faithful, ALP faithful and Greens faithful are all taking to the airwaves saying they won. For the ALP they have now incorporated Nauru. They have moved. For the Liberals they won’t support Non UNHCR aligned Malayasia and for the Greens they support onshore processing. Point is swing voters are not engaged. They are sceptical, and see this as an issue intended to keep media cycle engaged over the long 6 week winter recess. What will really stop these tragic drownings, and these misery merchants who practice people smuggling?

    This morning as we hear of the mid winter ball raising $10000 for dinner with the PM, $11000 for a surf and turf barbie with the Opposition leader, and another silly sum for a day sailing with the Member for Wentworth we might wonder;

    Isn’t life for the priviledged wonderful, Is it stark that refugees pay sums like that ($10,000) risking everything, (life and limb) to buy board on those refugees in the hope of a better life, and how much of the money raised at the Mid Winter Ball is channelled to the plight of UN causes and refugees?

    It is alleged that Craig Thomson channelled $127.000 of Health Services Union funds to buy membership of this exclusive and priviledged club.

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